Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh Snap

Natalie goes to the DR and now Jordan is telling Kevin that she wouldn't want to take Natalie to the Finals because she has so many friends there. Kevin starts to interrupt her and she tells him to shush, because she finally has a chance to talk now (that Natalie is in the DR).

Jordan compares the game play and thinks both she and Kevin have a better shot against each other. They both won about the same number of competitions, they both have their enemies in the Jury, etc.

Neither of them think they have Jessie's vote. Russell doesn't like either one of them and was trash talking Kevin before he left. (so she thinks). Jordan thinks it would be much closer between the two of them. If he evicts her Jordan will be bitter and he won't get votes from her, Jeff, or Michelle.

Keven mentions that Natalie got engaged, and America probably loves that, etc. Now he says that his mind has been made up against Natlie ever since the Pandora's Box-that he wouldn't take her with him and he will tell her that to her face. He mentions the Final Two Flip lie that she told him in the HOH room.

Kevin doesn't want to torture Natalie in the next few days, but his mind is made up.

Jordan still wants to talk it out, just to be sure....she probably can't believe it, and she probably shouldn't. Five days is a long time...................

Now Jordan Returns

and Kevin is called to the DR. Jordan is still calm, just like she was before the Live Show, when both Natalie and Kevin were stressing out.

I love this part of the Red Room, with the silvery jacks. Or whatever. They remind me of jacks.

AGP if you are reading this I would love to have one of those babies in my house.

Natalie, to Jordan: blah blah blah blah

Basically throwing Kevin under the bus and saying that Kevin said that Jordan would be an idiot not to take Natalie to the Finals. Natalie thinks the final HOH competition will be True or False.

She's probably right--this is usually the competition when they have footage of the evictees out by the pool or something and they have to guess the rest of their statement. Natalie thinks she will be good at it.

Then she gives Jordan the same shit she just gave Kevin---that her life is in Jordan's hands and that it will all happen at the last minute. Jordan is waving her hands and kind of saying shut up shut up shut up to her.

Natalie tells her that Kevin thinks he's got this--that he's got it in the bag. Natalie feels like she can trust Jordan, but not Kevin at this point. And she's still harping on dropping off the log on Tuesday night.

(Did Jordan know that Natalie threw it? Or is Natalie telling her that now?)

I'm bored with Natalie's yammering already. Put a muzzle on that mouth. She is starting to remind me of BB4's Mantroll. Wasn't she involved in martial arts, too?

It's Going to Be a Long Five Days

but at least it makes me want to tune into the feeds from time-to-time until the finale.

Jordan is still in the DR, and Natalie is telling Kevin that if Jordan evicts her, she will of course vote for Kevin to win. But, if the choice is up to Kevin and he evicts her, she will vote for Jordan.


I can't see Kevin taking this for the rest of the season. He has held it in long enough and I think he's going to blow. You saw how upset he got during the Live Show when Julie told them that they would have to wait until Finale Night to evict the second runner-up.

BTW Jordan said earlier that she isn't going to bother to unpack. They always say that though, the last week of the game. Here's what I wonder---what else is there for them to do? I would probably fold my clothes until my fingers fell off to avoid talking to those two.

Pride comes before a fall, Natalie.

Now Kevin talks about the edit that Jordan must be getting after her performance tonight---that she kicked Natalie's ass and she can win after all. I guess Jordan looked at Kevin during the show and said "I won" or something like that.

Kevin: See, the thing about her is that you could always say she's a dumb player....but it's turning out that she's not....I don't even want to talk anymore because is any of this going to be shown on TV? Isn't America voting right now?

They know that Sunday is a "best of" show and the CBS edited portion of the series is over.


Kevin: I don't even want to talk about this on the live feeds....


That's not the way to get my vote, Kevin.

Somewhere, Janelle is throwing back her third cocktail, sitting on one of Mike Boogie's barstools.


Oh Here We Go

and Natalie is already saying that she shouldn't have jumped off the log and let Kevin win.

Natalie: I know you're going to make a deal with Jordan. I feel like my whole life depends on you now.

Kevin is calm and trys to reassure her. Natalie basically says that Jordan has no chance at winning the Final HOH and it is all on him.

Kevin: I know it's going to be hard, and for the next couple of days...........(trails off)

Natalie: For the next couple of days, what?

Kevin: Let's just try and enjoy that we got this far in the game....I mean, we can make it diarrhea...

