Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Russell Get's Dicked in his Backyard Interview.

and he stops by to chat with Evel Dick in the backyard. Dick keeps saying this is the worst final three in the history of Big Brother.

Russell says that it seems that the dumbest people slide by to the end.

These feeds are really choppy as the counter reads nearly 39,000.

Russell looks hot with his black shirt unbuttoned and is joking about an alliance with Dick for the AllStars 2 season and they both giggle. Russell mentions the competition that Dick did where he stood outside for 7 hours. Dick is disgusted that some of them last less than an hour.

Ironic Moment: Russell talks about HG 'playing possum'. Many, many people have pointed out that Russell looks like a possum. I'm just sayin'.

Now Dick brings up the fact that Chima might have been lovestruck with Russell and that she was rejected. Russell says that he needed a woman on his side---no way could all of them hate him and have him win. He says that unfortunately she became too attached.

Now Dick feels the need to point out all the pussy that is available after the show.

Dick hated Ronnie, but thinks that if he won he sould have been the most diabolical player in history.

Russell says Jeff 'blew his load too early' by evicting him and he should have kept him. Dick says that Russell should have kissed his ass more after the Coup D'Etat.

Feeds are really choppy. Nearly 47,000 people in now.

Russell was pissed when he learned someone new would come in, and he said he knew who it would be. Sounds like he wasn't happy.

Russell says he got discovered by BB when he was out in a bar 'with his boys' and he was very lucky to have been there.

Dick says how great it is to be friends with Crazy James and all the good times he's had with him in Vegas, etc. He doesn't want to plug Boogie's bars again, but everyone is going to Geisha House afterwards.

Russell doesn't think he has any fans and Dick tells him, no, that there are 1o million viewers and when they start coming up to him one by one...it is really something. Russell asked if Dick has any advice for him and Dick says, just be careful, there's a lot of crazy chicks out there.

Dick can't believe that they got as physical as they did in there--with the Jordan-Russell chest bumping and the Kevin-Ronnie fight, etc.

Dick gets the move one sign and Russell has to go.


Dick on Casey

with Joker's questions.

Casey notes that there are at least 400 questions about Jeff and that Jeff is so popular.

(Still no Real Network Backyard interviews.)

Casey is talking about some shit about Jeff and the fact that he lost a competition that Casey needed him to win.

Casey leaves to go to Geisha House (Mike Boogie's place). There are over 35,000 people in the room, which makes the feed choppy.

Here comes Russell!


Casey Meets Dick!

And now Evel Dick finally lands a houseguest.

Robin Kast takes her leave while Dick jokes about the margarita party that fucked Casey over. Casey looks calm and now they make fun of Jesse's constant posing.

They do a proper handshake (twice) and Dick talks about himself and how he feels about the interviews.

Casey: I've actually been in the general population for awhile now and I have 'maninabananasuit.com' andn there are T-shirts that talk about making Jesse a sandwich, etc.

Casey DJ's in the club with young people and thinks he should have played that up more. Like with Lydia. Braden walked by in front of the camera and didn't stop.

Ed Comment: Casey is cool. I would want to be around him, as long as he didn't make me start smoking again.

Casey thought "several people had stars in their eyes" and Dick wants to talk to him later about that. Jesse is apparently one of them.


Evel Dick Is Live in the Backyard

and is just rambling now, waiting for the BB11 HG to come out to talk. He thinks they might get Ronnie first.

He is talking about Mark Long's (MTV) new show with Dr. Will and he says some disparaging comments about Mark Long---how he's tried to make himself presentable for TV and so forth. He doesn't have 1,000 tattos, Dick, if that's what you mean.

A girl named Robin Kass showed up and is wearing the same outfit that Jordan was wearing, according to Dick. (Hopefully it fits her better, though.) Robin does casting for BB, The Bachelor, and a bunch of other reality shows that I haven't heard of. Dick is flirting big time with her and says that he owes a lot to her. She has a dog named Kevin.

I am keeping an eye on the Real Network backyard interviews and will probably switch over to those when they start happening. I think Dick is a little lower on the CBS totem pole than the Real Network personalities (Chelsia, etc.), so I think the juice might be better.

Now Dick is trying to make a big deal about how he almost got cast on BB6, and that she called him back between seasons for some court show. BB9 Adam was also a repeat applicant for another show, and Robin brought him on BB. I think she jus tmentioned Kevin, too, and how many times he applied.

Dick joked about Celebrity Rehab, and how many times he's been asked to do that. He knows Steven Adler, blah blah blah.

Ronnie just blew them off.


I Think It's Clear

that Jordan is the winner. Both Jesse and Lydia kind of played their cards when making their votes.

They obviously didn't understand the instructions.

I am planning on watching the backyard interviews and posting some updates, so please feel free to check back after the show is over.

Did you just see Natalie pretend to gag when Laura was talking? What a nasty bitch. I hate her.


What is going to happen? I think it's a huge toss up. Jordan got nervous at the end, but Michelle got a huge dig in with the 18-year-old comment.

I can't wait to see Ronnie come out, and hear what he has to say.

If Natalie doesn't win, it's because her 'best friend' Chima lost her shit and DOR'ed. America would never vote for Natalie.

I hope CBS gives us time to see Jordan embrace her family, and Jeff. That is always rushed at the end.

Who's in the Audience?

I saw Evel Dick, Danielle....who else? I know Janie must be there, but I didn't see her yet. Oh, I see Mike Boogie, and I think he's sitting next to Danielle. You all know they've hooked up, don't you? And that it may have impacted her marriage? (She's divorced now.)

Jordan's brother was waaaayyyy cute and looks like a big guy. Yum. Me likey. But to be honest I think Jordan has mention that he may be a little slow, so I apologize for those leering comments.

I wish Jeff's parents were there, so they could get that whole parental introduction thing out of the way.

If Jordan wins, it will truly be a fairy tale for her family.

Oh Dear

Jordan's dress is waayyyy too short.

And the retrospective that opened the show certainly summarized all of Jesse's douchy moments, didn't it?

Kevin dressed horribly just to make Natalie mad, I'll bet. She kept telling Jordan yesterday to just let Kevin look busted at the Finale. Over and over and over....

Here We Go...

and I'm so excited!

I just made some hummus and opened a bottle of white wine.

What is going to happen? What is going to happen?

OMG-what does Julie Chen have on?

Preview of Tonights Jury Deliberations

I guess they grouped them all together and let them start spewing their ideas about who might win.

Jeff is clearly the King of Quips in the Jury House. Michelle doesn't say a freakin' word.

And Jesse has facial hair.

Oh my.

Ross Matthews Roundtable - Part #1

This is Part #1 of Ross Matthew's Roundtable with the former BB Houseguests. Danielle Reyes, Mike Boogie, and of course Janelle Peirzena chat with Ross, along with Keesha from BB10, who apparently was in the live audience last Thursday and got pulled into the discussion.

Keesha looks fantastic and I didn't recognize her until she was introduced by Ross--I thought maybe she was Boogie's girlfriend or something. Longer hair, and it looks like she had that distracting missing tooth fixed. And you know what I'm talking about, people.

No explanation as to why Evel Dick wasn't there. He has been a guest on Ross' show a couple of times already, but maybe he is just a Dick and didn't want to participate.

They are sitting in the backstage area, which looks very temporary and cheesy, like most backstage areas, I suppose. The HG only had one microphone to share, which was kind of a problem---you'll see what I mean.

Mike Boogie seemed like less of a dick then he did on the CBS show last Thursday.

And of course it's Jeff, Jeff, Jeff all the time.

I will link to Part II later, which should be released before the end of the day.