Friday, August 21, 2009

Live Show Aftermath - Flashback - 8-20-09 - Part III


Damn these HG won't stop.

When we come back from FISH, Michelle is explaining what happened to her in school. She was attracted to both sexes, but girls caught her looking at another girl's boobs and she was made fun of and ostracized.

Michelle's parents found out about it and told her : You'd better not be a lesbian...or else!

Kevin: Did they really say that?

Jordan: Well, I looked at girl's boobs--and they would look at mine...

Kevin: No, no, this is different..

Michelle: Yeah, it's different.

They talk about high school cruelty and Jordan mentions the recent bullying case where a girl hung herself after being bullied online.


Live Show Aftermath - Flashback - 8-20-09 - Part II


This picks up around 11:36 PM BBT.

The sex talk on the patio continues. Kevin is explaining (in response to lots of questions) about his sex life with his boyfriend.

They like to lay on their sides when 69'ing. He explains that gay couples have to be really clean before they have sex so they can't just do it in the morning like straight couples.

He mentions buying a dildo and has to explain to Jordan what they do with it.

Jeff: What do you think they do with it?

Jordan was 18 when she had sex--she did it with that one guy but they dated for 2 years. It really hurt the first time.

Kevin: Was he big?

Jordan: He was VERY big.

Kevin: That's probably why.

It was in September 2005 and she thought she would be with him for a long time--like marriage or something. Her Mom could tell that she was head over heels for him. But it hurt really bad and she was surprised that she bled all over the sheets.

Jordan: He popped the cherry.

Now Russell comes out---must have been in the DR. Natalie just got called in.

Michelle says she didn't even have a cherry-she didn't know what happened to it.

Kevin, to Jordan: How long did it last?

Jordan: I don't know. I think I just thought, oh my god I'm having sex!!

The guy was 4 years older. Then a year later he cheated on her with his ex and had sex with her. Jordan could never trust him after that. She had to break up with him but she was a basket case. She never had sex with another guy, even though she 'went crazy' and partied a lot. She just can't bring herself to do it.

Russell: I think that's a good quality to have.

Kevin: What if he's totally hot? (everyone laughs)

Russell realizes he was really missing out on a good conversation. He told Jeff in the background of Jordan's conversation that he was 14 when he lost his virginity.

Jeff: Fourteen? Holy shit!

The camera #3 focuses on Jeff's face once in awhile during Jordan's disclosures and he just looks thoughtful. He's older and can handle all of this.

Jordan dated someone afterwards who was the same as her---he had sex before but decided that he wanted to wait before doing it again, too.

Russell: Did you think he was feeding you lines?

Jordan thinks he was the kind of guy to end up with----he was settled, had a good job---he would be a great guy to have around when she was 26 or something. She's only 22 and there are so many other people out there. So many different people.

Jeff gets up for a cigarette at this point.

Kevin feels so lucky that he found the right person for him. In the gay community there is just so much hooking up and it is so casual.

Now Jordan mentions a gay guy she knows (his name slips out--Daniel) and he is greek and is so hot.

Kevin: Is he scrumptious?

Jordan: He is. Kevin if you saw him you would just go...

Kevin: Who dat?

Now Jordan talks about Danny on Real World - New Orleans and how hot both he and his boyfriend Paul were. (from what she could tell--Paul was blurred out).

They discuss being gay. Jeff doesn't see what the big deal is, but Russell explains that it is still looked down on and that people have to hide it at work.

Kevin doesn't think his family even knows, although they probably know now that he is on TV. Russell asked him if he had to hide it.

Kevin: Yes, a little, but how butch can I really be?

Kevin said he knew at a young age, and started talking about his parents.


I will end this now---there are 8 minutes to go on the Flashback. I will come back and update if anything else good goes down.

Whew--so much sex talk before breakfast...

Live Show Aftermath - Flashback - 8-20-09 - Part I


This Flashback starts at 11:00 PM BBT---all Flashback links courtesy of Jokers.

Jeff, Jordan, Kevin and Natalie are enjoying snacks and libations and reliving the Recycling competition. Apparently after the CBS show ended Julie told them about a special gold can which would allow the person who successfully got it in the chute to give someone else a one minute time out.

Natalie is eating small slices of pizza or nachos. Probably nachos.

They discuss how into it Russell was, and how fierce he gets during the competitions. Jordan would hate to be up against him in a competition. Sounds like Russell started hounding Kevin once he saw that Jeff had potential to beat him.

Natalie was dangling over the rail, with her feet off the ground, and BB had to tell her not to do that.

Jeff: Dude, I started drilling every one! They started going in like crazy--even I couldn't believe it.

Kevin: Not to poop on your win, but geez...

(Kevin came thisclose to winning...)

Natalie mentions when 'Rich came over' and we get FISH.

