Thursday, August 20, 2009

And Now Kevin Won't Shut Up

as we see him angrily whispering to Natalie in the Red Room.

Kevin is PISSED that he didn't win, and is already whining and implying that it ISN'T FAIR!

Kevin, dramatically whispering: By one! By one! This all happened because Russell got shut down. And what pissed me off is they said I was in the lead, but they didn't say Jeff was one can behind. If I had known that.......

(implying that he was coasting?)

And, of course, TRIVIA.

That Allison has her hands full with this bunch of troublemakers.

Kevin Finally Speaks

and BB freaks out.

Kevin: It's amazing how much money this show makes, and how stingy they are!


Ha ha ha.

Michelle Wants to Make a Change

She brought red hair coloring in the house with her, but she is waiting for permission to dye her hair from BB Production.

For continuity purposes, they have timing issues with major changes in personal appearance. They all discuss her weight loss and agree that her picture on the wall is totally different from the way she looks now.

Michelle: It's not like I won HOH. It seems like I can color my hair now while I'm not that important.

Natalie: Maybe you should break a table or something!

(That's how Lydia got her pink hair dye.)

Natalie said she was nervous the whole night, especially when Jordan didn't use the veto. Kevin comments that he is going to miss Lydia and Natalie gets sarcastic about it.

You can tell Russell is starting to stew. He's playing Solitaire by himself and is probably shitting a brick.

Natalie reminds everyone AGAIN that she hasn't won anything yet, which she is probably going to lie about when the season is over by saying that was her strategy. Nataie is enjoying one of Chima's leftover cans of Dole Pineapple Juice.

Jeff is in the DR, probably with his shirt off. Jordan can't wait until she can go outside.

This is going to be a good end to the season---all of these people are ready to play HARD. It is going to be an ugly mess of paranoia this week. I think Kevin and probably Natalie will end up skating over the bloodbath that splashes between Russell and Michelle.

This shit is going to get uglier and uglier.

Jeff Celebrates

his HOH win with some potato chips.

Michelle is a Have Not? Maybe.... Sure sounds like it.

There is definitely an Air of Despair in the kitchen. There are frequent bouts of silent moments, while Jeff stands in the kitchen, munching, while all of the others cluster around the kitchen counter, on the other side.

Jordan is probably relaxed, but is probably worried about having to put out up there in the HOH this week. Her period can't last forever, right?

Jeff wants Bob Marley for his CD.

If Russell's eyes could bore holes, Jeff's chest would be Swiss Cheese. He keeps staring the shit out of Jeff, who has eyes for his food only right now. No one is off cowering in a bedroom, for the first time this season.
There are no clusters hidden here and there in the house, bitching and moaning and threatening to leave.

The thing about Jeff is, everybody in there kind of knows where they stand with him. Jeff has been played, but he hasn't been playing anybody.
And they all know it. Even though they will all scoff at his Coup D'Etat win as a Big Gimme from America, they all know America is right. Although he has definitely had the foulest language, he has been genuine with people in this game, and is kind of the daddy of the group. Even though they all want to beat him, they listen to what he has to say.
The fact that Jordan definitely won't get put up is a pretty big concern, too.
BTW, they had a big discussion about Lydia---did she want to stay, or did she want to go?
Natalie: She was like Chima...I really don't think she cared about the money. From what Jessie told me about what she does, I really don't think she needs the money. I don't think she does.
Everyone: What does she do?
Natalie: She works for a big celebrity....a Top Five celebrity....
For quite some time. Jeff metions that no one knows who the HOH is except the live feeders.
And you, of course.

Nothing Yet.

Seventeen minutes past showtime and still Trivia.

What kind of shitty competition was that?


Still nothing. Twenty-eight minutes past the show.

Damn that Julie Chen.

A Point of Flair for Captain Unitard

Lydia is adding a little fluffy white accessory to her head, or thinking about it. She moved it from side to side and then took it out. Maybe later. She has drawn something sparkly on her left cheekbone.

She has packed up all her stuff and is hauling it to the storage room.

Captain Unitard is an Earlybird.

I think there's a good chance that Lydia might go to the Jury House tonight. If so, it is a shame that she had to go out wearing that getup. Her normal wardrobe and accessories are generally entertaining enough, and I think her suitcase was deep enough to easily go another week or so without repetition.

Of course, Russell could hit the door tonight, as well. He seems kind of nervouse about hosting the POV comp--its his first time, and it will be live (I'm pretty sure.) Here is is going through his morning motions, even though it is well after lunchtime in Cally.

Russell told Jeff that the DR was mad at him when he had the mustache and goatee, and have repeatedly asked him to remove his glasses or hats while he was in there.

Jeff pointed out that he wears different hats in there and thinks about mixing it up.

Jordan wanted Rice Crispies today. Jeff is making pasta with the sausage and it looks like a tasty concoction. He is teasing Lydia about it. Will she do the dishes if he plates up some pasta for her? Lydia says she is on her period (aren't they all) and that should require him to feed her.

Meanwhile Michelle and Jordan talk quietly in the Splash Room. Michelle gets really nervous about the possibility of Julie asking her a live question.

Lydia says the pasta is yummy. Natalie declines his offer, explaining that the last time she ate spicy before a competition, she threw up all over the place. (I can attest to that.)

Lydia enjoys some potato chips with her pasta. She's not worried about barfing, apparently. And Natalie must not be that worried, because she just tucked into a bowl of it, too.
That might come back and haunt you Natalie. Maybe you won't be so lucky next week.
Jeff: Fresh basil rules. I love it.

