Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wow. AGP is Really Concerned with the Ratings.

Allison Grodner probably sold her soul to get that first-ever Two Hour Finale commitment from CBS. You know, of course, that ratings have dropped by half in the last week, since it looks like the worst Final Two ever.

Well, since Maggie and Ivette from BB6, that is.

Evel Dick (BB8) has disclosed that he will be making an appearance with Julie Chen during Thursday's live show, along with Mike Boogie (BB2 & Allstars), Danielle Reyes (BB3 & Allstars), and Janelle Pierzina (BB6 & Allstars).

I do think this was planned, since Evel Dick previously disclosed that he had a gag order as far as Big Brother 11 was concerned until Sept. 11, 2009. Which will be the morning after his appearance. I'm guessing AGP gave him the go-ahead to talk about it, since they announced it themselves and the ratings tide has turned so significantly.

I hope Julie lets them speak freely. Janelle has crucified Natalie on her Twitter page, comparing her to Maggie and was a big Michelle fan.

Ross Meets the Devil

Here is Ross Matthew's interview with Michelle Noonan, just after her eviction from the Big Brother house. Michelle was emotional and was dreading looking at footage from her initial interview with Ross, just before entering the house.

Check out her body language--she is leaning as far away from Ross as she can, and still be in the frame.

I can't believe she left the sequined devil's horns on--I guess that is a sign of her good humor. She wanted to have "fun with it".

Michelle and Julie Talk Shop

Here is Michelle's interview with Julie Chen on the Early Show.

It's another short one, but I think Michelle handled herself well. At least she's leaving with a banging body, which is more than she came in the house with. And some new clothes from the Luxury Challenge.

Allison Speaks, Again

Allison Grodner has given another interview to The Wrap. She barely hides her distaste for the contestants that are left in the game, and tries weakly to hint that Tuesday's Big Finale will still hold some surprises.

As this point, I think she needs to advertise that both Jeff and Russell will appear shirtless when the Jury comes into the studio or something.

Because I'm sure you know that the ratings plummeted last Sunday for the first show after Jeff's demise. Let's face it, America loves him.