Monday, August 17, 2009

The Evidence

OK here is clear evidence of insubordination on Lydia's part. Taken just now, at 6:57 PM BBT.
I feel The Crazy coming on.....
I checked back at 7:45 PM BBT and Lydia is wearing the costume, sans cape.
And Russell is finished with his deep tissue massage and is already sore. Natalie and Lydia hope he is doomed for the POV tomorrow.

Russell Gets Handled

because Jordan came out of the DR and gathered everyone for an announcement.

I think there is a BB Spa in the backyard and they are all waiting at the back door for clearance to go out.

Jeff jokes about getting a happy ending. And he hopes that 'that girl from the competition' will be there. (Chima's friend that she and Russell fought about.)

There is a tent in the BY with a massage table and a brunette massage lady. I think Russell must have won a massage or something in the competiton. He goes over and says hello and shakes her hand.

Jordan: She can't say anything ....

Russell: Let's get started? Is everyone going to watch...

Jordan: No...

Russell: This is going to be awkward.


Now Russell is getting kitted up in the BR with a navy blue spa robe. Jeff is telling Jordan that they should have a spa day up there and she should give him a massage.

Russell struts back out to the BY.

Russell: How you doing today? You can't talk to me, can you?

She's a little older than a cougar, but attractive. I think you can see her in the Camera 4 shot.


The Coven is hating on Russell's prize in the Red Room, which also includes a facial. Kevin has never had a massage, but he would like it if it was outside the house, and he could give it to his Mom.

Lydia: No, it's a game prize. For in here.

Natalie: It would really be a good prize if you could leave this place and get a manicure, a pedicure, everything.....

Lydia isn't wearing her costume AGAIN.

Russell tells the masseuse that his back is really tight from all the fighting. She is silent, with lots of cleavage.
Kevin sashays up to the HOH and knocks. Jordan welcomes him warmly and Kevin says, "it's my first time up here!"
Jeff offers to leave but Jordan says no.
Kevin: Jordan I told Jeff today that I wanted to open lines of communcation with you all and establish a level of trust. I have a sinking feeling....
What? What Kevin? Oh shit here we go.

Brain Cells?

If you told me this guy was discussing stem cell research with a PhD, I might laugh out loud. But it's true. Jeff and Michelle have been chatting happily about all that for a few minutes now.

Oh, and BB hasn't let us see what's going on in the house yet, after Lydia got out of the DR. Maybe she's having an episode, who knows? Maybe she just got fed a few of the good pills.

Mending Fences

The only show on the feeds for at least the last half hour was Jeff and Natalie having a chat. He was lying on a raft in the pool while Natalie paced around the edge talking to him about the game. Sounds like Natalie is trying to hold out an olive branch to Jeff.

They discussed her game. She told him that Jessie was a good ally in the game for her, and she knew he 'liked her', but she makes it sound like a superficial thing and says a number of times that she would have easily picked Chima over Jessie.

Jeff was surprised about that. They talked about Chima. Natalie feels responsible because she was the one who 'told her to go in there and talk to her' (Who? The DR? The Shrink?) (I'm putting money on The Shrink.) And then Chima left. Jeff tells her no, they would have gotten her anyways and that he thinks Chima had a lot more going on than just the game, and a stressful situation like the house would get to anyone. He thinks she should 'talk to somebody outside the game' to get a better view of how she feels.

Natalie thinks that Chima just broke one rule after another, and she tried to talk sense into her but just couldn't do it. When she told producers that she couldn't promise it wouldn't happen again, they told her they would have to ask her to leave and she said okay.

Natalie says she is going to win the POV and Jeff said that is the attitude he likes to hear! He warns her not to think too far down the road---just focus everything on that POV and don't even think of anything else.

It was a good conversation--one of the more interesting ones you will hear after 3:00 in the afternon out there. This is usually Nap Time, man.

