Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thoughts on Tonight's CBS Show

I'm sure all of the fans know by now that tonight's CBS show is a sort of flashback type show, where we look back on the season and review what brought us here to the Final Three. We have also been promised new footage that we haven't seen before.

I hope there is a lot of new DR footage tonight, to ensure there is new material even for all the Live Feed Watchers.

I watched the Live Feeds after Thursday night's show, as well as footage here and there since then. At this point, the HG sleep a lot and only seem to all be awake at the same time for the BBAD show, when the booze is delivered.

The feeds last Thursday night were really interesting. The only one who seemed relaxed and happy was Jordan--both Kevin and Natalie were very tense and seemed annoyed by the whole thing. Natalie because I don't think she ever considered that she would not be involved in the HOH Part #3 competition, and Kevin because he obviously had just hoped to get it over with.

And what is the "it" that Kevin was dreading so much? It might be the process of shocking Natalie and throwing her out of the house. Or maybe he just wanted to be a step closer to the end.

At first they clustered in the Red Room, bringing back their luggage and pulling a few things out. One after the other, they called into the DR and the remaining HG whispered and talked about going to the end together, and why the missing HG would not be going.

Kevin and Jordan agreed to take each other, and disparaged Natalie. Jordan from the point of view of Natalie's jury votes, which Kevin agreed with. Kevin also brought up the exact moment when he knew he wouldn't take her---when she took the Pandora's Box option which prevented her from playing in the Veto to save Kevin. (I don't think Kevin trusts anything she says right now, including the engagement tale. I saw it, and I don't believe it, so I can't blame him.)

Then Natalie would return from the DR, and Kevin would get called in. Jordan and Natalie would immediately start whispering with Jordan saying things like "I got you girl" and making other comments regarding Kevin's ultimate dismissal. Natalie's scheming was in high gear and she kept saying that she couldn't trust Kevin anymore, and that she had not talked with him about his plans on Tuesday. If he tells Jordan that they've talked about it, Kevin is lying.

(C'mon Natalie---even Jordan wouldn't believe that boldfaced lie.)

Then Jordan would go back in the DR and Kevin and Natalie would whisper away. Natalie laid it on really thick, about how all of their plans and schemes brought them here, and they did it together. She kept asking Kevin to reaffirm that he will take her to the end and he would say yes, and then say that he just wanted to relax for the last days and not be badgered the entire time.

And...this is interesting: Kevin spoke openly about America's Vote, and that we are all watching now and voting. I don't know if he knows that America Hates Natalie, but he is well aware that America Loves Jeff, and therefore they must love Jordan, too. He explained to Natalie that Jordan was sweet and smiley, and didn't spend all of her time hating on everyone. He said he didn't even want to talk anymore, after thinking about America's Vote.

I watched all of this, and I believed both Kevin and Jordan in both situations. I honestly don't know who either one of them would take with them. I expect to be as surprised as the evicted houseguest.

I think Kevin is smart enough to fear both remaining HG, but I thought he was smart enough to keep Michelle last week, too. It is clear that Natalie is grating on his last nerve, too. Her inappropriate comments about gay people are totally unacceptable, and I can't believe he has been able to contain himself so far.

For example, per Natalie Kevin was "way too gay when he came in the house", he needs to "dress like a man", and "gay men aren't allowed to be doctors". Natalie is totally oblivious to the fact that she is pissing him off, too. She is so self-absorbed.

Anyway BB prompted them to talk about various topics and they weren't allowed to change clothes until Production had all of the footage they needed, for continuity. Kevin was surprised that they didn't want comments about the Have Not room, since it was such a big part of the experience. And he was vocally pissed about all of the Jeff questions--he knows that Jeff' is the star of the season. Kevin also said that it was obvious that Jeff was "playing Jordan".

(What? If Jeff was smart enough to play Jordan, he might still be there.)

They wanted them to talk about Braden's fight with Lydia, but not Jordan's fight with Lydia. Jordan didn't understand that and had to go back in the DR and refine her comments.

I think CBS ordered a two-hour finale weeks ago, when it looked like the Jeff-Jordan show would continue to the end, but I think the way they're doing it now is a stroke of genius. I have been watching BB since the beginning, and this is the first year that there is still some sort of suspense regarding how it will end. And some apprehension on the part of the HG--they usually know that there's nothing else they can do, and start confessing their sins to their competitor. (Like Danielle in BB3, downloading her conscience to Lisa, the ultimate winner.)

I think the biggest challenge AGP will have is the live Jury Inquisition. This is usually heavily edited, and the Jurors are usually more than a little drunk. But this year I'm sure they are worried about it being spontaneous and energetic enough to be authentic, but controlled enough so that it's not a free-for-all. Particularly if Natalie is a finalist--she is a motormouth for sure.

I have to think that AGP will start the Inquistion during a commercial break, to give them an extra minute or two to deal with unforeseeable issues, rather than the usual 7 seconds.