Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thought's on Tuesday's Show

Well, BB has officially turned on Jeff now, with that scathing segment on his horrid temper and thundercloud moods.

Jeff really is an idiot. The only person who he could win against is Jordan, and maybe Michelle. His mistake was to make decisions reactively, rather than proactively picking a long-term partner who could help him get there.

Even with America's vote, Jeff can't beat Natalie, Kevin, or Russell. Sure it looks like he's getting rid of Russell this week, but it is purely reactionary--he thinks Russell is after him.

I can't believe I didn't write about this before, but Jordan and Michelle were working out and were doing abs in the backyard. Michelle abruptly stopped and stood up and said she afraid she was going to queef. Yes, she said that.

She tried to explain it to Jordan and said it was likely to happen doing reverse crunches. Apparently it had happened to her in high school gym class and she really got ridiculed by the other kids. Jordan had never heard the term, and tried to give her advice like not to suck in her stomach (?) or some shit like that.

OK.. now tonight Michelle found out that Jordan told Jeff about the queefing! Jeff said he didn't care and not for her to feel bad...

Michelle is forgetting she's on TV, isn't she?

In the house Jeff is napping with Jordan's white blankie. Michelle is passed out on the HOH circular chair. Natalie and Kevin still crow outside about how good their scheme was. Natalie finally feels like she made a big move in the game..


Michelle Doesn't Know How to Knock

and continues to just barge in the HOH room, surprising whoever is in there. This time it was Jeff, who was sorting through the pre-dated packages of fish food trying to determine if the fish where being fed on schedule.

(They wern't, but will be back on track next week.)

Jeff put on his headphones to drown Michelle out, who gets on the circular chair and covers up for a nap.

(Last night, Jeff was railing about how smelly Michelle was from the cold showers and how he was tired of having to deal with her. He also commented that her pinkie toe was driving him crazy and he wanted to chop it off.)

Jordan left a conversation she was having with Natalie and Kevin to go inside for a second, and Kevin quickly whispered that Russell approached him and said he was ignoring him "so no one would know" and that "Michelle wanted to talk to him".

Kevin said he told Russell that Michelle would have to approach him--he wasn't going to approach her!

The fact that he is telling Natalie this implies that he is not going to vote her out to save Russell. Natalie thinks that Michelle is in the Splash Room with Russell, plotting, but of course we know that Michelle is in the HOH, shadowing Jeff.

Jordan is visiting Jeff and sitting on the edge of the bed, as usual.

Kevin and Natalie hang out by the pool table, keeping an eye on the game from that vantage point.

Kevin: I think, at this point, there's five of us here that aren't dumb. (implying one of the six is stupid?)

Natalie: I think Russell thinks we're dumb, too, if he thinks that you would vote for him.

Kevin: He thinks I'm impressionable.

Upstairs Jordan says Jeff looks tan in baby blue.

Jeff: You love it, huh? How do I look in a black shirt? Like shit?

Jordan: No, you look good.

They snuggle in bed and giggle. Michelle still lurks in the round chair. Jordan made cookies.

The Post-POV Showdown - Flashback - 8-24-09 1:00 PM BBT - Part II

Part II picks up at about 1:28, and there is an eerie strained silence on the patio.

All the HG from Part I are still there, and now Jeff goes inside where Kevin is sitting at the kitchen counter.

Kevin: Thank you again Jeff (for taking him off the block).

Jeff: No problem man. Fuck that guy.

Jordan and Natalie come in and Natalie gives Jordan an 'atta girl' on her performance out there.

Kevin: Don't do anything stupid Jeff........Jeff he might play the card of getting you expelled...because that's what I would do if I were him.

Due to the tension nobody picks up on that last statement by Kevin. Jeff and Jordan have new slang this week--they keep saying "He gone" and "He got got".

They discuss how mad Michelle is that Russell is up---I didn't see her in the backyard so maybe she's in the DR? Jeff goes back outside where Russell still sits on the couch, smoldering.