They go back inside and while Natalie was in the kitchen, Lydia flipped out of the DR and takes off down the hall, still dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, sans Captain Unitard costume.

Natalie: Are you done?

Lydia: No...

FISH, and FISH for a while after that.

Now Michelle is telling Jeff in the BY all the shit that Russell just said. Among other strategic things, Russell apparently keeps telling Michelle that he has heard Jeff and Jordan 'frolicking'.

Jeff: What? Frolicking? Fuck him--maybe he's just jealous.

Well, we all know Jeff and Jordan haven't been fucking. Or frolicking, either. All of America is always waiting right there to see if those bedcovers move with their finger on the Record key.

So we all know that is another one of Russell's lies.

I thought about recording some things from the feeds to post here, but I don't think you could see it if you don't have a Real subscription. Tell you what--I will try it soon, post it, and we'll see. Maybe I'll even run a poll to see if it worked for you.

This is BB Reloader, which feeds from Real, so I don't know how it all works.

Michelle tells Jeff how competitive her job is---there are other people doing the same research and you want to beat them to it. You get ahead by writing papers, but you have to pay to have your research published. Michelle makes less than a high school teach at this point. Someone else could reach the right conclusion right before her and all her time is wasted.

Jeff is enjoying the conversation: Geez, why don't you just make counterfeit money for the next 5 years instead.

Michelle points out that there wouldn't be any cures for cancer. And wouldn't it be great to sit there when they are old and not have to worry about Alzheimers or Parkinson's?

Jeff thinks the people with Alzheimers felt okay about things---it seemed like her thoughts were happy. She was talking about her husband and Jeff's dad as a little kid. It was bad for the people around her, but she seemed to feel okay.

Michelle mentions Micheal J. Fox who got Parkinson's when he was young. He sends a lot of money to one of Michelle's friend's labs. Some of the scientisits met him, too.

Jeff: I don't know if this is true or not, but I heard.....




Lydia has stopped wearing her unitard and was dressed like a civilian in the kitchen, stirring slop.

I tried to take a picture for you, but BB switched the feeds. They probably don't want us to know they have lost control of the house.

Michelle and Russ are totally aligned and had a Final Two conversation for about 15 minutes.

Also, Russell accused Michelle of 'sharting' and she denied ever having done it.

Nomination Aftermath

Jeff and Jordan chat in the HOH. Jeff pretends to be mad that Jordan pulled Kevin's key out first.

Jordan: I just wanted to let him know I like him.

Now both of them are wavering on the whole Russell idea. Something in the DR made her think it might not be such a good idea.

Jeff: I know they don't tell us anything in there (looking up at camera), but maybe they're trying to tell us something in there.

BB warns Jordan to keep her trap shut about the DR.

Now Jordan thinks Michelle might be the liar. Jeff thinks Kevin might be full of shit, too. Jeff just wants to see what happens with the POV.

Jordan says that maybe they should backdoor Kevin 'cause he's smarter'.

Jeff: Well, we could be voting out a future ally.

Kevin is in bed, staring at the ceiling. Lydia is all covered up, with only her goggles showing.

(Based on that last flashback I saw, if Natalie goes to the Jury House first for a week alone with Jessie, that might be more interesting than the BB house---Natalie is pissed.)

Jordan feels badly that she put Lydia up.

Jeff: Fuck that bitch! What do you mean, you feel bad?

Jeff is eating a little bowl of slop and scraped the edges clean.

Jordan: You don't think Lydia's putting on a front---she got a lot farther then I thought she would get.

Jeff: Fuck her---I don't give a fuck if she's acting or not. She called you a Fat Ho, and you're worried about her feelings? Forget about her. Laughing at you all the time while you're up here? Fuck her!

Russell announces that the slop is ready.

Natalie: I'm going to make spaghetti.


Feeds are Back

and we see Jordan skipping up the spiral staircase to her HOH room.

Sounds like Russell started cracking up and couldn't stop. Maybe that's why it took so long.

