Friday, August 28, 2009

Kevin Holds a Meeting

with Jeff and Jordan in the HOH.

They are basically trashtalking Michelle directly, and kissing ass indirectly.

Jeff: She got hustled, and Russelled.

ha ha ha

Jordan tells Kevin that Michelle is after him. (That is true.) Meanwhile Michelle is sitting at the kitchen counter with her chin in her hands while Natalie plays Solitiare next to her.

As far as I can tell, Jeff hasn't bothered to put on a shirt all day today. Kissing up to Kevin? Maybe.

Kevin talked to Michelle already and was very passive with her--asking her for information but never giving. Jeff says that is always what she does---she never answers questions directly about who she would put up, etc.

Jeff: I'm not going to bash her. She is what she is...

When Kevin was on the block he was super-paranoid and that's how it is.

Kevin, to Jordan: That's okay. You're Gucci!

Jeff: That's all you need to tell her.

Jordan goes downstairs and Jeff stays behind. Kevin tells him that he is basically safe because if it comes to a tie, Kevin will have the final say. Kevin knows, however, that whoever has the POV holds the ultimate power here. Kevin feels Jeff has the strongest chance of winning the POV and saving Jordan and himself. Then Natalie will go home. (?)

Kevin: I want you to know that the only way for you to go home is if Michelle wins the POV.

He then says that Jeff and Michelle are going up.

Jeff: What about Michelle and Jordan going up, and them me winning the POV for Jordan?

Kevin ain't buying it, Jeff.

Kevin: Jeff the deal was to keep you safe and not put you up. I'm going to tell you Jeff, I'm going to break part of that deal. Otherwise I would be the dumbest HOH in all of BB history....

Jeff summarizes that if Michelle wins POV, then Jordan goes up next to him and one of them goes home. Jeff brings up that he took Kevin off the block.


The Back Door Lifted

and they all freaked out.

Jeff: I see a leprechaun! (joking)

There is nothing out there. I guess they saw production on the roof last time throwing the money off but no one is up there now. Cameras were up there, too.

It's hot and humid out there.

Now Natalie is paranoid too.

Jordan: I wish there was something fun going on.

Jeff: What are you talking about? They just gave each of us a couple of G's!

Natalie went back inside to get more strawberries.

Jeff: Why? What's in the strawberries?

All joking now. They thought it was really fun. Maybe we'll find out more when Kevin comes back from the DR.

BB told Michelle not to say it was a luxury competition--they said it was money coming from the sky instead. Michelle didn't go up and see the clues, so she says she doesn't know anything.

Jeff knew that Natalie was lying because she told him a door was locked, and when he tried it, it was open.

Jordan: There has to be something else!

Jeff: It seems fishy....

Jordan: They wouldn't just hand us money for nothin'....

Aha....Kevin Got To Choose

between the money and Pandora's box. The money had to be shared among all of the HG, or he could choose something bad for the entire house.

I know that doesn't make sense, but right now it doesn't make sense. They are all very excited and are rehashing the entire thing.

Jeff and Natalie got mad at each other during the competition, and now Jeff says he was mad because Natalie was lying.

Kevin gets called to the DR and they all think that something new is coming. Natalie has been dipping strawberries in Cool Whip and is really putting a hurtin' on that snack.

They think Natalie knows more about what is happening, and she is denying it. Jeff says she is lying for sure because she is laughing and she isn't showing her poker face. She is eating strawberries faster and faster--maybe that's a tell.

Jeff: Why didn't you find that key?

Natalie: I couldn't find it! I tried!

Only Natalie and Kevin have been called to the DR since it was over, adding to the speculation that they know what is about to happen.

Natalie: You guys are like Russell now---paranoid!

The Secret Room

Kevin was in The Secret Room. He says it is all golden, and there are lots of mirrors. He thinks Production uses it for something else. (?)

Natalie wants to play poker with all the money they keep finding in the house. Now she is trying to backtrack and make it seem like she wasn't trying to screw Jeff over.

Natalie saw someone in production run by and she swears that part is true. I think she's trying to say that's why she tried to keep Jeff from going up there. They are arguing but in kind of a pleasant tone.

Natalie says maybe the Pandora's box is something good. Kevin thinks Pandora always means something bad. Jeff thinks maybe whoever got the least amount of money wins---that would be Kevin.

