Friday, September 4, 2009

Nominations are Over

and as predicted (and practiced all day) Kevin is reacting to the nominations by being a little hurt but still civil.

Michelle is sitting silently with a blue tank top and wide headband. I think that is new, because I haven't seen it before. She has the same sour look on her face, like she just smelled a visiting Little Person.

(ha ha)

Jordan seems upbeat, since she's not nominated, and her boobs look huge in a camisole top with lots of cleavage.

Uncomfortable silences all around the backyard.

You Also Need to Know

that nominations haven't taken place yet. We have FISH on screen right now, so it might be happening now, but the last I heard Natalie started talking about production and the feeds cut out.

She was saying that "they" told her to go get dressed (for the visit) and she just put on shorts and a T-shirt, and that's what she got engaged in.

Well, isn't that what she always wears? And it isn't really getting engaged if you don't have a real ring. A Twisty Tie promise ring is romantic and all, but you can do that wearing shorts. No black tie required. And she took a bath yesterday--that's squeaky clean in Natalie's world.

Anyway...Natalie spent the day in the HOH room with Kevin preparing her nomination speech for today. She is going to nominate Kevin and Michelle and practiced her speech for at least an hour and went over it several times. She is planning to wear her white HOH robe and white sunglasses, along with the orange crown Kevin received last week from his BF.

She is going to reference the early story that Kevin referred to she and Jessie as the King and Queen, knocking down Pawns in the house. Now he is her Pawn. Kevin plans to act pissed and roll his eyes and give attitude about all this. Then Natalie plans to make a scathing nomination speech for Michelle, harking back to Ronnie's comments about her (Who?) and what Michelle did to Chima? (As they say, WGAS, WGAF.)

Kevin is no dummy--I'm sure he knows that Natalie is setting up either of Michelle or Jordan to vote for Kevin to leave. He's got to be madder than a hornet about all of this. And now the news that Natalie can't play for the POV....

Kevin is the only one of them that would easily get more votes from the Jury then she would, and she knows she needs to get rid of them.

It's too bad Natalie doesn't have a sense of humor about her, because this ability to lie and backstab anyone at the drop of a hat could have made her a big star. She's no Evil Dr. Will, but maybe she could have been if she had more of a personality and was more fun to watch.

Oh, and if she didn't cleave herself to the Douchiest Douch Who Ever Douched. (Jessie.)

Also, last night they had some sort of Luxury Competition that wasn't on the feeds. It involved designer clothes, which they all tried on and swapped last night. Michelle had on a new bikini today and it looked fantastic. I'm sure she wished Jeff could see her in that.

Michelle and Jordan spent the day lazing in the pool and talking about their lives. Michelle talked a lot about her job and it's limitations and challenges. They both fondly remembered Jeff and noticed how others in the house have picked up his lingo and speech patterns. Like "got got" and "stone". As in that is one stone shirt... Also his use of "John Gatti" to apparently mean really cool or big shit. I heard him tell Jordan the other day that he was making a John Gatti sandwich.

I'm guessing that is a tasty sandwich. Just a guess.

Jordan didn't really seem that broken up about it. They talked about what his life would be like in the Jury House and if Russell and Jessie would be mean to him, and for how long.

Upstairs, Kevin tried to make a lot of comments about Jordan that might make Natalie think twice about taking her to the finals. Let's see, like "Jordan has the best White Trash story about needing money of all of us". And "she's from North Fucking Carolina, and isn't that where all the voters come from?"

Implying of course that America would cast their vote for her.

(I read on another site that there is speculation that Evel Dick might be involved with the game at the end.....but that can't be, can it?)

Also Natalie and Kevin are positive that Jordan is getting the Jessica Simpson edit--the giggly bubblehead. They are both angry about the footage of the S'Mores competiton they saw last night.

Kevin: Did you see that reaction shot of her? Oh. My. God!

Still FISH right now. Probably the Noms. I wonder if Natalie will have the chance to go upstairs to get her robe and crown, after all of this Engagement Excitement?

At least she's bringing the drama. BTW I saw on another site that Jason's Facebook says he's single---how funny would if be if she made up her whole relationship with him? Maybe he's the Assistant Manager at her Blockbuster Store or something.


Is Natalie Lying

about her boyfriend-cum-fiance visiting the house?

Everyone still thinks that Natalie is 18 and lives in Arizona, but she is really 24 of course and lives in LA, just around the corner from the BB house.