Russell: I just kept thinking, I'm sitting next to a Marvel Superhero.

Natalie and Kevin are in the Red Room talking. I don't see the Lydster.

Natalie is nominated--she says she just has to win and take herself off.

Michelle started laughing, too, and Russell wonders how Jeff held it in. Maybe Jordan was really funny or something.

Jeff and Russell are munching on pepperoni and discuss whether it is pork or not.

Lydia Spills Her Guts - Flashback - Part #2

This starts promptly at 12:00 and picks up where the last picks off.

Natalie: Was there kissing?

Lydia: Um...yep.

They figure out Natalie mean oral sex and Lydia laughs that Natalie can't say it.

Lydia: You already know, right?

Natalie threatens her with redemption--she is halfway there.

Lydia: Now here's my question for you--have you ever thought about being with Jessie?

Natalie: Gross! No!

Natalie has never liked a big muscle guy and says she isn't attracted to him--she really liked his personality but thinks he looks like Jimmy Neutron. (ha ha ha)

Lydia: He does have a good personality..

Kevin: No! His personality sucks! He has a good bone structure.

Lydia and Natalie still go back and forth.

Kevin: Natalie, have you ever 'kissed'? (they both still think Natalie is 18)

Lydia: Natalie, if you do think kissing occured, who do you think would have been doing the kissing?

Natalie refuses to answer.

Lydia: Dude, whatever happened to your sweatshirt is not my fault!

Lydia starts cracking up and I think Russell does, too. She says it is so funny because Natalie hated her and that happened to her sweatshirt. Natalie repeats that she thinks Jessie is ugly but he was really nice.

Natalie: Wait til you see my boyfriend, dude,he's the complete opposite.

Lydia mentions that Natalie said 'what's this stuff on my sweatshirt?" Lydia starts laughing again about the 'jizz on her sweatshirt'.

Kevin: That is kind of gross.

Natalie: Out of all the guys in this house, you had to pick Jessie? There are so much better looking guys in this house!

Lydia: Well, Chima was always sitting on Russell's lap! (we hear Russell laughing his ass off)

Natalie keeps saying he was so ugly and looked out for her. It was a game for her.

Kevin: Until he wanted me to vote you out.

Natalie, laughing: Yeah, until then. I always planned to keep Chima over him.

Lydia: Did he know that?

Natalie: No!

Natalie is surprised that Kevin knew about the sweatshirt and didn't tell her. Natalie claims that Jessie told her everything--including everything that Lydia told him. Lydia tells her that Jessie would be in bed with Natalie and would get up and find her.

Lydia wants to talk about another incident but wants to wait until after the show.

Natalie: Just tell me! Just tell me!

Now Russell comes in the room. He says he was trying not to listen but when he heard about the sweatshirt he couldn't hold it in anymore.

Natalie gives her ranking--Jeff is the best looking, Russell is next. She thinks Braden and Jessie are gross.

Lydia thinks it is Jeff, Russell and then Braden. But just standing on the front steps of the house and looking around--Russell was the hottest.

Natalie continues to repeat that Jessie is gross. Lydia says he is so cute when he smiles.

Kevin wants to throw up when he thinks about him. He doesn't find him sexually attractive at all.

Natalie: He doesn't think the camera picked up anything.

Lydia: Oh, it did.

Kevin: Yes it did. It's another Jeff and Jordan storyline as well.

Lydia: We're not a showmance. Not at all. Jeff and Jordan know each other a lot better.

Natalie: Did you ever get asked about it?

Lydia: You mean, in the DR?

Kevin: All the time.......


Whew. I'm taking a break.

***Feeds still aren't back from the Nominations, or whatever is going on in there**

Lydia Spills Her Guts - Flashback - Part #1

about The Sex with Jessie. This Flashback happened around 11:30 PM BBT last night, and continues in the next hour. I don't want to watch the whole thing--only the juicy parts.