Jeff pours a cup of water and sits in his smoking spot to torch up another cigarette. Russell is still on slop this week and has some sort of frozen liquid in a cup that he is chopping at with a spoon.

Inside, Natalie and Kevin say that they don't think Russell is a fighter---maybe a sparring partner or something.

Natalie: Look at his ears...you can tell he gets beat a lot.

(Ha ha ha)

Kevin, to Jordan: Just make sure Jeff doesn't do anything--because I think he gets a blind spot and just goes crazy.

Jordan: He won't----Oh my god but what if he did and we had to go through all that in here?

Natalie repeats that Russell wants to mop the floor with Jeff in the Jury House and Jeff said no problem--I'll fucking stab you! They discuss that if Russell gets expelled from the Jury House he might lose his $10,000. (prize money)


Natalie tells Jordan that she missed the first 5 minutes and it was crazy.

Kevin: I was really worried for a minute that I might like, have to do something...

(ha ha ha ha ha)

Now they talk about Jeff's stabbing the family remark and Jordan says that she has threatened to stab Russell, too. Jordan remembers when Michelle was eating cantaloupe in the HOH a long time ago and Ronnie made a comment about the sounds she was making and Russell was laughing and trying to hide it---they think he had a deal with Ronnie and he thought Michelle would be his Ronnie once Ronnie left.

Meanwhile Jeff finishes his cigarette and goes across the yard and takes his shirt off and gets in the pool. No sound outside but the splashing. Aha....Michelle is laying on a raft in the pool. Maybe she was there, silently, the whole time?

I guess that slop really wears down a person. Nice camera shot of Michelle's ass--she's laying on her stomach.

Kevin, inside: He says he's going to kick Jeff's ass in the Jury.....why wait for the Jury??

Natalie says he's just a big talker and she brings up the fact that she's 18 again, blah blah blah. She heads outside as the excitement winds down.

(I'm kind of glad I didn't see this live. It really was intense and I thought they were going to go at it and we'd have another impromptu cast change. At least watching the Flashback I knew everything would calm down, at least until the next fight.)

Jordan starts recounting all of Russell's recent lies with Kevin.

Jeff looks serene laying on his pool raft. His body is in the pink plastic innertube, and his head is resting on a smaller raft.

Kevin, back at the pool table with Natalie: Dude, my butt hurts.

Fifteen minutes to go on the Flashback but I will post a Part III if something exciting happens that I think you need to know.

Whew. I'm spent.

The Post-POV Showdown - Flashback - 8-24-09 1:00 PM BBT - Part I

This starts after the POV ceremony, when Jeff replaced Kevin's nomination with Russell.

TRIVIA for about 8 minutes, then we open with Russell stewing on the outdoor couch. Jeff comes out and sits on the stainless steel cabinet to smoke, his usual position. Jeff asked Russell if he wants to talk about it---he knows Russell is upset.

Jeff: You gotta admit it's a good move for me. You've got to do what's good for you in here...

Russell reminds Jeff of the threats he made regarding hunting down family members and killing them (see earlier post today). Then he verbally explodes on Jeff and says that Jeff had better win this game---if he goes to the Jury House then Russell is going to 'mop his fucking face all over the ground'.

Jeff: You'd better not threaten me again, because I will fucking stab you and pull your eyeballs out..

Across the yard, Natalie and Kevin pretend to start a pool game, and Natalie tries not to smirk with her sunglasses on.

Natalie: Break Kevin....break...break! (Kevin is turning to stare at them yelling.)

Jeff yells that he will give up the half million dollars gladly to pop Russell in the face. Russell feels very sorry for Jeff if he comes to the Jury House.

Russell: If you were that tough, you would grab it right now (the knife to slit his throat).

TRIVIA for a few minutes.

When we come back the words and mood are really heated, but both of them are still seated in the same exact place. (Hard to believe no one has jumped up yet---maybe they are able to control it because they aren't drinking.) They are really verbally abusing each other and it sounds so scary.

Russell: You got a gun??? You better fucking use it!