Jeff accuses Kevin of knowing more than he is letting on. Jeff said wink at me if you know something. They think that there is more stuff coming to clear everything up.

Jeff says he found the key in one minute, and Natalie was in the house for longer and didn't find it? He thinks she knows it was something bad and wanted him to find it.

I think each HG had a certain amount of time to run around and find stuff. Kevin was hidden in a box (or the Secret Room) and calling out to find the key....

Jeff had a written clue but he 'put it in the bag' and doesn't have it now. I think the bag contains each HG's booty and they might get it later. Jordan saw a $100 bill and thought it looked fake (the new ones do look fake).

This certainly sounds like a creative contest.

Prize Money?

They had some sort of prize bonanza outside where they won prizes, gifts, etc.

Kevin chose what was behind the 'mystery door' and it sounds like there was a lot of cash in there.

The feeds are really choppy--lots of traffic right now-- but it sounds like Jeff got a key of some sort and doesn't know what that means yet.

(I think he is leaving to go to the Emmy's tomorrow---just a guess.)

Natalie tried to fake Jeff out and now he's calling her a snake. She's trying to say the DR told her to hide stuff from Jeff but he is calling her a liar.

Sounds like Allison might have been talking to them?

I think they have to split the money, but they can only get it if they unlock something. Not sure if they were successful or not. Somebody won something because Jordan asked about taking taxes out.

Jordan: I hope I at least have a thousand! I just kept stuffing my shirt.

Jeff was kicking money around to corral it into one place. Kevin found a lot of money in the pool filter.

I think BB will announce later what the tally is for each of them when the money is counted. Kevin had to choose between the money and Pandora's Box.

Lots of excitement in there. Natalie might have screwed herself up in the long run if everybody saw how greedy and deceptive she really is.

Feeds keep cutting in and out---I'm sure somebody is recording a Flashback for us.

Jeff is worried that the key means he is up the shit creek.

(Only if Allison wants that to be the case Jeff...)

FISH for 30 Minutes Now

Is it the nominations? Does this have something to do with the star on the door?

Did Victoria's Secrets models come in and cavort, as Jeff fantasized about?

Is Brian Austin Green there, giving Natalie and Jordan (and probably Kevin) a thrill?

I guess we'll know all soon enough......
***UPDATE*** FISH for well over an hour now.

Jeff: Something's Up

the back door was unlocked, and now it is locked. They hear things going on out there and wonder what it is.

Jeff: Maybe they're fumigating. And that's our treat.

Jordan: A competition! With prizes, cash, a new car!!

They talk about what would happen if they all went to The Price is Right and competed. Michelle says most of those prizes would be useless. If Kevin won a motorhome he would have no place to park it.

Jeff: I would want to take a big road trip, and then sell it and fly home!

FISH while Jeff sings Milli Vanilli's 'Girl You Know It's True'.

Jeff gets what he said is a good seat to see the celebrity that is coming in. He jokes that it's a Victoria Secrets model and she likes him, too! Then he says maybe they're cleaning really well outside so the person coming in wearing high heels won't slip.

(Jeff is really funny when he wants to be and we will miss him when he's gone.)


There is speculation on the internet that someone in the house will go to the Daytime Emmy's tomorrow, since it is being held right there in LA. There is a star on the door upstairs, so that's a clue right there.

They talk about the songs BB played this morning and analyze them for clues. Jeff can't leave that Milli Vanilli song alone--more FISH.

What's Up in the House?

Jeff and Jordan are horsing around in the Green Room. They are both grossed out by all the ants and Jeff finds two ants crawling on her blanket. Jordan wants to take a shower and Jeff tells her she looks better with no makeup. She is not flattered by that comment, although Jeff assures her it is a big compliment.

She has her head on Jeff's stomach and says he is still so skinny she can feel bones.

Jeff: That's not a bone---it's a BONER.

Jeff laughs like crazy.
Jordan explains that BB wouldn't let them bring in pencil or crayon makeup because then they could write notes with it, so she had to go out and buy liquid eyeliner--she usually doesn't use it.

Kevin and Michelle discuss Russell. They remember at least 7 different jobs he said he had and they wonder what he really does for a living.

Kevin: In the beginning he said that one of his relatives ran for President, and that his last name meant 'butcher', so no one should mess with him.

