Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Backdoor is Coming

Jeff went downstairs to look for booze--there wasn't any, so he went back upstairs alone to check in with Jordan. Sounds to me that Jeff and Jordan are going to backdoor Russell this week.

Jeff can't think of a better time to do it, and they know Michelle will have nowhere to go if Russell is gone.

Jordan wants to put Michelle and Kevin up next week, but if it is endurance Jordan is going to drop and let Michelle win, in hopes that she won't be able to play the next week. They are thinking of the end game and it strikes me that they are the only two players that don't suspect each other of backstabbing the other. They feel totally secure about their connection, even though they joke about it sometimes.

Here comes Michelle to spoil the party. She says she was sleeping and Natalie took her comforter while she was sleeping. She seems totally unglued and irrational--I think BB needs to give her some pills or something. Jordan and Jeff make quick eye contact while she is talking.

This gives Jeff an excuse to get the hell out of there. Now Jordan leaves, too and tells Michelle to take a nap while she's gone. She turns the light out and hauls ass, too.

Now Jeff is quizzing Natalie and Kevin about the situation and of course Natalie denies it and says she took the blanket and put it back when they realized she was still in there.

What is Russell's Deal?

He is up in the HOH with Jeff, Jordan and Michelle and is rehashing the situation after Russell won the HOH and Jordan drew names out to be Have Nots.

To summarize, Jordan left Jeff's name in the hat in order to be fair, and when his name was pulled Russell is now saying that he told Jordan to pull another name.

Apparently Jessie had a big reaction to that and was pissed that Russell defended Jeff. I know Jessie was pissed about the whole thing but I don't remember Russell's involvement in the whole thing. Jeff was in the shower and missed the whole thing.

Jordan is listening to Jeff's CD and would like some wine, if BB will give them some. She says she is listening to Track #11.

Jeff: Waiting in Vain For Your Love? I love that tune.

(It's a good one. but I prefer Annie Lennox's version.)

Now Russell wants to talk about his past with Jessie now and his deal for the first three weeks, including his connection with Casey. I think the black hat is a good look for him.
Jeff says that the rest of the Athletic clique hated him because he didn't want to be on Team Jessie--it was like lambs to the slaughter and he didn't understand why they all followed him.
Russell: Once Casey was gone, I didn't have anybody. You always had Jordan--I didn't have anybody.
Jeff: I didn't know you and Casey were that tight.
Russell: We sat out every morning at 8:00 every day and then went about our business and didn't make a big deal out of it. I was pissed when Jessie got rid of him--I had no one.
Jeff says the rest of the sheep just wanted to go to the jury house so Jessie could win. Jeff didn't have anything against him, he just didn't get what the big deal was. Jeff tried to talk to the guy but he couldn't even make a decent conversation. He had the numbers, but that was it.
Oh, now Russell says that he was pissed at Jeff because he heard that Jeff called him a faggot and complained about having to give up his bed to Russell because he couldn't sleep in the dark or something like that. And he heard Jeff said that he walked around with his chest all bowed out---Russell says it is due to his surgeries, etc.
Jeff said why didn't you come and talk to me about it---we didn't even know these people. And when Russell attacked him in the backyard (about the techtronics?) Jeff was like what the fuck was all that about? It turned out Ronnie was behind it and was stirring the pot behind the scenes.
Russell doesn't mention the faggot comment again.
Also, last night when Russell went to bed, he supposedly said "Good Night Chris." Now, who the hell is that?

Big Jessie Bashing Party

with everyone sitting around the dining room table. When was the last time you saw everyone sitting around that table. Like, never?

Kevin gave his testimony about how Lydia would come crying to him about how Jessie punched her and hit her, etc.

Jeff talked about how he visited the HOH Room when Jessie and Natalie were in control and Jessie would say things like: Are you intimidated by me? You see what I'm saying?

Jeff: I was like, first of all, I am NOT intimidated by you. And like, he didn't even speak in complete sentences the whole time. I was like, what planet am I on? I would go in the DR and say, what the fuck?


Now Natalie talks about how everyone hated Jeff and Jordan was the only one who talked to him---that's how she felt about Jessie---he was good to her and looked out for her. Natalie is very defensive about Jessie, but is still trying to distance herself from the whole thing.

(She tried to act like she knew about the whole Jessie-Lydia deal, but when the details came out she was incredibly stung by it.)

Jordan wants to go upstairs and lay down, maybe listen to some of Jeff's 'jams'.

Jeff: Want to make out?

Jordan: Maybe later...

Jeff: You always say that.

And Michelle is right on Jordan's ass, coming in the door right behind Jordan. She says she is going crazy and Natalie is apparently driving her there--the lack of food is getting to her too.

