Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ha ha ha The Scheming Takes a Turn

In the wee hours Jordan, Natalie and Kevin tried to get Jeff to ask Michelle to use the Veto on him.

Jeff: Are you fucking crazy? To use the Veto on me?

Jordan tells him to start flirting with Michelle, tell her she looks pretty, etc.

Natalie: Take one for the team, Jeff! Do it!

Kevin: She's in love with you!

Jeff is getting pissed at the idea. Natalie says people have done stupid things like this before on the show (hello---Marcellas?).

Jeff thinks its a bad idea, but the three of them are really pushing it. He says that if he has her help them out, he doesn't want to "stick her in the ass" right afterwards.

Jeff, very angry: I'm not that kind of person! That's not the way I work. I don't need the money that bad.

Jordan: It's part of playing the game....

Jeff: No, it's part of being a huge asshole. I should have won--that's all. I didn't win. It hurts.

Jordan keeps trying.

Kevin: It's not going to happen Jordan.

Jordan says Michelle has been crying in the DR about all this.

Kevin: Remember when you told her she looks like a model, all skinny and everything? She was skipping through the house she was so happy.

Kevin thinks her reaction is guaranteed if Jeff goes through with it.

Jeff: I pursued other avenues to make Final Four and it didn't work out. I can't ask her to do a beautiful gesture to me--to save me--and then send her out the door.

Wow Jordan has an evil streak--she is pushing this big time.

But What about the Key?

I'm just catching up on some of last night's feeds and posting them this morning, while we wait for the HG to wake up.

Jeff finally started talking last night, and the meaning of the key is haunting him. Why would he have it if there was no point to it?

Michelle thinks that the key has no meaning for the HG--it is only some sort of TV show feature.

They were sitting alone on the BY couch, drinking Bud Light in the can and talking. Sounds like Michelle has told Jeff she is voting to keep him, and says it is obvious that Natalie wants to take Jordan along in the game.

(I think Michelle just wants Jeff's Jury vote and knows he is leaving .)

Jeff still needs to talk to Kevin, and is planning to do so on Sunday. Natalie's power trip is rubbing Michelle the wrong way. I think Jeff feels guilty about trying to stay since that probably means that Jordan is going home. Jeff thinks they have "a long time to work it out".

Michelle laughs about trying to work Kevin and then (giggling) "having some fun the last week!"

Michelle: It wouldn't be fun without the faux fight!

Jeff: Yeah, they don't want you to lay down, that's for sure (BB).

Sounds like Michelle saw right through the crap that Natalie laid on her after the Veto win. Jeff says that all he can offer Kevin is his loyalty--and with Jordan gone he "would be open for business".

Michelle wants to tell him that they need to keep Jeff to get Natalie out.

Jeff: What about, Natalie is his friend? What about that?

Michelle: And how much time did they spend together before all of this?

(True, Michelle, true.)

Michelle thinks that she and Jeff need to stage a fake fight so it all looks believable.

(I think Michelle did the math and figured out she has no way to win against Kevin or Natalie with the Jury.)

Michelle says she loves Jordan but she can't count on her to win HOH or Veto next week. If Michelle votes for Jeff Kevin would be the tie vote, so the choice is totally up to him. Michelle thinks that promising him a safe week--just one more-- should be incentive enough for him.

Michelle: Him putting all of his eggs in one basket of someone who has never won before is a huge risk. (Natalie)

Michelle mentions that Natalie might be bluffing on her skills, but Jeff scoffs at that: Not for this long, she isn't.

(I think she might be.)

Michelle notes that Natalie is trying to kiss her ass like crazy by giving her clothes, etc. Michelle plans to talk to Kevin, but says that maybe he has a lot of confidence right now with his recent success and might think he can beat them.

Michelle: There's no harm in my talking to him, since he can't send me home.

Jeff: Well, you talk to him, and I'll talk to him, and we'll see what he wants. It's a good thing for him.

Here comes Kevin to the jacuzzi, and Natalie follows close behind. They note that all of the wine is gone---Jordan drank it all and went to the DR with a wine glass. She is drunk.

Kevin: I'm sure she's having fun in there.

Natalie starts to play solitaire outside. Michelle's latest weight loss tally is 16 pounds, and she is starting to get that look where everything she wears is flattering.

Jeff watches Natalie and says he should have never taught her that game. Natalie says she is addicted--there is nothing else to do. Jeff calls her a yoyo and corrects the way she is dealing--she did it wrong and says she did it wrong because she and Kevin just played Spit and it messed her up.

Jeff has had 3 beers. He wishes he had another 12 pack. Jeff has on flip-flops and he has some nice feet--long even toes.

Jordan is out of the DR and is in the Green Room with a glass of red wine and her white blankie. Jeff comes in and Jordan starts talking about the alien pictures--she is wasted and starts crying about losing.

Jeff: You're drunk.

Jordan: No. I'm so mad and I don't do good under pressure and I'm so bad. When she sees the pictures now (in the DR?) she says she knows who they all are.

She said Jeff got out all the big players and she hasn't done anything. Jeff deserves to be there, not her, and Jeff needs to talk to Kevin. Jeff can do that, but he doesn't think they want to keep him.

Jordan: If you don't campaign for votes, I'm going to be mad at you. You'll always have that regret...

Jeff: I know.

Jordan has the "red wine mouth" that you get when you've had a few glasses---not a flattering look in case you don't know what I'm referring to.

She says she was spilling her whole heart out and didn't even get to answer the questions---how Jeff is her BFF and how it shouldn't be like this---she didn't know anybody when she came in and she never thought she would meet a guy and be the closest with them---and then have to go up against him---and now he deserves to be here and everybody left in the game hasn't done shit. And how Michelle is crazy.....

BB doesn't usually let them talk abut their DR sessions, but so far she hasn't disclosed anything that they said to her, just what she said to them.

Jordan says Jeff is dumb if he doesn't try to get the votes. She said everyone will tell her later--he was jsut a guy that she barely knows, he probably doesn't give a shit about you...(Jeff chuckles.) ...but you are my BFF.

Jeff says he will try and talk to Kevin, but he will not throw her under the bus.

Jordan: I don't care if you throw me under the bus.

Finally BB tells her to zip it. Jeff says to talk softly so they don't hear. Jordan feels like she broke up with a boyfriend and she is depressed.

Jeff: Give me the rest of that wine!

Jordan: Why?

Jeff: Because you're hammered!

Jeff thinks they (BB) are dying in there.