Thursday, September 3, 2009

Live Show Let Down

and 30 minutes after showtime ended the feeds are still not back.

I'm sad that Jeff left, but I think he really walked out of there looking like a horse's ass. I watched him on the feeds all week and he knew he was going--he couldn't have realistically thought that he would stay. So why be so hateful on your way out of the door?

And Jordan is sure to fall apart after the dismissive way he treated her on his walk to the door. He gave Michelle a better good bye experience than he gave Jordan. He didn't even turn around and look at Jordan or say goodbye to her specifically.

He pulled it together for Julie, but I just think he could have been a lot sweeter at the end there.

I will watch the Flashback tomorrow about Natalie's HOH Room--I am dying to see pictures of her mythical boyfriend.

(Still TRIVIA on screen.)

Well, the Show Just Started

and someone's been fucking with us.

Jeff is going home and Russell ain't coming back.

We just have to live with it.

What has Julie got around her neck? It looks like a Bluetooth earpiece. Kevin has on his boyfriend's shirt--he wore it on their first date.

Last Minute Adjustments

Jordan is helping Natalie with her hair---looks like Natalie is straightening it and needed assistance with the back.

Jef is still at the counter playing solitaire, but is now wearing something dark and longsleeved. Jordan just came up behind him and hugged him and asked him to go to the Splash Room with her.

No, maybe not, because he is messing with stuff in the fridge right now. Kevin is talking about a friend who is Puerto Rican who looks totally different when she straightens her hair. I hate to say it, but Natalie looks cute and is wearing a feminine top for a change.

Jeff goes to the Splash Room to get his bag and Jordan whispers to him a little. She told Kevin that if he changes his mind at the last minute and keeps Jeff in the house she won't be mad. Jeff appreciates it, but doesn't think it will happen.

(Like Kevin would give a shit if Jordan is mad at him.)

Jordan stops to look at herself: Is this what I'm going to wear to walk out the door in? I need something black....

She has on a red strappy dress and a pink cardigan. I assume she wanted to change the cardigan to a black one.

Jordan: I have to pee. I always do when I'm nervous.

Jeff returns to his card game. Natalie is working on the front part of her hair. Things are pretty calm around there.


The Tension Builds

in that house. Jordan and Jeff are sitting at the kitchen counter. Jeff is playing with the cards---shuffling, trying to cut them with one hand, etc. Looks like a stress buster for them.

Jordan brings up the Pandora's Box key and wonders what became of all that. Jeff thinks it will be over when everybody gets their check.

Jordan: What if they say whoever has the key can come back in the house?

Let me take a break to say that there is a lot of speculation on the internet right now about what is going to happen tonight, fueled by that damn key Jeff found, as well as the new intro on Tuesday night where Russell reappeared with his name in the credits like he is still a contender.

(Get it, a contender?)

I thik AGP might just pull something out of their ass tonight and leave us with a big cliffhanger. I'm guessing that Russell might have the potential to come back in the house, or maybe Jeff can stay. Which way would Michelle vote, I wonder? She loves Jeff but needs Russell. Hmmm. A quandry.

Michelle has added a black short cardigan to her dress for tonight and is looking at herself in every direction in the Splash Room windows. Jeff is cursing at his Solitaire cards. He said earlier today that he wanted to win Solitaire today before he left but I don't know if he has succeeded yet.

Michelle asked Jeff last night to leave her some cigarettes. Jeff said maybe, but she doesn't even smoke...

Natalie and Kevin were crowing last week about not having any smokers left in the house after tonight. Michelle said that she was happy about that too, since it made her smell like smoke, and also made her want "to smoke again".

Jeff has on a black wifebeater but I have no doubt he will spruce up a little before tonight's broadcast. I'm predicting one of his slim-fitting, somewhat-cheesy button front shirts. You know, the ones that are textured?

I would prefer that navy long sleeved henley shirt on him, but I know that's probably not dressy enough for his upcoming eviction and date with Julie Chen.


Nice View

I have been watching Jeff shave and forgot to post. Jeff of course is shirtless and I am enjoying the view for possibly the last time on the live feeds.

Typically, we will have an hour or two of no feeds before the Live Show, as Production prepares the HG and sometimes goes over the setup for the HOH competition.

Jeff is shaving in his "Johnny Depp" fashion which he expects to rock for all of his post-eviction interviews. He looks thin but all cut up. Hot, hot, hot.

Jordan is sitting behind him on the BR couch to watch. Jeff's mood seems to have lifted--it's almost Showtime.

Jeff: The Johnny Depp--this is how I look on Friday nights but with my hat.....Jordan, where do I go on Friday nights?