**the Nomination Ceremony is taking place right now so I have time for a short break**

Kevin, Natalie, Lydia and Russell are in the Red Room. I think Russell is trying to sleep, but he won't be able to for very long with this conversation....

Natalie: How did you know you were bi-sexual?

Lydia describes a girl she met when she was 21 and worked with her. She had looked at girls and kissed them, but nothing more than that. Nobody she ever wanted to build a relationship with. She met her and there was an instant attraction--but that girl had a girlfriend so they just had to be friends...

FISH, in case this girl knows lawyers, I guess.

Natalie: So what do you like more?

Lydia: Probably guys--I haven't really met a dominant girl.

Natalie: Who do you think you would marry?

Lydia: Probably a guy. It's too hard to adopt and everything else if not.

Kevin: The big problem is immigration. I have a friend who's a doctor and we lived close to...

FISH, because all doctors have lawyers.

Kevin: What does a vagina taste like?

Lydia, laughing: Kevin, what does a penis taste like?

Kevin: Oh....cotton candy....heaven....

Natalie: Kevin, have you ever been with a girl?

Kevin: No!

Lydia: Kevin would be sooooo mortified. He wouldn't know what to do. What else Natalie? Any question you want to know.

Natalie: How many times did you hook up with Jessie in this house?

Lydia, being overdramatic: Whhhaaaaat?

Kevin, alarmed about what could happen to The Coven: Can we change the game? Can we change the game?

Natalie: No!

Lydia: That's a question that is off limits--I don't kiss and tell. What do you mean by hook up?

Natalie: You do kiss and tell. I mean anything---any type of anything. I already know. Jessie told me everything and I just want to ask you. Jessie would come to me and swear me to secrecy.

Kevin: Let me guess and you say higher or lower.

Lydia: Let me think about this---I need a moment.

Kevin: She's like 42.....43...44


Natalie already knows everything of course, but still wants to continue. She mentions her ASU sweatshirt...(with the cum stain). Lydia is cracking up.

Natalie: Here's your chance to redeem yourself---your one opportunity.

Lydia: How do I win? I've already screwed myself over with Jessie. Why don't we talk about this in the Green Room.

She mentions other people in the next room. Natalie wants her to start from the beginning.

Lydia: One day when he was HOH I was tanning outside and you were sleeping and he came out and asked me to come upstairs so I did and we had some good times.

Kevn keeps guessing: P in V? P in A?

Lydia doesn't want to be specific: We just had a good time, OK?

Natalie keeps pushing her and Kevin wants to know why she wants to know.

Lydia: Yeah, that's nasty!

Natalie: What about the next time?

Lydia cops to 3 times in the HOH room, 2 times in the Red Room.

Natalie: No Green Room?

Lydia: The Green Room? No, nothing ever went on in there.

Lydia describes the limited movement and mentions his 'two fingers'.

Lydia: Natalie, you did a great job of cockblocking, okay?

Kevin: Does he have a nice peepee? (ugh)

Lydia claims to never have seen it--there was no full on nakedness, but that he has a nice ass. She saw it in the shower.

This is the end of the 11:00 Flashback. I guess I have to watch the 12:00 one now. Fuck.

America Chose...

Sausage and jalapenos.

Jeff, being a Chicago guy, is excited and starts eating sausage right there in the storage room.

Russell tries to be a badass and eats a jalapeno and starts screaming about it immediately. He thinks they can chop up the sausage and put it in the slop.

Jordan has a quick conversation with Jeff, and then Kevin in the SR while they gather up the goodies about the nominations. Jordan told Kevin the girls aren't going to be happy with her.

Michelle wants to make mozzerella and sausage sandwiches tomorrow, when the Day of Slop is over.

Natalie has a slop pass and is the only one in the house who can eat. She has been crowing about it several times today. I guess she doesn't think about not pissing people off on a day like today--Nomination Day.

