Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jeff and Jordan in the Shower!

Sorry, I'm lying.

All of the houseguests are still asleep, and not much has changed in the house. Jeff is still expected to be evicted this week, and the reality of the situation has now set in. Last time I checked, Jordan decided she wants to stay, and is making a deal with Natalie.

No surprise there---Jordan has no chance of winning against her. Natalie may be a lot of things, but she is no dummy.

Regarding today's headline, I looked at my Google Analytics and it seems there are quite a few visitors to this site who are hoping to see Jeff and Jordan in the shower. They are also looking for "BB nude shower pics". Regrettably, I have no such pictures to offer.

I just thought it was funny.

BTW, BB just announced it was time to get up for the day, and that fresh batteries are available in the storage rooms.

No one stirred. Jeff and Jordan are cuddling, though.