Michelle: Well, I come from a long line of barbarians and you don't hear me mentioning that!

She explains that her last name was the name of a barbarian tribe--it's a long word and I wouldn't dare try to spell it.
Kevin thinks Russell might have been a lawyer--he said that at one point.

Michelle: Dude, when would he have the time to go to law school?

They discuss where they are and how sometimes they can't believe that they are on Big Brother. For Michelle, she realizes it whenever they go outside for a competition.

Michelle: I'm like, I'm on Big Brother! Fuck yeah!

Kevin can't believe it either. Jeff and Jordan bring Kevin and Natalie up to date on all the ants and how clean everything needs to be from now on.

FISH, while I'm guessing Production is chiming in about that.

I don't think all that hot chocolate outside last night helped anything. That all got dripped and dragged in the house after it was all over, I'm sure. It was all over their clothes. Jeff kept saying that the hot chocolate raining down smelled really good, so it must have had some authentic ingredients.

Jeff said there was a thick line of ants from the window to the cabinets.
Jeff: It was like Ant's Dave Matthews.

Jeff and Jordan Face the Facts

Jeff steps outside to enjoy a smoke in the midst of annihilating hundreds of ants. BB asked them to use the outdoor garbage can for all of the infested items in the house, rather than reintroducing them in the Storage Room.

Jeff and Jordan hope Kevin sticks with the plan, but Jeff knows he will probably get put up if someone uses the veto, if he's not an initial nominee. They think that if the remaining competitions involve questions, Michelle has them all beat. Sounds like they want to remind Kevin of this.

Jeff plans to bring up Kevin's BF's letter---where he said Kevin was the most honest and trusting person. He wants to guilt-trip him, I think.

Jordan couldn't sleep last night she was so worried about what is going to happen. But she just told Michelle that she was crying about something in her dream last night.

(I'll bet Michelle does plenty of crying in her dreams, too--have you heard her scream in her sleep?)
Jeff keeps talking about "his deal" with Kevin. I really don't think that will hold water since he had a Final Four deal with Russell and gave him the boot. Michelle is out of the DR and is back in the kitchen, moving stuff around.
Jeff: I would almost rather have Kevin in here at the end, rather than Michelle.
Jordan: Yeah, she's so icky.
Jeff: She's a basket case.
Now she goes outside to end the conversation. I guess the DR asked Jeff about "the toenails". Sounds like Russell did a lot of clipping and left pieces all over the house.
Jordan: I'm kind of grossed out to eat..(meaning the ants, not the toenails).
BB told them to change clothes this morning--probably for new footage but Jeff thought they were going to have the Luxury competition with all the clothes.
Jeff, to Michelle: You can go to Negative Town, but I'm staying in Positiveville.
(I'm not sure why he said that, but it was a good line and probably should be on the CBS show.)

Ants All Over

and Jeff, Jordan and Michelle are taking everything out of the kitchen cabinets and washing, wiping, and spritzing. Jeff is shirtless but is sporting a pair of yellow latex gloves.

Jordan even checks the box of teabags for the little critters.

Jeff is tossing a lot of things they never used---like rice wine vinegar, etc.
No one says what is really on their minds---Oh My God am I getting nominated today? Natalie and Kevin are sleeping soundly, I imagine..

Allison Grodner Speaks (Again)

and here is this week's interview, courtesy of The Wrap.

Sounds like Production wanted Natalie to leave......

Russell Does Ross

Or, at least his show. We're not privy to what happened behind the scenes here, but both them are awfully happy. I'm just sayin'.

Maybe Russell is saving himself for Jessie. We'll see.

As usual Ross Matthews does a great job on the interview. Russell seems quite jovial about it and is being a good sport. Russell blames Michelle for his demise, so he's delusional as well.

He still claims to have played characters--Evel Dick was the funnest character for him. We got to see some classic footage of Russell and Ronnie, and also Russell and Chima, too.

Ross is extra-cackley in this clip and is loving every minute. He loves saying "He Got Got" and is reveling in rubbing it in Russell's face. And once again the video questions are mainly from male viewers--for some reason I'm surprised by that. Not by the Big Mama's video appearance--that is to be expected....

Sponsored by Vlasic pickles this week---what happend to Bertolli?