Jordan goes ahead and gets into bed with the headphones on, but Michelle doesn't get the signals and starts going on an on about how Natalie tries to paint such an innocent picture of herself now, and how the whole group that she belonged to were just looking out for each other.

Michelle says that is bullshit, and that Natalie is blaming a lot on Lydia, who isn't here to defend herself. She is doing the 'crazy laugh' and it is really strange-sounding.

Meanwhile Kevin and Natalie are whispering while pretending to be interested in playing pool.

Jeff won the veto, by the way, just as he planned to...


Russell Pulls Up a Chair

in the HOH Room and they find out it was him ringing the doorbell earlier. Jeff explained it.

Russell: Jordan! You're making me look like a yo yo! That clip is going to be on TV.

Now we hear Kevin whispering under the covers in the Red Room. Guess it's nap time down there but maybe he is talking to himself.

Up in the HOH they mention Casey and how he used to rag on Ronnie. Russell thinks he might be selling Dorkasaurus T-shirts or something.

Jordan: When I think of him now, all I think of is that banana suit.

Jeff: And that's when he was pissed, too, in that banana suit.

Jordan: It's not good luck to wear a costume in this house.

Jeff brings up Caseys speech to Julie: That was a great speach, too. I know no one would admit it because everyone was riding the Jessie Wagon, but he had some good zingers in there.

Russell says that Casey said to Ronnie: You schmedium-wearing.....

Jeff laughs at that and we get FISH.


Lazy Saturday Afternoon

in the BB house. Jeff and Jordan are playing around in the HOH. She is looking at his pictures and saying that they all look so weird.

It's weird to see him with a watch on. He inspects the picture and says he thinks its a Kenneth Cole watch, and figures out that the picture was taken at Hooters.

Cameras switch to all four on Russell, laying in the Green Room and looking a mixture of sad, scared, and mad as hell. Silence.

Now back to Jeff and Jordan and Jeff is getting heated about the game. He has been kind of accusing Jordan of laying back and not doing some of the things that need to be done. Like asking the hard questions of Michelle.

Jeff: You're more her friend than I am.

Now Michelle just walks up there and interrupts Jordan talking about Michelle. (!) Michelle comes over and greets her with a hug.

Michelle: Sorry, Jordo.

Now Jeff gets play-nasty with Michelle and says why are you coming in and hugging her and assuming she's all nice and everything. You don't even know what she said.

Michelle tells him he is cute when he is angry.

Jeff: Do you guys want to try some of that cheese?

Michelle, giggling like she just smoked a bowl: Yeah, I'll have some cheese!

Jeff: What in the hell is the matter with you?

Michelle: I'm not a Have, man! I can't eat!

Now they all laugh and calm down. Michelle likes the nominations and thinks its good to stick with the plan. Jeff starts grilling her about what she and Russell would do if someone gets the veto and uses it.

Michelle claims that she and Russell haven't discussed it.

Jeff: You haven't discussed it? Or you don't remember? (a clear dig at her actions)

Jordan: I hope you don't screw us over before him.

Michelle talks her way around and around. A few minutes earlier, Jeff was mad at Jordan for not confronting Michelle.

Jeff: Fuck her! I'm tired of her weird shit.

And he mentioned that she will say something direct about the game and then say, I like these crackers. And then when Jordan describes something she saw with Michelle and/or Russell Jeff asks her, " what did you do about it? did you try and ask her about it". And so on.

Now Jeff runs out scenarios for the next few weeks and says he's looking at all sides.

Michelle: I know, I always come out looking like a shady person.

Jeff: No, I just think if you're in a Final Two with him you should be talking about these same things and if you aren't, that is really strange and somebody's lying about something.

Jeff crunches some snacks between sentences, curled on the round leather chair.

Now Jordan starts running down possibilities. We can see a camera shot of Russell turning over on his stomach in the green room. The HOH crew keeps talking about 'him' and what 'he's' going to do (Russell). They think he is not worried about Natalie next week (big mistake IMO) and will come after the two of them.

Michelle: Please don't get mad at me or paranoid if I hang out with him...

Jeff: No..blah blah blahlblah

Jeff is now really rolling with the snacks, and went over to the fridge and got a little white tub of something--dip or cheese maybe. He is studiously scraping it with a cracker from a box and crunching through it.

Jordan and Michelle go round and round. Jordan seems to be obsessed with the game now and wants to talk about it all the time, which irritates Jeff when he is trying to go to sleep.

I notice everyone jokes about physical violence now, no doubt influenced by Jeff. Michelle just mentioned getting shanked a few minutes ago, and now she implies that she can use deadly chemicals to seek revenge.

