Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jeff is Going to Kill Whole Families.

If Russell or Michelle fucks them over for Final 4, he will go to their houses after this is all over and he will kill their families. He's not kidding.....he will hunt them down and find them and .......
We'll Be Right Back.....
Ha ha and right after they tell Jeff to refrain from threatening bodily harm (I guess.) we come back and the tone is very calm. I happen to know that Jeff is kidding and this is his personality, but it does sound bad.
Especially when sweet little Jordan said an hour ago that she threatened to stab Russell if he backstabbed her. That PMS.....Holy Smokes. Take a pill, Jordan.
Jeff makes Russell swear on his Pops. Jeff swears on his Family, and so does Jordan. Michelle's Family isn't involved with he show, so she swears on her Dogs, by name. (That is fucking nutty.)
Jeff says it's all squashed, and tells them all to put on a happy face in front of the Other Side.
Jeff, to Michelle: Even you, Miss Pouty Face.
Now Jeff makes each of them say who they want out. Jeff says Lydia, to split up the Lydia-Kevin package. Jordan wants Lydia out because Lydia goes haywire, and because she called her a fat ho.
Jeff: And, she doesn't wash a fucking dish.
Russell: blah blah blah let's take out the strongest competitor.
Jeff thinks Lydia could win 'puzzles and shit and pull something out of her ass'.
And so on. Posting.

It's Awwwnnnnn.

And Jordan might turn out to be the smart girl, after all. Hard to believe, but it's happening.

After the HOH Summit, she and Jeff kept stewing about a few things that bothered her about Russell and Michelle. Someone was lying. Maybe both of them are lying.

Jordan wanted go outside and confront them both to follow up. They made a quick plan of attack and went down there. Jordan has a short temper right now due to her PMS (which has been the longest bout in US history at this point) and the Live Show is tomorrow. She's had it.

She asked Michelle to come inside--she was sitting on the hammock talking to Russell--her New Best Friend. When Michelle came in Jordan told her that she was going outside to confront Russell, which she did. She marched right over to the hammock and started right in, calmly and directly.

Meanwhile Jeff kind of placated Michelle in the kitchen, and then they both went out. Russell is on the defensive and is talking in circles. Michelle wasn't smelling like a rose, either, but then she told Russell to stop talking smack about his Final Four Teammate, Jeff. She gave an example from yesterday, when Russell worked out with Jeff and then told Michelle that Jeff couldn't keep up with the workout, and that he couldn't beat Russell in an endurance competition, etc.

Russell couldn't just answer the question--he goes around and around.

Jeff: Just tell me if you said it!

Russell: What was the last thing you did (during the workout)?

Jeff: What? Did you say it or not? Did you say something bad about me after we worked out?

It is a big mess out there. No yelling, Chima style, but a big mess nonetheless.

And then....Kevin came out there briefly and got pulled in by Russ to testify to something. He went back in the Red Room where Natalie and Lydia were packing their stuff and they all started dancing around and celebrating the successful implementation of Operation LML. They all looked like Snoopy dancing, if that helps any.

(Operation Last Minute Lie, as named by Natalie over the weekend.)

This battle will not result in a physical fight or destruction of property. Unless Michelle decides to hurt herself. Because let's face it, she's really strange. I watched an old episode On Demand from a few weeks ago and she was downright chubby in those early weeks.

Also: Did you see the part of the show last night where Lydia was draining Mimosas while watching the Golf Competition play out? Well, they didn't show it, but Lydia flipped that table over with all the glasses on it and other breakable stuff.

There was still glass dust out on the fake lawn, and after Jeff pointed it out they had a lockdown while someone rolled out the ShopVac, I'm guessing. Lydia really fucked some shit up in there but she is not consistently evil, I guess, like Chima was.

Or maybe Allison just wants to be able to hire Paul McCartney for her next big birthday party. Who knows.

And another thing: The CBS show made no mention of the fact that Chima took Natalies prescription period medication after drinking quite a bit of red wine. I would think that is a huge violation of rules, for Natalie as well as herself. I heard Jordan thank Natalie for giving her some in the last day or so and Natalie offered even more, if she needs them.

Chima or Chima's Lawyer: Maybe you can use that as leverage for something. I would love to see all this on Court TV someday.

The Confrontation is still happening in the backyard. Michelle copped to no sleep for 4 days and near derangement.

Jeff: See, that makes you sound guilty right there. Can you think of another excuse?

(she couldn't)

Jeff just wants a Final 4 deal, and then let the chips fall. Jordan said let's just wait to kill and stab each other after that. Russell has got to be reeling inside.

All of these people are playing HARD. Russell, Michelle, Jeff, Natalie, Kevin...even Lydia and Jordan.

Jeff: Russell, every time you leave the room there's a new story about what you said! Every time, for so many weeks. Why would I jeopardize my place, and even up the other side by letting you stay? If I were them in there, I'd be cheering about this!

Jeff suggests Michelle and Russell talk about it, and then come see him and Jordan if necessary.

Russell just can't argue with Michelle anymore, it's driving him nuts.

Michelle: Maybe you should just fucking watch what you say then!

Ha ha. And so forth.


Just Jeff. That's All.

Pictures or Paragraphs?

Posting pictures really messes up spaces between lines, and I can't figure out how to correct it.

I like the option to show pictures to those of you who can't see the feeds, but the frustrated writer in me is offended by the formatting problems.

What to do, what to do?

Summit in the HOH Room

Just came back to the feeds and saw what looks like the wrap-up of the planned summit between Jeff & Jordan and Russell & Michelle. Sorry I missed it but I'm sure the content will be repeated over and over and over by the participants here.

As you can see Jordan looks like a dead body in the picture, but she is participating and is turning her head each way and that. She just confronted Russell with the information that she heard she and Jeff were the next targets, she is dead weight, etc.
Now Michelle asks Russell if it is true that he said that he regrets getting rid of Ronnie---that it should have been Michelle.
Russell: blah blah blah blah blah excuse excuse blah blah what she said blah blah
And so on. He said Ronnie had a deal with Chima and that's why she was so pissed.
Anyway, I'm back. I will be posting tomorrow, and probably a little more tonight. It's been a long day on my end here.
But great was that sequence on Chima's departure last night on the CBS show? I was riveted and thank god I have a DVR so I could rewind parts of it. I'm pretty sure that was a Security Dude we saw there, ready to usher her out in case she put any type of move on Allison.
Don't fuck with Allison. Let's just put it that way. Chima's lawyers might have thrown in the towel after seeing all that. I do remember some of those early instance where she refused to go to the DR when asked repeatedly. It happened several times on the feeds--Jeff used to comment occasionally how happy Production will be when Chima was evicted--that they must all hate her for how she treats them.
You fucked up Chima. Big time.