Russell on the Media Circuit

And here he is with Julie on the Early Show. Yet another side of Russell---he is trying to me Mr. Nice Guy now and Julie calls him on his nasty comments to Jordan.

Russell: This is not reality---this is a game!

Julie must like Jordan because she brings up the chest bump....twice. Russell says the guy in the house wasn't really the real Russell. I can tell certain portions of this are edited due to the skipping of the camera views.

Prediction: Russell will be missed in the house now. He did bring The Drama, didn't he?

Also: As I predicted yesterday, Russell did flirt with Julie, and called it a Showmance. I didn't predict that part, but I did predict he would turn on the charm.

Kevin's HOH Room - Flashback - Part 2

This post picks up at app. 10:28 PM BBT where Part I leaves off.

Jordan and Natalie repeat again how 'foine' Kevin's BF is. Still no name---maybe that was an arrangement between them to keep his life semi-private.

Jeff speaks some rap but BB doesn't blank it out yet. They are all snacking and waiting to see if the backyard will be opened up tonight. If not, they think they are having a luxery competition tomorrow. They all hope that they get clothes like they did in previous seasons.

They want to go outside and drink wine tonight if possible. Jeff is snacking on dip and crackers and Michelle is grabbing some bags of chips. Jordan is grazing from everything but seems to use some restraint. No snacks for Natalie yet.

Jordan hopes that tomorrow will be a Luxery Challenge with a special mystery guest---Brian Austin Green. Natalie chimes in that she hopes so too---please please please please BB.

Jeff: What about a hot chick?

Natalie wants to win HOH now (whatever) so she can see her pictures and have the same experience--a letter, etc.

Jeff: Will you cry?

Natalie: Probably!

Jeff: Nice.

Whenever the DR asks about Jordan's family, she says she starts to cry. Lots of crunching in the mikes now as the conversation winds down. Jordan has never been to Vegas and talks about what goes on there. She asked Jeff about the craziest thing he ever did in Vegas and he deflects with "I got sunburnt".

One time I heard Jordan ask Jeff if he's had a one-night stand and he said "No", and then told her not to ask him questions like that.

Jeff and Jordan lay in the living room and Jeff says "We gone!" and she laughs and says Yes.

Jordan talks abut her boobs and how she never really grabs them from the side and when she does she is like "Wow! That's a whole lot of boobs!" Jeff laughs.

Michelle went in the storage room and Jeff gestures about her and Jordan laughs. I think he was making fun of the way Michelle eats and the sounds she makes. Ronnie used to do that too and Jeff talks like Ronnie for a minute and says some Ronnie-isms.

Now Michelle is back at the counter, eating with a camera devoted entirely to her. Yes, she does eat in a weird way.

Jeff's mom says "Jeffrey Edward!" when she's mad at him. Jordan starts talking stupid stuff about accents and not noticing them when you hear them every day. It is super stupid and Jeff tries to change the subject to the light fixtures because he is so annoyed.

Jordan hears her voice on an answering maching sometimes and is surprised to hear it. They talk about Jeff's friend "Vee Don Don" or something like that. Jeff says it is a long story and involves the way Vee Don Don's mother used to call him over--I think his name is Vito Don or something. Jordan says more stupid comments and Jeff teases that he doesnt' want to tell the story anymore.

Jeff commets that someone (he and Jordan?) are acting like spoiled little bitches. Michelle still snacks at the counter.

Jordan is sore from the competition and starts pointing out all the places that hurt. Looks like pretty much everywhere. Jeff starts rapping again and we get FISH.

Ten minutes to go on the Flashback but I will post now and update if anything good happens. I doubt it, but that's just me. Props to Jokers for the Flashback links. Thanks man.

Kevin's HOH Room - Flashback - Part I

This Flashback begins at 10:00 PM BBT. Jordan, Jeff, and Natalie are in the Red Room talking about various topics. Michelle is moving around the house in that (tired) yellow asymetrical dress.

They rehash what Julie said last night--that lots of surprises are coming. They talk about Danielle and Amber (BB8) flying to NYC to be on a game show, and Dan (BB10) going to the deserted island for a beach dinner with Amber. Jordan wouldn't even want to have dinner with someone in the Jury House.

(Uh..Jordan...Hello...Dan wanted Amber's vote......)

Jordan makes fun of Jeff's use of the word Crunk and starts to tell a story about her friend Chris who dressed as L'il Jon for Halloween.

