Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jeff Can Cook

and put together the makings of a tasty dinner an hour or so ago.

He won't be tired tonight due to his nice long nap.

So he put together a marinade for chicken breasts with all sorts of spices, chopped onions, and citrus. Both lime and lemon, I think.

Jordan really wants some mashed potatoes but Jeff doesn't react to that. Then she says she really wants a baked potato and Jeff advises her to get it in the microwave soon.

They were whispering a few minutes ago about Michelle. Jordan informed Jeff that Michelle is upset with him---that he might backdoor Russell. They briefly discussed getting rid of her, and then Russell walked up. He is sipping coffee and strolling around the backyard.
There is a can of bug spray on the patio table. Every year the big brother house has some sort of ant infestation, and of course all the spiders around the backyard.
Russell asks Jeff if he "wants to get one in tonight". I can only assume that means a workout. Jeff tells him to go ahead and do it, but Russell wants Jeff to motivate him. The slop is tough on Russell this week--it's his first time on it and Natalie was saying earlier that she's glad he's had to experience it like everybody else.

(Natalie saying that? She has had a slop pass for the entire game, but she did have to sleep in the Doom Room for one week.)
Russell seems to abandon the Workout Idea for the moment and is playing now with a deck of cards. I'm sure the smell from the grill is driving him crazy. Natalie said she could smell it from inside the house.
Jordan might steam some broccoli, but Jeff just wants the grilled chicken and maybe a salad.
Russell asked Jeff how much weight he's lost, but Jeff ignored the question. Maybe he couldn't hear. Or maybe he's pretending it's Thursday night and Russell is gone. Now Jeff slaps some tortillas down on the grill and moves some of the chicken around.
Looks like quesadillas. Yum. Natalie is drinking orange soda. I am getting hungry myself....
Kevin is heard in the background (of course) saying that a squished banana will attract ants. There are 8 breasts of chicken grilling and I think one steak--they know they will have plenty of leftovers. Jeff is very organized and covers the bowl of grilled chicken with Saran wrap---he keeps his station clean.
There are only six tortillas on the grill so Natalie brings out another package.
Natalie: You know me---I will eat at least three tacos. (Aha....soft tacos...)
Natalie is Ms. Helpful now at the grill with Jeff and even carries in the bowl of chicken for him.

Busy Busy Day

And now Natalie has joined Michelle and Jordan by the pool. She's not wearing a swimsuit, and all of her braids are gone.

Natalie: I hate Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. (because there is no big action in the house--no competitions)

Michelle: Monday's aren't so good....

Jeff is in his HOH bed. Looks like he was watching the spycam. I don't see Russell or Kevin anywere just yet.

Natalie and Jordan plot what they want to eat. Michelle doesn't have many choices, due to the slop. America also gave the Have Nots Churros and Chitlin's, in case you didn't know.

No word on the chitlin's, but I think the churros are quite popular in the house. There are several different fruity flavors. (I've never had a churro, but I always thought they were cinnamon.)

Nat says Kevin is still sleeping.

Jordan implies that she took a big poop this morning and feels great about it.


She's Still Talking Game

even while lazing on a raft in the pool. She is talking to Michelle about the Veto competition. She and Jeff both noticed that Russell was cheering on Michelle, and only Michelle for the win. It was obvious to Jordan that he didn't want Jeff or Jordan to win the Veto.

Jordan: Russell is showing his cards too early. I don't know what Jeff's going to do---he probably won't tell me until Monday.
You know, I'm not a tanning professional, but it seems to me Jordan is going to get some strange tan lines....

The Wake-Up Call has Happened

but only Michelle is up and moving about. Looks like she's doing laundry and spending some time in The John.

Today should be chock-full of paranoia and non-confrontational confrontations.

What else do they have to do? Tie dye and crafts?

Jeff's Got the Goods, Too

Some headlines really do fulfill the promise. I was surfing the recent Flashbacks posted on Jokers, when I saw one that discusses Jeff's package. I always have time for that sort of thing.

Jeff and Jordan were kind of just talking in bed---"do you have enough covers" "do you have enough room", and so forth. Jordan rolled over and it looked like she was ready to sleep. Jeff covered his face and 'said his prayers' and then all was quiet. Were it not for that Joker's Flashback headline, I would have skipped forward or bailed out.

But....just after the 11:00 mark, Jeff starts listening to Bob Marley with the headphones, and then gets out of bed.

Oh, and he has a HUGE BONER! Yes, Huge.

(Paris Hilton: That's huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!)

And then he walks back and gets back in bed at around the 15:00 mark, sans HUGE BONER. And then banters with Jordan about how they are going to make out tomorrow--they always talk about it but don't do it.

Jeff, putting back on the headphones: I love that you love this song.

Jordan: Track #11?

Jeff: Yeah. It's the best.

(I don't want to wait in vain for your love.....)

Here is the Flashback post on Jokers, but I don't think you can see it if you don't have a Real subscription. And because I was watching it on Flashback, I couldn't snap a screenshot. Because you know I would have...

You know, I always thought that Jeff was in love with Jordan, but maybe not vice versa. But then I looked back at his pre-show interview and it changed the way I thought about it. I still think Jeff really likes Jordan, but his pre-show interview slapped me back down to reality. (And from what I saw a few minutes ago, reality ain't so bad.)

Check it out. He's a charmer, that's for sure.

It's Cold in There

In the Doom Room, that is. Here are Russell and Michelle, all bundled up with nowhere to go.

Lydia Leaves Early

As in the Early Show, with Ms. Julie Chen. Hopefully we don't have to hear much more about the Jessie-Lydia Love Connection. It's been done to death.

No big bombshells here. Lydia is surprisingly media-savvy and really pulled it together.

Ross Matthews Delivers the Goods

In case you missed it, here is Ross' interview with Lydia aka Captain Unitard, shortly after her eviction. Let's just say that she's not shy about talking about Jessie, aka Captain Douche.

Over Lydia? Still wanting more info on Hiro-Chima? Well, Ross has that for us, too. This was a Very Special Episode that Ross filmed after the eviction. He wanted to book Ronnie, Casey, and/or Laura for this episode, but Big Brother didn't like that idea, apparently. The best part of this is Ross' pre-show interview snippets with Chima---I forgot all about that version of her.

Still need more Inside Dish? Well, here's an interview with Evel Dick, who still looks exactly the same. Same clothes, same black nail polish, same cocky attitude. It looks kind of tired, actually, but that's his schtick. Ross and Dick are friends, apparently, introduced by Crazy James from BB9.

Sponsored by Bertolli, of course.