Jordan, reciting: You go to ______(?), because Tony's dad owns it.

Jeff chuckles and we get FISH.

Meanwhile Kevin and Natalie have been making breakfast for lunch. The following is typed exactly as spoken.

Natalie: Eggs is good for you.

Kevin: mumble mumble mumble

Natalie: You're watching your cholesterol and you eat bacon? You're better off with eggs. Eggs is good for you.

Kevin: But this is turkey bacon.

And so on.

No sign of Michelle. Jeff told Jordan she needs to start preparing for the HOH competition tonight. No one seems to think there is a snowball's chance in hell that she might win tonight---maybe that will be the key to her potential win? TRIVIA.

Bye bye, Jeff's bare chest.

*** sigh ***


I haven't seen anybody cleaning at all besides Kevin's vaccuming a little while ago.

Michelle put on a pretty flowered dress and a lot of makeup. She joined Jeff at the dinner table and ate some of what he made, which turned out to be a tasty looking pasta concoction. I saw mushrooms, bacon and some other items bubbling on the stove that I couldn't identify.

We had several tantalizing camera close ups of this delicious mess, along with the sound effects of bubbling and sizzling.

Michelle doesn't even bother to hide her extreme flirtiness with him: Where's the olives?

(Jeff puts olives in almost everything.)

Jeff, shoveling down Round #2 of his pasta: I guess I forgot!

Jeff is now playing solitaire on the Splash Room bed. Michelle is in there, too, under the covers. Silence is wrapped all around them.

Jordan is sitting cross-legged on the couch in the bathroom, applying makeup. She and Jeff have had several conversations about her makeup--he prefers her clean natural look and this kind of irritates her.

(Before entering the house, Jeff said in an interview that he loved girls who are beautiful just sitting around the house in sweatpants.)

I still haven't heard Kevin say one word today, but what else is new?

HOH Lockdown is Over

and the HG are exercising their right to move freely about the house.

Just prior to being released, Jordan and Jeff were wrapped in a blanket snuggled together on the HOH floor, over in the corner. They were having a conversation that no one else joined in on, concerning how they would say goodbye on camera tonight.

Jordan is looking forward to the kiss, but Jeff says he might not feel like giving her one, due to the situation and the heat of the moment.

Jordan: Then I'll give you a kiss.

Jeff: But it won't be a good one, 'cause I'll be all sour. You're really into this, aren't you?

Jordan even mentioned that Russell managed to give her a little kiss when he left.

Jeff is in the kitchen, getting ready to feed the machine again. He loves loves loves the turkey bacon and is preparing a sandwich that sounds like a BLT with avocado. (Yum.) Jeff is wearing a long sleeved grey t-shirt and pushes up the sleeve while he slices the bacon into the frying pan.

Kevin is keeping to himself and keeping his thoughts to himself so far today. Maybe he's thinking about keeping Jeff? I read on Jokers that he was watching Natalie and Jordan in the backyard last night while they were talking about a Final Two deal.

Did he hear? Does he suspect? Will he perform a bold move like that so late in the game?

I'm sure he's figured out that Natalie is much more likely to win the Big Prize against Jordan than himself......

Kevin is getting ready to vacuum and now starts cleaning the living room rug--the swirly purple rug that we all see on TV every week.

If I were Kevin, I would be pissed that no one else seems to care about cleaning....


Jeff's Influence

You can say what you want about Jeff, but he had a huge influence on the other HG this season. I'm not saying it's always a good influence, but an influence nonetheless.

1. (Joking) Threats of Violence. I remember reading Jokers during BB2, that Nicole told someone (Bunky, maybe?) that if he didn't vote the way she wanted him to, she would kill him. Well, she got called in the DR and Arnold Shapiro (Allison's former partner/boss.) had a Come to Jesus meeting with her about saying that. She was very upset about this and apologized profusely. This season, Jeff has threated to slit everyone's throat while they are sleeping and also to hunt down everyone's family and kill them. And this influence has spread---Jordan threatened to stab Russell, and Michelle talks about getting "shanked" from time-to-time. The barn door is wide open now, and Allison can't stop it.

Example: During the competition a long time ago when BB10 Dan came in the house, Jeff had to dress up like a cheerleader with big balloon breasts. He wasn't happy about it, and when all of the other HG kept begging him to do a cheer, he said "I'm going to slit all of your throats tonight while you're sleeping, how's that for a cheer?"

And everyone cracked up.

2. Slang. Jeff started saying "He gone" with Jordan and now everyone says it. Kevin and Natalie are certainly saying it about him this week. "Jeff---he gone!". He also uses the word yoyo frequently and now Natalie, Jordan, and Russell all say it. What's old is new again, apparently.