Jordan: I didn't mean to say his name...


And we return and they are talking about T.I. and how much they all like him.

Camera #3 shows a closeup of the DR door, and here comes Kevin, bouncing up and down and inviting everyone to go see it with him.

Michelle is taking a plate of something up there with a cup---no she leaves the plate on the kitchen counter first. (Ants? problem.)

Jeff is ready to see some tears. Kevin starts laughing immediately when they enter the room.

Michelle: Oh my god---he is so fucking fine! (Kevin's boyfriend)

Jeff: He looks like Enrique Iglesias (sp?).

Kevin: Oh...don't start that. Don't say that.

Natalie: He is hot!

There is a picture that Kevin says they took messing around with the exposure settings. Everyone is surprised that the BF is so hot. His friend KC and Cassandra are in the pictures too. There is a picture of Kevin and his brother when they were Jehovah's Witnesses--knocking on doors.

He got a new hoodie that is a wild print that Jeff likes too. Jordan thinks it looks like Kanye and Natalie says it is a sick hoodie. Kevin's basket has twinkies in it and now Kevin holds up his CD--it is Enrique!

Jeff: See, they know what's up.

Kevin indeed got the Hamburger Helper he's been dreaming of--and Starburst and Skittles. Kevin is sifting through all of it and is so happy. He got Hot Cheetos (Chima???) and now he has his letter.

Jeff: Let's see some tears!

Kevin: I'm not going to cry!

Letter Summary: It is from the BF and starts out: Hello Kevin My Love. Kevin starts to cry and you can see Jeff smiling at him and loving it. Kevin starts breaking up and can't get out the words. Jeff recommends that he reads it first to himself and then try reading it to them but Kevin soldiers on. The BF (don't know his name yet) hopes that Kevin is having fun and making friends in the house. He just finished a semester but is having a hard time being away from Kevin for the first time in 9 years. He misses holding Kevin's hand in the movies and has no one to turn and look at wen there is something to talk about in the movie. Kevin's friends and family all watch the show and come over sometimes to see it. There are only a few weeks left and his BF is waiting for him and the half million dollars--ha ha just kidding.

It is a nice letter and Kevin is surprised that his family is watching the show. We finally see a closeup of one of the pictures and the BF is indeed a hottie. There are pictures of them in the snow, and at the beach, and at some girls birthday party--they are both called K.C. since they have those initials.

They urge Kevin to try on the new hoodie but Kevin thinks it is small because it is from Japan. It fits great but it is a little short. Jordan says not to put it in the dryer. It matches his blue T-shirt perfectly and Kevin says BB bought it--not the BF. He also got a bright orange crown and puts it on for a minute and they all laugh.

His fridge has sushi and fried chicken which he goes crazy over.

Jeff: Eat up, dude.

Thre is also juice and Kevin tells everyone to help themselves anytime. Michelle wants to listen to the Enrique CD because her husband listens to it in their house, too. He got new sandals because he broke his a long time ago. There are granola bars and blueberry muffin mix, as well as the same Aveeno and Axe body wash that Jeff got.

Kevin says Jeff must be grossing out on the Hamburger Helper but Jeff says no, he likes Tuna Helper too. Kevin plans to wear a white shirt next Thursday when he talks to Julie--it is the shirt that his boyfriend used to wear when they first started dating---it is one of those button front guyaberra (sp?) shirts and Kevin tries it on.

Jeff asks if the BF has an accent and Kevin says yes. I don't think the BF's family knows he's gay and they talk about the BF's family for a second and we get FISH.

They can't get over how much the BF looks like Enrique. Natalie and Jordan want him to come out to the finale, even though he wasn't planning to come out to Cally--I think due to the TV exposure of the situation.

Kevin's Ben & Jerry's flavors are Creme Brulee and some chocolate flavor. Natalie wants to play cards later and bust out the wine and dim the lights...

Jeff: I could do that...a Final Five jam.

Kevin doesn't really like alcohol and doesn't remember what he wrote on his wish list to BB. Kevin wants to go downstairs now and says: I can leave my shit up here! It's my room!

Kevin: Thanks guys!

Jeff: I love it when people cry!

Natalie wants to melt chocolate---I guess to dip fruit in it or something.

This is the halfway point of the Flashback...posting.