Michelle thinks she gets screwed in the house due to her bad hearing and Jeff tells her to ask them if she thinks she hears something bad.

Earlier Jeff had his headphones on and later Jordan told him somebody rang the doorbell earlier, but she didn't feel like talking to anybody so she didn't get it. Jeff is worried now that whoever it is would think they were up to no good and doing something shady. (Plotting or sexing?)

He plans to tell everybody that--Michelle says it wasn't her.

Michelle: The door is always open...why would he ring the doorbell?

Jeff: Nah..I wouldn't do that..just come in in.

Hint hint Michelle. Now here comes Russell!


Jeff's HOH Room - Flashback --Way Back on Thursday 10:00 PM BBT - Part 2

Jeff can't find a picture of his brother in the room--what's up with that?

Kevin: Did he release?

Jeff: Yeah.

There is a picture of Jeff and his dad fishing in Canada with a beautiful backdrop. His brother took it--they go fishing every year and had just returned when he went in the house.

Jeff thought his fishing hat would smell like bug spray but it didn't. Jeff welcome everyone up there anytime and says there are no secrets anymore. He knows what it's like to worry about hanging around up there and he says he doesn't want them to.

Somebody (Russell?) gets called to the DR.

Jeff: Hey, let's be nice in there and don't talk about the pictures too much.

Kevin wants to open a bottle of red wine.

Jeff: Yeah!! Let's get crunk!

Natalie says she will have a glass, too, and that she probably won't get in trouble. (They all still think she's 18.) Jeff wants to use the real wine glasses but it turns out they are plastic--no Jeff says it is really shitty glass.

Kevin, joking: I'll cut you now bitch.

Jeff talks in his Boston accent like Lincoln: Cheehs!

Natalie: That was a fun HOH room. We haven't had one of those in a while.

Jeff says when his parents say 'we're so proud of you' he hates it but he loves it. He almost cried.

Jeff's parents are still married and were highschool sweethearts.

Kevin: Oh, snap!

Jeff: Snap is right.

Jeff says 'horked' for 'stole' and they all pick up on it. (i.e. somebody horked his cross). Jeff doensn't go to church every week and thinks the holy water is for his foul mouth. Natalie is making a quesadilla and offers to make Jeff one but he declines.

(Ass kissing? No....not Natalie.)

Kevin comes in for a blanket and whispers quickly with Natalie at the stove. She is straight from the barrio tonight with her oversized plaid shirt, twisted braids and headband. She had a long nap and recently woke up.

Jordan used to get a 'Thursday headache' every week that messed her up with the competition. Natalie has that now, even though she was third in the comp.


Natalie tells Jordan that they won't have any name calling or yelling now and that things are chill. They mention Lydia and Jordan brings up with Julie asked about the Love Triangle a long time ago. Natalie didn't know what she was talking about, but Jordan said Jeff did. They used to hear Lydia get up in the middle of the night and laugh that she was going to make her move on Jessie.

She says that she and Jeff used to watch the three of them in the backyard and say that it would all blow up and they were just going to watch. Lydia lied about Jeff all the time in Week #1 to get off the block and that's what got Braden nominated---Jessie couldn't nominate Jeff (due to the cliques) so he nominated his friend.

Lydia was night and day all the time, they say. Natalie always hated her and wanted her ass out.

Natalie: Thank you for keeping me---I appreciate it Jordan.

Jordan, walking off: You're welcome.

And now she's back. Natalie professes her loyalty until 'they have to duke it out at the end'. She also says don't believe otherwise if anybody says it.

Natalie is doing dishes (!)--that alone looks suspicious to me.

She says the same thing to Jeff when he comes inside and adds that she was shitting her pants all last night and she didn't sleep a wink. If she ever has power they don't have to worry and she is cool with him and Jordan until the end when they have to duke it out.

Jeff: Presh. We'll talk later but let's just enjoy the final six.

Natalie goes out to eat her food. Michelle is talking about Ronnie's insults and his bad breath.

I think this is is the set up for when they started talking about sex as described in earlier posts. Michelle goes in and sprays herself with perfume(?) on the back of her head and goes right to the WC, knocking first.

It is so quiet in the house now.

End of Flashback.

Jeff's HOH Room - Flashback --Way Back on Thursday 10:00 PM BBT - Part I

The Flashback opens with everyone sitting around in the kitchen, chatting. When I say 'everyone' now, it's not very many people. Kevin, Natalie, Russell, Michelle, Jeff and Jordan.

Jeff is nursing a canned Coors Light. Kevin tried to make 'Easy Mac' in the microwave but 'fucked it up' by not reading the directions correctly. He didn't wait to put the cheese on there and it burnt up.