The sausages are humongous. Jeff hasn't stopped eating yet. After consultation with Jeff, Kevin tosses a whole tray of jalapenos--they have enough already.

The Coven Meets on the Patio

And the mood is glum. Lydia says that she remembers Jordan saying that she would never nominate her---she doesn't think that's the case now.

Natalie thinks that if Russell is nominated he might be too arrogant to think that he's not a pawn, and may not try very hard for the veto.

(Wishful thinking, Natalie, since Russell is ultra paranoid right now and it shows.)

Natalie and Lydia think things might get really crazy here after the POV. Lydia mentions how she flipped a table over.

Lydia: Uh might get real crazy later.

(Wow, can't wait.)

Kevin joins them and says that he is worried that 'they' didn't ask him about LML.

Natalie: Operation LML? Maybe they don't want to show that until after the nominations.

We get a WBRB for awhile on that one.

Kevin thinks Lydia and Natalie will be nominated and tells Lydia that Jordan is livid about Lydia calling her a whore. Natalie thought she forgot about it, but Kevin says NO.

Lydia: I'm sure Russell and Michelle are refreshing her on that.

They say that Jordan is a puppet and is doing whatever Jeff wants.

For those of you who like Kevin, don't say I never gave you anything. Here is a picture of Kevin preparing his right armpit for the day.

He brought up the conversation last night where both girls were bashing Jessie and says Russell heard every word and would take it all straight to the Jury House.

He recommends softening some of that language and wishes he wasn't involved in it.

Kevin has his hands full with those girls. Lydia mentioned that she wanted to take a golf club to the jury house.

Crazy travels, apparently.


Michelle and Jordan Tidbits

They are sitting around chatting in the HOH while they wait for the action to start.

1. Michelle pays $700 a month for her student loans. Jordan is shocked at that. She has a few more years to go--I thought she said ten, but she might have said two. She speaks with a clinched jaw most of the time so can be tough to hear.

2. She is still classified as an Assistant at work now, so she's not paid very much. It will be awhile before she gets bumped up, though. She is often tempted to blow off the loans since she graduated 5 years ago and it seems so far away, but knows she can't.

3. Jordan doesn't know if Michelle's key will get pulled 1st or 2nd.

4. Michelle says don't worry---she put Jordan's key first because she wanted to squash the rumor that she hated all the women.

5. Chima's keys were put in the order that she was gunning for them--that was obvious.

6. Jordan would love to put Russell's key last, to make him sweat, but they don't think it would be a good idea to alert him that there may be trouble ahead. His key will probably be pulled third.

7. Michelle tells Jordan she won't get a warning before time for nominations---she will have no time to change clothes so she should be prepared to go at any minute. As soon as they call a lockdown she has to go to the DR.

8. Jordan might wear jeans, or a little skirt. Or maybe a cotton dress with flip flops.

9. Michelle is watching the spy screen and sees Kevin putting back the chessboard and runs outside to whisper with him. They're going to chat later.
10. Jordan went downstairs to get some stuff--I think she is worried about the Coven hurting her clothes. Jeff was in the Splash Room, in bed. I think he went back downstairs sometime late last night. Jeff asked where her shadow was (Michelle) and said that he thought she would be right behind Jordan all day.
11. Jeff is obviously tired of everyone sticking to the new HOH like white on rice.
12. Jordan really wants to wear something different today. She feels like she wears the same thing for every DR session.
13. Michelle looks at her pictures while Jordan changes and the cameras let us see the picture of her husband and brother in law.
14. Jordan came out in a royal blue halter-type short dress that Michelle says is smokin'. Jordan got it for $13 at Wal-Mart. She's not sure. Michelle wants her to try on a halter with jeans for comparative purposes.
No more numbers. It was driving me crazy. I didn't intend to have such a long list.
About the picture: I showed it here to demonstrate that the Live Feeds usually don't give us 4 separate camera shots. Usually not 4 of the same, but I'm just sayin'. Usually they have two different shots of two different house locations. I think Andy Warhol would like the picture, too.
I just took a picture of Jordan's butt in her green striped panties but I don't think I will post it right now. I feel sorry for her Grandpa.
She is sticking with the black halter and very tight faded jeans. She had to do a bunch of deep knee bends to get some space in there. Jordan might change to different jeans. Michelle says black looks great with her tan, and the jeans aren't so tight that she has camel toe.
So I think this is the outfit. Now the debate about how to wear the hair.
Jordan is frustrated: I don't want to do this! I want somebody else to do it.

