Monday, August 31, 2009

Natalie: The Coup D' Etat Didn't Save Your Ass

this week, did it? (said while smirking at the camera)

Natalie is whispering that Jordan needs the money most---why was she trying to give it all up to Jeff? She also said that Jessie and Russell are going to go nuts when they see the tape this week.

Kevin: Every time there is a showmance, the bitch always loses.

Then he says that maybe April (of Ollie And April) stayed longer....and Natalie mentions Natalie from BB9.

No one cares about Season 9. It doesn't even count.

Jeff goes in the Green Room with a deck of cards. Kevin wants to go over every Final Three scenario with Natalie, but she says to wait until next week, after HOH.

(She is already trying to throw Kevin under the bus, for good reason. He would give her a run for her money with the jury.)

So What Happened?

Jeff is eating a sandwich at the counter with Jordan sitting nearby.

Kevin, to Natalie: He gone, right?

Natalie: He gone!

Kevin whines that Jeff won't talk to him because he knows Kevin won't go for his shit. Natalie wants to have a celebration tonight.

Jeff and Jordan are silent. Jordan has changed out of her 'show top' and is now wearing her red Beer T-shirt.

Don't see Michelle---probably in the DR?

Jeff: That was a funbuster.

Jordan: Um hmmm.

Kevin and Natalie are whispering in the Red Room.

I am imagining that Allison is calling a meeting backstage to make up some new rules for Jeff, the Keyholder. Because I am foreseeing a very ugly Final Three finish. America wants to see pretty people.

It's Happening Right Now

The Veto meeting is in process.

Expectations were a swirl, right up until the last second. Jordan thinks that Michelle said she would use the Veto to save Jeff just to get a reaction.

Kevin thinks Michelle can't possibly be that stupid......

We shall see!

Jordan: What If They Have to Evacuate Us?

Jeff: That would be fucking awesome, 'cause we could get out of this place!

Jordan: But then we would probably have to go to a hotel and sit by ourself in a room!

Jeff explains how dry it gets out there, and how the fires "never really get out of control".

Right, Jeff.

Jordan has on a plaid strapless top and BB keeps telling her to reposition her microphone so that it is higher. Jeff tried to help and Jordan shooed him away.

Jeff: I'm trying to help production!

Jeff says he is homesick, and then says he is "society sick".

Jeff: I want to see the news! I want to go out!

Jordan is homesick and misses her family. She wishes she could take a break and go home for just a weekend. She would rather be by herself than to be stuck with Russell, Jessie and Lydia. She plans to just sit on the beach and isolate herself.

(I don't think the Jury House is at the beach this year.)

Last Minute Scrambling

before the Veto meeting is in full gear. Natalie and Jeff talked and made a Final Two deal, while Natlie called Michelle "the biggest fucking lying bitch" in the game.

Then Michelle joined them and Jeff left exasperated and told Jordan he is going home for sure.

And Michelle and Natalie talked and Michelle threw the possibility out there that she would use the Veto to save Jeff. (!)

Then Jordan approached Natalie and said the same old shit about how Jeff could take her farther than Jordan could...

Now Jeff is in bed covered up and Michelle is sitting in an adjacent bed, still talking. Michelle is all tarted up with a strapless black top and full makeup. Alas, her hair still looks greasy.

(What is up with that hair?)

Ha ha now Michelle fishes for compliments from Jeff. He tells her she looks good--don't change clothes.

Jordan is fanning her armpits in another room---she is an Extreme Sweater.

Now Natalie is rehashing everything with Kevin except saying that she tried to make a deal to get rid of him with Jeff.

Now Jordan is going to look for Michelle!

And all of this in the past 20 minutes!! The Veto meeting is coming up soon and they are all scrambling like crazy.

In Other News: While they were outside a few minutes ago, Jeff mentioned that he smelled smoke. (Big, big fires are burning up the LA area right now.)

Jeff: Is there a big fire?

Kevin, sarcastically: Maybe Russell is fighting it.