So they are all talking about how her BF had to fly out this morning after the show, and Jordan says her mom would have been pissed if she had to fly out for 5 hours, spend 20 minutes with her, and then fly 5 hours back to get to work.

Natalie is really embellishing, if she is lying. She says her BF mentioned the whole deal with Jessie, and told her that everyone is rooting for her.

Natalie: So I asked him, why didn't I get the Coup D' Etat then? He said, aside from all that..

And they also talked about Jessie rubbing her arm all the time in the early days. She asked him what he thought she needed to work on, and he said her mouth-that there was too much foul language coming out of it.

Michelle apologizes for being a bad influence.

But now Natalie is giving Jason an excuse for not coming to the finale--his cousin is getting married on the 18th, so he might not be able to book the ticket to come to Cally. Now I know she is lying about something, because Jason lives with her in LA.

Now Michelle wants to have an engagement party for her and Natalie jumps right in on requesting that BB provide them something for the party. (I wonder if BB would assist her in executing the lie.) And she says her BF saw her drink 4 Mike's Hard LemonAde the other night.

It was a 20 minute conversation and I don't see how all of this would have been squeezed into that time frame, allowing for hugs and kisses that any normal pair of lovers would exchange in a situation about that.

Jordan said her first thought was that Natalie was lying, because she came out of the house and asked what happened out there.

Kevin: I was like bitch, you were the one opening the box--what do you mean you don't know? (since he could watch a TV screen of the backyard during his Pandora episode).

Natalie: But I had no idea what happened out here!

There was a cat in the house, and they keep saying how much the people stunk.

Kevin: That was a bad one---a bad Pandora's box. We're going to look like idiots....


Pandora Returned

and I'm not entirely sure what happened. I didn't see it myself, but read about it on other sites, and am listening to the HG talk about it now.

This I do know: Natalie opened the box, and some bad things happened.

First of all, Natalie can't play in the POV. This is a big concern for her, for obvious reasons. And some strange things happened in the house. Jordan opened the SR door and a male little person was there. There was at least one other male, and another female in there, and it wasn't pleasant. It think all of them were Little People, and it seems like they smelled. Kevin has been spraying the house with air freshener like crazy.

However....apparently Natalie and Kevin were talking about how she would explain not being able to play in the POV to Michelle and Natalie. Next thing you know, she was telling them all a big story, and claims to Kevin that it is the REAL truth, even though you can practically taste the skepticism in the air.

Get this:

Natalie is telling everyone that she got a visit from a loved one, and it was her boyfriend Jason. And he PROPOSED to her, giving her a twisty tie ring.

Magaran--that's going to be Natalie's new last name. Jason said he asked her dad if it was okay, and that Jason planned to propose for some time now. (Then why didn't he bring a real ring?)

Natalie says now that BB knew that she would open the box---who wouldn't have?

I'm sure Kevin is pissed, because it places him at great risk--he has to win the POV now and has no one on his side to play for him.

Natalie says BB told her she doesn't have to share the story with everyone, but she chose to. It's too big to keep to herself.

Personally, I think Natalie is telling a big fat lie. I think she accepted money in exchange for not playing the POV and doesn't want Kevin to know the truth. Kevin says he was "genuninely scared at moments" when the male little person was there.

Kevin: I thought he was a monster coming at me.

One of them was dressed as a baby and asked Michelle if she was his momma.

Ross Meets Jeff

on The Inside Dish, right after Jeff's eviction.

It was so funny to see Jeff's speech to himself 67 days prior---he must have had a premonition about Jordan.

As you might guess, Ross is relentless on the Jordan Issue. All in good fun.

Jeff Meets Julie - Part Deux

Well, this has got to be the shortest Early Show appearance ever. I can't believe it is so short.

Jeff had good things to say about his girl Jordan but Julie seemed to cut off the interview when it was just getting started.


The ratings have been stellar this season, no doubt thanks to America's Favorite Jeff. (Rumor had it that over 80% of the Coup D'Etat votes were for him.) I think Natalie is going to be faced with a Pandora's Box choice where her greed may finally get the better of her.

Maybe when she opens the box Jeff will be inside and she goes to the Jury House instead. Wouldn't that be a kick in her dirty pants? We all saw how greedy she is.....

CBS does not want a repeat of BB6 or BB9, where people with no fan base (or a negative fan base) won the show, damanging the franchise.

***Just my Two Cents***