Natalie: blah blah blah it is going to be diarrhea....blah blah blah blah poor me...etc

For the life of me I think Kevin should just tell her to take a flying leap. What power does she have? Jordan doesn't know it, but Natalie is probably the very one that she should take with her, since it seems she is the Jury House's Enemy #1.

Now that Jeff is out. And how hot did Jeff look in that tight black tanktop? And what was with Jessie looking at him and saying "beautifullllll".

Jeff better lock the door of his room.

Live Show Aftermath

Kevin waits to get in the storage room and doesn't see what he was looking for in there.

Booze? Chinese takeout?

Natalie is playing solitaire and starts whispering with Jordan as soon as Kevin leaves the room.

Kevin saw a marker board in the SR and let's them both know that if had been a tie, they would have had a tiebreaker question. I guess Natalie has been going off non-stop about the competition and how she 'almost won'. She thinks that she finished faster than Jordan, but that Jordan had more correct answers---as usual Natalie is a poor loser.

Kevin seems to know better. Jordan told both of them that when she stopped her clock she had 18 seconds left.

Natalie: You swear???

(When is Natalie going to realize that she needs to be nice to Jordan now and maybe let her enjoy her solid win? And that America is watching all of this and we have a little power now, too.)

Natalie: Now I'm in the same position Michelle was in. The loser......

Jordan, to Kevin: Do you realize that a week from now one of us is going to be $500,000 richer?

Kevin: Five days from now...

Jordan beams. I don't even think she was talking to Natalie at all. Kevin wishes he could have watched the competition (probably to be able to confirm Natalie's horseshit).

Jordan got called to the DR and just when we might have heard what Natalie and Kevin said behind her back, we got TRIVIA.


Now we're back and Natalie is talking about being in the Green Room during the competition while Jordan took her turn, and more TRIVIA.

And now she is saying the same shit over and over and over about how her balls were in the wrong holes.

(ha ha ha ha)


Jordan Wins Part #2

And she didn't just win.

She KILLED it.

Natalie is going to have a major episode tonight, I'm predicting.


Natalie is sniffling and praying with her head down over a pillow. Kevin shifts back and forth on his heels.

Jordan just sits with her hands folded. It's nearly showtime.
Both girls avoid sitting in those green chairs until the very last minute.
Usually the TRIVIA starts at a quarter 'til eight.
I picture Janelle in make up now, and Julie patiently stepping aside to let the star have the whole mirror.

Everyone is Busy

Kevin is busy doing a whole lot of standing and staring. Natalie is packing and is whining that she brought too many clothes. See the big fat ass?


Last I saw Jordan was sitting on the LR couch, touching up her makeup. Or caking it on, as the case may be.

Someone is going home tonight, kids.

Kevin Stirs His Pre-Show Beverage

Yes, this is what he plans to wear.
Wait until you see the matching red shoes.


Trivia and an HOH Room other words, it's Thursday in the BB house.


As in, nada damn thing is happening yet today in there. They all got the wake up call, but they are all in bed right now.

They got some sort of game last night that seems to indicate what the Part #2 HOH contest will be. It is a bowling type of game where they have to roll balls up an incline to get it in a hole. The balls are pretty big--looks like soccer-sized--and there are two holes on the incline ramp. They practiced last night and Jordan was pretty good at it. Natalie thinks her aim is better if she adds a little bounce.

Natalie is very nervous about it and started saying shit about maybe she shouldn't have thrown Part #1 to Kevin.

You probably shouldn't have done that, Natalie. Just a thought.

There aren't a lot of updates on other boards, because there just isn't a lot of action, and even when they are awake there is not much conversation.

I am watching a Flashback from last night and will post back if anything juicy happens. I finally figured out that if I go to the Real site I can choose the BB season, date and time that I want to watch. How unbelievable is that? Like magic!

Also....I wouldn't be surprised if the 4 former Super Duper Houseguests who are appearing tonight with Julie actually enter the house. Maybe for a Slumber Party? Allison needs to do something for those ratings in this final week.

In Season #2 some people from Survivor visited the house and they all camped out by the pool. Remember that?

I would LOVE it if Janelle went in there and started giving Natalie some shit. Maybe they could even fight! Ha ha ha I would love it.

I might even take a nap today, in case we get to see the Dick at Night show on the Live Feeds.