Monday, September 14, 2009

Yes, It Was a Banner

When they were outside Kevin wrapped up a conversation saying, "all I saw was the word Trust and then Natalie".

In a joking manner.

And then Natalie said: All I saw was the word Liar, and Kevin.

Inside both of them said they were glad they had that experience, since it was part of BB.

I think the BB theme music was playing in the house for an hour or so, because Kevin just said he couldn't remember how it went, and Jordan said "what? they just played it for an hour".

Natalie is making pasta with turkey bacon. She's a real Jeff wanna be.

Jordan and Kevin are both excited about tomorrow.

Now We're Back

and maybe the banner (if there was one) said something about Michelle. Because now the three of them are sitting by the pool talking about what Michelle did, what Michelle said, etc.

Jordan thinks that Michelle would have cut her at the end, and taken Jeff to the finals.

Kevin: I think Jeff would have done the same thing. I've seen the show before, and the showmances never work out in the end....

Jordan: I don't think I would call it a showmance. I just kept telling them (the DR) that he was my friend and he was helping her get through the game, and through a lot of stuff. If he hadn't been there she wouldn't have been close to anyone.

BB interrupts Jordan TWICE to tell her not to talk about her DR sessions.

Jordan is rocking back and forth with her legs crossed. I don't think I've ever seen her do that before. I wonder if that is a tell of some sort?

Natalie is being awfully quiet. When the feeds first came back I thought maybe Kevin had just told Natalie that he wasn't taking her to the finals, but now I'm not so sure.

Kevin feels the same way about Lydia that Jordan feels about Jeff. He thinks that is the reason why Jordan was nominated so many times.

There's kind of a weird vibe out there, but maybe just because the three of them have been spending so much time apart from each other, or not speaking.


Well, That Was Weird

Everyone was still sitting or laying outside, not speaking. And then we started hearing what I think was a Beatles song.

"Oh ______, look what you've done..."

I looked at Kevin, who was on two screens, and he didn't seem to hear the music.

Then, we get the WBRB screen.

What the hell? Maybe they're testing the sound system for tomorrow.


I read on Jokers that Kevin was looking up at the sky and pointed at something to Natalie and said "it's gone" into his microphone. I saw him lift the microphone to his mouth, but didn't hear what he said, or the pointing to Natalie.

Could there have been a banner? And if so, what would it say? If it said something about Natalie, why would Kevin point it out to her.

Just what the hell is going on here? We are still seeing the WBRB screen.

***UPDATE #2***

An hour later, and now we see TRIVIA. What happened in that backyard?

Someone on Jokers is saying they could see one of the Control Room screens and it showed a banner and the HG looking at it. I don't believe that, though, because whoever posted that did it at least 30 minutes after the incident happened. Or maybe they re-wound the tape and looked at it again? I found the picture they are talking about, courtesy of Hamster Watch. This is it on the right, with the helpful arrow posted for us.

Kevin said: I don't want anybody to fuck up my game, and then all that happened.

Evel Dick's Got Plans

I'll bet you were wondering what Evel Dick is doing tomorrow night. Well, after the Live Show and the season is over, he will be doing interviews live from the Big Brother back yard.

I've only watched the backyard interviews once, after BB9. It was strange because it looked like someone had pulled Chelsia aside and told her about some of Crazy James' nasty gay porn antics, because she couldn't get away from him fast enough.

Anyway if you don't have Real, this is probably where you want to be to see people let down their hair, and to see the throngs of press push their way to Jeff. It might be funny to see how no one will want to talk to Natalie, or probably even Jessie.

I hope Lydia goes for a more classic Marilyn look, rather than the wacked out shiny sweatpants look. Maybe Dick will ask her about working for Heather McCartney?

My Apologies to Ms. Lloyd

who is Jordan's mom for posting this picture of Jordan laying out. Two of the BB cameras are showing us this tawdry yet somewhat unnattractive picture of Jordan's ass.
Remind me never to lay like that while I'm scantily clad on TV.

I'll bet the BB Control Room has a Shower Shot like that, too, or maybe even a Toilet Cam shot.

Remind me never to bathe or go potty in the Big Brother house. I can dish it out, but can't take it.
I know that about myself.

Soon, the Boredom Will End

but not right now. They are on an outdoor lockdown, which is probably the only way Production could pry all three of them out of bed at the same time.

As you can see Kevin and Natalie are sprawled on the outdoor furniture, while Jordan is greasing up her legs in preparation for taning. Natalie has on Kevin's HOH hoodie, which she has said she plans to steal.

Kevin practiced his jury arguments earlier today, and made it clear that he intends to have Jordan in the opposite seat from him. He was comparing their accomplishments, and also plans to state at least once that he would like to make history as BB's first gay winner, looking at Michelle as he says this in hope for her vote.

Natalie told Jordan one of the pranks she planned to pull on Jeff was to replace the suntan lotion in the bottle Jordan is using with sour cream.
(Good one---not.)

Natalie tells Kevin he should lay in a chair instead and he ignores her. Some of the fans speculate that he is going to tell Natalie the bad news today or tonight. We can only hope, huh?

Although I kind of want for him to spring it on her live, or better yet to have Jordan be the one to evict her bossy, dirty ass. I would love to see how she is received by Jessie in that moment. Maybe the entire jury will applaud?

Oh, it's going to be good.

Kevin Primps

and does some half-assed cleaning of the mess he leaves on the bath room sink.

The other two bitches are still getting their beauty sleep.

Kevin goes into the Red Room, in the dark, and quietly gets some clothing. I'm sure he is relishing his Alone Time right now.

Looks like he's going to change into jeans and one of his striped shirts. Nope, I was wrong, Kevin is getting ready to jump in the shower and has his clothes ready for when he finishes.

(I could never just get dressed right out of the shower. I have to apply lotion, let it sink in, etc. I guess I would have to wear a robe if I was in that house.)

And just in case you don't believe me, here is young Kevin going into the shower stall.

I know this is a bore, but it's all we've got right now.

And just for the record, I can't remember ever hearing Kevin say 'biznatch' in the house. That must be his special Diary Room talk.
Is that a bad word? Kevin is just so ghetto, isn't he, with that nasty talk. I have also never heard Kevin (or any of the other BB11 Houseguests, for that mater) discussing his use (or nonuse) of drugs.
In past seasons there was always somebody talking about how they couldn't wait to smoke pot when they got out of there. Jee from BB4 for one. He used to talk about it all the time. Apparently he was quite the pothead. And Diane talked about it on BB Allstars---she thinks her constant smoking before coming in the house may have killed her competitive instincts.
And Beau and Janie used to accuse each other of being Coke Whores. (Pot, meet Kettle, I guess.)