Michelle gives her a hug. I'll bet Michelle wants some. Just guessing.  Now more drama about what to wear....ugh these girls!


And We're Back and Off for the Day

Russell is now breathing heavily on the elliptical trainer. You could partially see him from the Control Room so he has been at it for a few minutes now. Ten, maybe? Still wearing a long-sleeved shirt--hasn't gotten warm enough to strip down.

Jordan is washing up in the HOH BR, wearing her HOH robe. Michelle lurks by, waiting for her to finish, I guess. Jordan brushes her chompers very thoroughly. She's always in a good mood, it seems, laughing and joking with Michelle.

Russell hasn't shaved yet and is sporting quite a Five O'Clock shadow on his head and face. (Wonder what it looks like when he lets it grow. Curly? Stick straight?)

Michelle deodarizes while still wearing her shirt and puts on moisturizer. Or maybe it's sunscreen. It's not Chima's lotion, that's for sure. She hogged that shit and the Coven had to pack it up for her after she was banished. Otherwise she would probably sue.....

Jordan puts on powder from a compact, hair in a bun. No sign of anybody else. Just Michelle, Jordan, and Russell in the backyard. Jordan is going to have her big moment today for the Nominations.

She starts tapping her Bare Essentuals brush on the powder box, just like the infomercial says to do, while Michelle tells her a little bit about the Nomination process. She has to get all the lanyards (sp?) and put them on the keys, etc.

WBRB while she finishes filling Jordan in on all the steps.
BB reminds many of them twice to come in and change their batteries. Russell is one of those HG and finally gets off the elliptical to go and take care of it.
I don't see anybody else doing so as he walks through the house. No one in the SR, either.


Problem Solved

I finally heard back from BB Reloader--apparently the Reloader doesn't play well with Vista (surprise, surprise) so I had to change my settings for Screenshots and Videos. are my first screenshots.
Good news for you Russell lovers because he is the only one up right now.

You can see the HOH bed on Camera #1 with Jeff, Jordan and Michelle sleeping from left to right. (Our left to right, not theirs.)

Apparently last night was a big night in the house, as Lydia's medication continues to fry her brain. She told Natalie all about The Sex with Jessie, including the fact that Jessie used his sweatshirt to wipe jizz off, and then Natalie wore it the next day and asked what the white stuff was.

Wow. Sorry I missed that, since I've been waiting for it for a long time. I don't have a Flashback to watch for that yet, but trust me that when I do you will know all about it, too. That's the kind of service I provide here on this website. I might not be doing my job right now, but I'm doing this job right now. Make sense? Clear as mud? Ok.

I think BB just tried to wake everybody else up. Meanwhile, enjoy this picture of Russell teabagging. Ha. See I have a sense of humor. You can just see the wheels turning for Russell. I hope he remembers that he is on slop today with the rest of the house.

Although, I think Michelle might be exempt since she was the HOH at the time of this competition.

She got yanked out of the HOH Suite so quickly because of Chima that BB had to scramble a bit for the rules this week. She got to keep a lot of her HOH food. Chima still had a bottle of champagne left over from her HOH and that is the bottle that Lydia poured out during her rampage oh.....what was it.....yesterday....or Saturday night.