Jeff: In the streets you got nothing on me--with your fake fucking fights! I'm not scared of you man.

Natalie runs (RUNS) up the stairs to the HOH room and tells Jordan that it is crazy out there and they're going to kill each other. Here comes Jordan downstairs. She is pretty calm, for the situation.

Jordan: ...you're just pissed because you're going home...and you'd better not say you're going to do anything to him in the jury house...

Russell, kind of smirking: Oh I'm not going to talk to your little lap dog...does she always fight your battles? Does she wear the pants?

Jeff: Yes she does....blah blah blah.

Russell says he doesn't have to talk to her and Jordan tells him to go inside since he is so negative.

Jeff: You can stop with the threats right now, because I won't back down...ever.

Russell is going on and on, while Kevin and Natalie drop all pretense of playing pool, both holding pool cues.

Jeff: I don't fuckng believe you're a fighter man...I think you get your ass kicked every day...I'm going to be at your fucking dojo next week man.

Natalie starts laughing and turns around to hide it.

Russell: A dojo man? We don't call it that anymore...

Jeff: Whatever..

Russell tells Jordan to shut up that he's not talking to Jeff's sidekick.

Jordan: I'm not his sidekick!!

Now they are somewhat calmer, but they are still arguing. Russell speaks with his hands and kind of smiles. He keeps saying that 'they will have people there', referring I guess to security in the Jury House. Jeff keeps saying that he doesn't talk shit, and Russell keeps mentioning Jeff's comments about hunting down and killing his family.

(Russell has a point there.)

Natalie and Kevin start playing and Natalie comments on Jordan's performance---she really stood up to Russell and Natalie is impressed.

Now Jeff says Russell is going to look like a fucking yoyo when he doesn't do anything to Jeff, and Jeff fucking knocks him out. Jeff again says that he doesn't believe Russell is a pro fighter, and Natalie starts laughing.

Jeff threatens to 'stab Russell in the fucking neck'.

Russell: Looking at you Jeff...this is going to be fun.

Jeff: You're a fucking dork...Grab your fucking balls...cause they're not there.

Natalie keeps laughing, and Jordan does a little bit, too, sitting over by the pool table. Now Jeff says that Russell is a nerd and he's going to go a lot further in life than Russell is.

Now it is breaking down into a sad commentary on their lives and accomplishments. Russell is not going to stop Jeff from getting what he wants in life.....and Russell jabs at Jeff's age and where is life is..

Jeff says Fuck You about 20 times in a row. Allison is going to have a hard time editing this.

Jeff: You're never going to get the best of me...in life....or out here. Your character is nothing--that's why you don't have friends. I could keep going, but I've said enough. You need to drop the anger and know when you got beat. I'm not scared of you..

Russell says keep going every now and then. Jeff tells him to get a personality and Russell says is that the best you can do?

So it is ridiculous. Natalie and Kevin are loving it. I guess Jeff and Jordan haven't tried to count all of the jury votes either of them will get---all the people in the jury are their friends.

Halfway point of Flashback (the best Flashback ever). Posting.

Jeff's Threats

Well, the shit has hit the fan once again in the the Big Brother house. The former-Final Four group of Jordan, Jeff, Russell and Michelle has imploded due to Russell's nomination yesterday.

If you ask me it had imploded a long time ago, since Russell and Michelle were plotting against Jeff and Jordan but now that one of them is up bad feelings are flying everywhere.

Apparently security was waiting behind the scenes at the Veto meeting. Russell has been talking about Jeff's threats to his family. I wrote about it earlier in August here.

AGP needs to put some valium in the water around there, because things are going to get even uglier. There are some Flashbacks out there of Jeff ranting and raving that I plan to watch today and report back on.

Oh, one more thing. Russell isn't really a big MMA fighter. Unless you count one losing fight a 'Big MMA Fighter'.

And Jeff's HOH Tweets confirm he is dumb as the proverbial fucking rock. Bad grammer is a turn off for me. I know I commit typos here and there, but I do know better. Jeff? Not so much.