Chima Sees Dolla$$$$ Ya'll

Chima is actually tweeting without protection now. And she is indirectly saying that the whole Tuesday night 'Chima Show' was a lie, and that "The Revolution" wasn't televised.

I'm thinking she doesn't have an attorney yet, or maybe he can't control her, which may be the more likely case. Even if she does have a case, I doubt Chima could be humble and controlled enough to keep her yap shut until the coast is clear to speak.

Because by then, Chima's 20 minutes will be most definitely over. I gave her 33% more Fame Minutes than the average shmoe because she was so fun to watch. And she's lucky that the finalist on that MTV or VH1 dating show (some say he was the winner) killed someone, because that gave her another angle to her public storyline, i.e. Those Crazy Reality Contestants.

And she is also implying that her career is blowing up. Imploding, or expanding? We shall see. It does seem like Jamie Kennedy may be looking to escape the clutches of Jennifer Love Hewitt, since he seems to find so much time to follow Chima's tweets.

Check out the jugs in that picture, too. Wow.

No POV for Russell Tonight

Because Russell did not get picked. So there is certainly potential for him to get put up for nomination tonight.

Instead, he will host. I expect him to wear a fedora and a partially-unbuttoned shirt, but I'm just guessing.

Lydia is caking on the silver eyeshadow, and Michelle is putting on undereye concealer, except someone needs to tell her not to pull on that delicate skin with her index finger. Dab lightly, Michelle, with your pinkie. Because it's all downhill from here.

Her face does look very different--I guess she got to that point in her weight loss where it shows up there. Someone is in the shower--either Kevin or Natalie.

Jordan and Jeff have moved out of the HOH are are back in the Splash Room, laughing and snuggling and teasing each other.

I wonder what time all the action starts for them? Maybe they are having a rehearsal.

No sign of Russell yet--maybe he's in the DR. Kevin was the one in the shower.

I wonder why none of the girls have Lydia do their makeup? I'm sure she could go subtle for them, as opposed to the harlot look that is her trademark.

I wonder if Chima is watching tonight.

Jeff and Jordan Pillow Talk - Flashback - 8-19-08 4:00 AM BBT

Jordan wants to set up some signals to use during the live show so she and Jeff can communicate with each other.

Jeff: Signals? We can't just talk? What are they going to do, teleport us to the backyard?

Jeff says that "if a chair opens up, put Russell in there!"

Jeff is trying to sleep and Jordan says she is, too. But then she starts yapping and they banter back and forth like an old married couple.

Jordan: You're going to block me out. You're not listenin'.

Jeff: Hmmm.

(This all happened in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.)

Jordan is STILL waiting on her period and is moody.

Jeff: I want that fucking thing to come already. I'm ready to drown you right now. (and mumbles) I love you.

Jordan: You mean L.U.V....

Jeff: No, I love you. Why are you laughing?

They are kind of joking.

Jeff: What if they edit that? (meaning isolate it for the CBS show)

Jordan: You'll look like a total douche. You just met me, saying that on TV.


Jordan: I think we're boring. I think if people are trying to watch us--we're kind of boring. I can't go crazy and flip a table or anything.

Jeff: I feel the same way. Want to turn it up a notch?

Jordan: What do you mean?

Jeff: Get naked?

Jordan: NO! Go do that with Lydia---she'll get freaky with you!

Then Jordan brings up how funny it was when Jessie got cum on Natalie's sweatshirt.

Jordan: Why don't you pretend to have a really good shower? Like the Herbal Essences commercial?


Jordan: I still don't understand what Michelle does. What does she do all day in that lab? And she doesn't make any money---why go to school for all those years and not make anything?

Jeff tells her a little bit about it.

Basically, the two of them are going round and round on who should be there and who should leave. Apparently there has been a lot of talk in the DR about it and they are trying to decipher what any hidden messages from Production might hold. Whenever they mention it we get WBRB.

Jeff, getting fake irritated: You start telling me about all these scenarios and I don't know what you're talkin' about. Like what if they are soldiers in here and what the fuck?

All of the HG seem to think that there were be an endurance competition tonight for HOH. I think they're right, because Julie said among other things the live show would include the start of the HOH competition. Jordan can't play in it, so she has instructed Jeff to hold on until he cries and then keep holding. They both know Russell won't let go for any reason.

And that Natalie really seems to have worked some magic on both of them by being more present with them and talking to them. Both of them are leaning towards Lydia if the nominations don't change, and Russell if they do.

Natalie may just skate out of this. The funny thing is, Jeff wants to break up the Kevin-Lydia connection, but I read on Jokers that Kevin and Natalie formed a Final Two deal due to Lydia's instability.

That dirty little bitch might just take home the money. She told everybody which Toyota dealership her dad works at---some long word that starts with a 'C' in Tempe Arizona. He's the fleet manager. BB couldn't bleep that out fast enough, so I'll bet Daddy has received more than one call about his beloved daughter.

Oh, and Jessie gets badmouthed by Natalie and Lydia on a daily basis now. And Natalie has taken the heartfelt words that Jessie said to her about how he likes her and wants to be with her after the show and put them on BLAST in the house.

I guess she still thinks she can get his vote, anyway. I think part of her current strategy is to distance herself from that whole mess as completely as she can. Jeff actually thinks that if she wins HOH she won't put him up.

Whatever happens tonight, I think it's going to be good.