Monday, September 7, 2009

Disgust for the Happy Couple

Let me just say there was no way on earth that I believed that Natalie got engaged. She has told so many lies over the course of the last two months that even when she is telling the truth, it is impossible to believe it.

Is it fair for us to discuss how creepy Natalie's fiance is? Something about him is extremely weird. Maybe being on camera freaked him out, or being shut up in that little room with her. I thought it was just crazy.

I was watching the feeds after all of this happened, and Natalie didn't even seem to be that happy or excited that she saw him, or that they were engaged. Didn't it seem kind of stiff and unemotional?

They didn't even really embrace or kiss like most normal people in that situation would have done. For example, if Kevin's boyfriend was there, I'm sure we would have seen some intense hugging and tearing up--saying they love each other and so forth.

Kind of like on Survivor--when the families all show up in the middle of the jungle during the back half of the game.

Anyway....there is not much to see on the feeds this week. Lots of sleeping. Not too much scheming---not too many possibilities right now. I do think there is a strong possibility that Kevin will keep Michelle.

But who knows. We shall see tomorrow night!

But first....

While I work, I have been watching/listening to Flashbacks from way back in July--the first week of the game. Because I had the Live Feeds, if I was watching Big Brother I was watching those. At that point in the game, there is always someone up, and someone to watch on camera. I seem to recall seeing Jessie and Company in the HOH all the time, or something along those lines.

I rarely ever saw Jeff, Jordan and Braden. So I watched some footage of the three of them together, with guest appearance by Laura, Ronnie, and Casey, who have been long forgotten from the game. Braden really was a funny doofus.

And Laura talked way too much. She should have kept her opinions and views of the game to herself and maybe she could have survived. Some tidbits:

1. Laura was recruited to be on the Bad Girls Club (or something like that) but she turned it down and watched some of the episodes later and was appalled. She would never be on a show like that!

2. She would, however, consider an offer from Playboy, if it was "tasteful". Sorry Laura, but you are more likely to get an offer from Big Jugs Magazine. No girl next door has gargantuan tits like that.

3. She told Michelle that as much as she likes Jordan, she dan't have an intellectual conversation with her.

4. Michelle did look chubby back in those days.

5. And Ronnie....he looked like a beached whale. There was one scene where he got out of the shower and came to the dining room table to put on his shirt so he wouldn't miss a second of the scintillating conversation. Seeing all that flabby flesh was disgusting.

6. Jeff talks about his friend Nemo and his love for Duke. Jeff thinks his friends are going to want to talk to "that hottie Jordan" when the show is over.

7. Jeff's ex-girlfriend stole many pair of his sweatpants. He apologizes for playing with his balls to Jordan, but explains that "it is nighttime".

8. They are trying to get the votes for Braden to stay at this point, but we all know how that turned out.

9. They discussed how Russell and Jessie stare at themselves in the mirror all of the time. Jeff said they should apply for the circus when this is over. Braden: They're already in the circus--Circus Gay Lay. (ie like Cirque Soleil)

I recommend these old Flashbacks (links courtesy of Joker's), which are viewable through the end of your BB Superpass contract (October 11th for me).

BTW if you have the Live Feeds you need to contact Real to cancel, or else they will automatically renew you for another 3 months. If you go to My Account within Real and click Cancel, you will see a phone number to call. Might as well get it over with and call. One year I didn't and got stuck with another three months of service.