Back to Now: Everyone is still in the HOH room. Total silence broken only by someone (Kevin?) shuffling a deck of cards. Those kids are just burnt out.


Finally Kevin Emerges

from the HOH Room and Natalie pops up from her place on the couch and goes inside. Kevin isn't in there--I think he went downstairs wearing a lemon yellow hoodie.

(Just how many hoodies does Kevin own?)

Immediately, we get the production screen and the BB music.

I'll bet they are all being summoned upstairs for the HOH lockdown.

Yep, we're back and the Splash Room people are gathering up their blankies, etc. in preparation for the trip upstairs. Natalie is already in the HOH bed, wrapped in the ice blue bedspread.

(Which is probably totally germ-infested by this point in the game.)

Everyone trudges upstairs for this weekly task, which allows Production and Crew to move about the house getting ready for tonight. I guess the HG can't see them on the spy screen, can they? That would be too much information for them.

Not much, if any conversation up there right now. Jordan blew her nose and it was loud.


Jeff's Last Day

And I feel pretty comfortable calling it that. Jeff is toast, and even he knows it.

BB just gave them a wake up call, and it looks like Jeff himself is the only one who got out of bed and exchanged his batteries. He is fixing himself a bowl of cereal. Now I see Jordan putting on a hoodie in the Splash Room.

That must mean that Michelle will be up soon, since she can't seem to leave the two of them alone for longer than 10 minutes.

Yesterday Jeff and Jordan left their goodbye messages for each other. Jeff joked (?) that he was very weepy during his and had to take a break for a few minutes. Jordan didn't believe him, and started telling him about her message to him: she won't have any fun anymore, she will miss him, etc etc etc.

BB put the kibosh on that conversation.

Last night, Jeff, Jordan and Michelle had quite a little conversation about sex. I watched the flashback earlier and it included the following:

1. Jordan doesn't own a vibrator, and isn't even sure how to use one. ("Do you just stick it in your cooch", she asked a laughing Michelle.) Michelle assured her there were all types of vibrators and that wasn't necessary. Jeff joked that Jordan would swing by Michelle's house on the way home and pick one up--it's probably in the kitchen drawer.

2. Michelle discussed the use of butt plugs. Yes, it's true. She explained that "if you have a dick in you, it kind of feels like a threesome". As if that was an enticement to young Jordan. Michelle recommended them.

3. Jordan asked Jeff a lot of questions about blue balls. Jeff ended up saying that the one good thing about being evicted is that "tomorrow he would beat his junk like it owed him money". (An old but good joke.) Jeff joked that when he walked outside he would tell Julie Chen that she needed to wait while he found a bathroom.

4. Jeff had an 8 year relationship that started Sophomore year of high school. Michelle could have asked a lot of follow up questions, but she didn't. Jeff said that if they weren't in the house (and on TV) he would talk about himself a lot more, and probably would tell more stories when the show is over.

5. Jeff told Michelle that if Jordan wins she has to buy him Chicago Bears season tickets. When Michelle asked him what he had promised to buy Jordan if he won, he said it was probably a good thing he's leaving, since "she made a whole list of things". Then he called her a Gold Digger when she came back in the room and threw her down on the bed and kissed her. (I only heard Jordan ask for a decent pair of diamond earrings. Something tells me she will get those from Jeff even though he isn't going to win. Maybe he'll get the Viewer's Choice money or something.)

6. Michelle cleans her house wearing a french maid's costume and says it makes it more fun. She also said that if she isn't in the mood, putting on a costume always gets her there fast. Jordan mentioned wearing a costume around the house (I forgot what she said---a Playboy bunny or a cheerleader maybe?) and said she thought it might be fun. Jeff asked her if she would really do that---could he come home from work and she would be wearing a hot costume? Jordan: Yes. Jeff: Fuck yeah!

7. All this talk excited Michelle. She said she couldn't wait to get out there and do it. Jordan said she bets Michelle has really wild sex with her husband. Michelle did not deny it.

8. Jordan asked some technical questions about a man's penis, and where it felt good to be licked. Jeff: Well, it feels good when you lick the top. And it feels good when you lick the side...(laughs). Michelle defers and says she "hasn't really worked that many penises". And she repeated that twice for good measure. Jordan also asked Jeff a lot of questions about waking up with a boner and then needed to pee, etc.

Back to Now:

Jeff finished his cereal and went back to bed, with Jordan right beside him. Natalie went up stairs and knocked on the HOH door over and over and over, but Kevin never answered. So she is laying on the couch outside, wrapped in a blanket.

Jordan is awake , just laying there next to her man. And of course Michelle is there, too, because she probably can't bear the thought of Jeff leaving, either.