Kevin: It's not so easy....

Jordan doesn't like to drink in the house for some reason. The last drink anyone can remember her having was a beer at the Halfway Party BB threw a couple of weeks ago.

Jordan: Boy, Chima got really drunk the night Jessie was evicted. Remember how 'glossy' her eyes were?

Russell: She took those pills, too. (Natalie's period pills.)

Jeff got called to the DR so they know the unveiling of his room is near. Natalie hopes she can see pictures of some of his hot guy friends. Jordan hopes so too, and mentions times when guys bring their guy friends over to hang out and they're not so cute.

Jeff comes out of the DR: Who wants to see my HOH room? No phoney baloney either--I want to see some happy smiling faces up there!

(When Michelle was HOH I heard a DR leak of them coaching her to ask the question loudly and with energy. Ha ha.)

They all burst in the room and start looking at his pictures. They can't believe Jeff's looks have changed so much over the years and accuse him of switching in and out with a twin. There is one of Jeff and his dad and they say he looks 'huge'.

Jeff: That was taken just a few weeks ago.

Natalie says he is a hottie and asks if one picture is Jeff's brother.

Jeff: No, that's me!

There is a picture of Jeff in a black cap and gown with 'Mee Maw and Barry'. Both of Jeff's grandmothers died last December--they were 92 and 93 and there are pictures of both of them in the room. (I think Barry is his buddy in the grad picture.) There is also a picture of Jeff in Rome.

Jeff: Oh, this guy is the biggest fan of all of this show---Barry's going to die that he's on it now too.

Jordan: Who died?

Jeff: Barry's gonna die, he's not dead yet.

Jordan: Oh.

Jordan looks in the fridge and sees processed cheese---did Jeff ask for that?

Jeff: I like cheese!

Jordan: And there's cookie dough!

Jeff: That's for you!

He got his favorite cross (he's worried about losing it in the house though) and his fishing hat, and a scarf that his grandma made him. He thinks he got a lot of stuff. He got a Bob Marley CD that he wanted ('Rising'--maybe?) and a picture his neice drew of Marley and Macy--both of his neices. She wrote "Big Uncle Jeff" on it. He got a bottle of 'jardinere' (sp?) that he has been talking about--some sort of regional vegetable relish that Jeff says is awesome.

He starts to read his letter and Jordan warns him not to cry.

Letter Summary: Jeff is very loved and they family watches the show every week. They get the same thrill from watching him on the show as they used to watching him score touchdowns. He is a winner to them and he always will be. It was a very short letter.

Jeff: I'm glad it was short or I would cry.

Jeff's nickname with his friends is Lincoln. They think that some of the pictures are of Lincoln and not Jeff. He has a bowl haircut in some of the pictures and they think he looks like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. (early 80's)

Jeff: What was with that hair? I could rock that shirt now if I had it in here.

They say his face looks a lot bigger. There is a high school picture with really dark hair. Kevin looks at the picture with Barry and Mee Maw and says "you look super cute there Jeff".

Jeff: What?....Oh....

Jordan says if she saw most of the pictures she would overlook them because they don't look like him, especially the baby ones. Jeff looks at the letter again and says maybe his mom was afraid to write more.

Kevin: They probably edit a lot out, too.

Jeff got deodarant (Axe) and jokes that it is for Jordan (she is ripe a lot), and he got a bottle of vodka sauce that he is really excited about. He also got new Dolce & Gabbana cologne. Russell smells it and says it is 'sick'. Jeff sprays it on and says it is a good winter smell.

Jordan: It is a Lincoln smell.

Jeff: Yeah.

Russell asks about the origin of that name and Jeff can't really explain it--he and his friend use the names with they go out to meet girls and don't want to use their real names. He also got Holy Water and explains what it is used for---to 'bless stuff'. The cross was given to him when he was confirmed to replace another one that was stolen.

Natalie: Nobody will mess with it here.

Jeff, gesturing around: There's cameras!

Jeff thinks the atomosphere is good in the room--more intimate. He tried on his fishing hat and took it right off. He also got tiny raviolis.

Jeff: I'm going to make ravioli with vodka sauce and rock out with that bottle of wine.

Jeff loves his room and tears into a pack of beef jerky and starts gnawing on it.

Disclaimer: The Flashback is just one camera shot and sometimes the camera operators flash a look at the photos they are talking about--it's hard for me to follow who is who and what is what sometimes. I hear him talking about a 'Dino' or a 'Nemo' but I don't know who that was in the pictures, so I might have described someone incorrectly. You are definitely getting the gist of it, though.

Halfway point - posting.