Kevin jokes about 'maybe he should have tripped that biz-natch'. (meaning Michelle, I think)

Jeff thought he was going to run out of cans, because he started dropping them two at a time---we actually saw that at the end of the CBS show. Natalie was hoping that the gold cans would mean money---I heard her say last night that if she goes to the jury house now she would be the only one there without a prize. She got the phone call, but the others have cash and other prizes.

Kevin mentions production's announcements again during the comp and we get FISH.

Jeff is drinking something out of a blue can. Pepsi? Sparkling water? I'm not familiar with it. Kevin has a big Bordeaux glass of red wine.

Jeff said he kicked the fence at one point. Jordan said Kevin was making poses with the cans and pretending to drink from them, taking a short break during the competition.

Kevin, mimicking himself dropping one: Drop it like it's hot!

Jeff was saying during it: My fucking cans are sticky!!! There is fucking soda in my cans!! Fuck you!!

Michelle: Was Michael even on it? Or was it Rich the whole time?


Natalie thinks the next HOH will be an endurance challenge. She's 'sure of it'. (A slight dig at Russell, perhaps, who isn't outside with the group?) And she thinks the POV will be one of those 'how bad do you want it?" competitions.

Then they started chatting about the POV---Natalie can't believe that Jordan and Michelle both got every question correct. (Jordan said last night that she guessed on two of them.) Jordan liked the competition because she couldn't see anybody else--she could pretend it was just an individual thing and looked at the camera.

Jeff said that on the question he missed, he actually heard everybody else stepping the other way, but got it wrong anyway.

Kevin had a really hard time getting off work to be in the show. He said he would have had to quit if his job didn't let him have the time off. Then the show started calling him at work and everyone kept asking him if he had a new job. He had to lie and tell people that he had an offer. He had to swear his boss to secrecy and tell him the truth.

Jordan mentions that 'they said if anything got out before there names were released to the press, then I would be screwed'... FISH

Jordan had no idea she was going to get picked and was shocked. She hadn't packed, and was trying to check her messages when they took the phone from her and turned it off. Natalie wasn't packed, either, and one of the guys had to get the suitcase off a tall shelf for her.

Jordan's boss (at the salon) is a BB Fanatic, so he was so excited to give her the time off and she had no problem with him. She told most people that she was going to California to visit a friend, and she told her Boob Doctor that she was going out there 'for a hair show'.

Michelle isn't 100% sure that her job is still there because no one had every asked for that much time off before---it was actually one day over the limit.

Kevin was all packed up, but his BB bag broke--they gave him a 'ghetto bag'. He mentions how he kept talking about how big huge boobs made him sick---he tells Jordan that he thinks they meant Laura's boobs, not Jordan's. They all say Laura's were way too big.

Jordan showed Kevin her boobs in the shower and they were the first boobs he's ever seen. Michelle said she saw one once when it popped out.

Natalie: Have you shown Jeff your boobs?

Jordan: No, he hasn't seen them.

Jeff: I saw one of them.

Jordan: I showed him when I didn't really know him. Chima was there, and Michelle...when I flashed one.

Kevin: Jeff, will you give us a flash?

Jeff, smiling: Of the good stuff?

**giggles all around**

Jordan talks about being uncomfortable when guys look at her 'va-jay-jay'. Kevin says they're ugly and 'aren't they all moldy and red'? Jeff says don't go there, and that women are awesome naked and guys are gross. Kevin disagrees and says maybe a flaccid man is 'not that cute'. He had to define 'flaccid' for Jordan. Michelle interjected that she 'likes vaginas'.

Natalie thinks he needs to try being with a girl: You don't even know what you're missing Kevin.

(I don't think that's going to happen, Natalie.)

Jordan asks Kevin if he minds answering questions about sex. He is very open and doesn't mind. Jordan asked what he considers 'sex'---doing it up the butt, or just 'head'? She talks about this with the gay guys at her work--they use the term 'head'.

Kevin thinks either option is sex, and would be cheating if his boyfriend did it. Jordan asked about lubrication and he said he has a huge vat of lube at his house. They have to use it every time and he says the pain at first was intense and felt like a knife.

Jordan: How does it feel good then?

Kevin: At first I just did it to make him happy, but then it started hitting the prostate and I had the most amazing orgasms.

Jordan is very inquisitive. Jeff went inside to use the restroom when this conversation started getting really graphic. Kevin says it takes about 10 minutes to get comfortable, and that he and his boyfriend take turns. They do a lot of penetration, and a lot of 69'ing.

Natalie asks Jordan what 69 is---Jordan lays back on the sofa and uses Jeff's name for the demonstration. "It's like when I'm here and Jeff is here..."

Jordan says she doesn't like 69 because her butt is in the guy's face and she can't concentrate. She started to say that she gives good head but then remembers that she is on TV and stops herself.

Flashback is over half over---look for Part II.