Now we get the control room and can see movement in many of those tiny camera shots. Sometimes you can see the guys in the Control Room dancing, but not today. They always play wake up music for the HG. They didn't start doing that until BB5, I think, and even then it was an occasional treat. Now it's an everyday thing, and there are often not-so-hidden messages in the music. (Like Garbage's Stupid Girl for Jen BB6.)

Well, Russell doesn't think I'm funny at all and is probably going to kick my ass for even joking about him being involved with Teabagging.

I'm sorry Russell. I never meant to imply that you were a Teabagger.
Clearly you are always the Teabaggee.
Still Wake up music right now.
I'll bet the nomination ceremony is coming up soon.
(Stop staring at us Russell! You are so damn scary!)

Operation LML Aftermath - Flashback - Part #2

This picks up about 12:35 AM BBT, in the wee hours of this morning.

Jeff and Jordan both want to get to the bottom of the whole Russell-Michelle thing. They are laying in the HOH bed but are very far apart. It is dark but you can see Jordan moving her legs around as they talk. She is wearing her Hey! booty shorts and a T-shirt.

Frequent BB interruptions: WBRB, off and on.

Jeff says Michelle tells lies and he knows it.

Jordan: I don't want her to sleep down there 'cause she'll talk to him. I'll trust Michelle over Russell even though she's lied to us. The only thing is when we just asked her if she would put Russell up next week and she bounced around and didn't really answer.

Jeff: I know.

Jordan: She wanted to get Kevin out---maybe she and Russell are working together. I just don't want to make the wrong decision and regret it, just because somebody's telling us something.

Jeff: I know. I know. Fuck, man.

Jordan lays on her stomach and seems like she's tired of talking about it all. Jeff yawns and puts his right hand on her back.

Jordan: We need to think about just you and me. And quit worrying about everybody else. The only reason why I want to get Russell out is that she's saying that he's coming after you next week. I don't want you to go home. But if we leave Natalie in then she is coming after you, too.

And they start going around and around and around again.

Jordan: All right. We'll just stick to Natalie for now, before the POV. Lydia doesn't like you either, so she's coming after you.

(I don't know if they've considered America's Vote instead of Chima's---Jeff is sure to get America's Vote so technically every single one of them should want Jeff out.)

So...Jeff still wants to win the POV and confront Russell and see what happens. If he doesn't win, they have to stick by Russell and see what happens.

Jordan: OK. We're done talking about it.

Jeff: I doubt it.

Jeff snuggles closer to her: I've never been under the covers (with you) feels so special!

Everything is still. Jeff wants to turn off the spy screen.

Jordan: You feel so skinny.

Jeff: I know.

Jordan gets up to get the remote.

Jeff: Close that crack!! (the light is coming through the pocket door)

Jordan: Yes sir!

Jeff, laughing: Make me pancakes!! (mimicking Jessie)

Now CockBlocker Michelle comes back in right when Jordan gets back in bed with Jeff. She was in the DR and was supposed to Twitter but 'it didn't work'.


Now Michelle has to turn the light back on. Jeff says it is 'Bright City'. Jordan tells Michelle they are 'done talking about it'.

Jeff wants to leave now because there are two many people in the bed and he can't sleep. (not ot mentions Michelle's night terrors).

Jeff: I'll be king another day. Back to the ghetto.

Michelle wants him to just hang out. Jeff has his glasses on. The lights go out and now Jordan talks about Michelle's scary story last night.

Jeff gets out of the bed. They are on slop as of midnight so Jordan reminds Jeff that he can't get a drink---only water for him.

They all rotate in bed so Jordan is in the middle and Michelle doesn't want to tell her ghost story. She's already told Jeff about it and they are all BS. Jordan shares her blanket with Jeff.

Michelle cant' shut up, of course, and says that when she went downstairs they are all still talking about Jessie.

Michelle is sitting up on one elbow.

Jordan: You act like you want to say something, Michelle. (ha ha ha)

Michelle: No, I don't want to say anything.

But she does anyway. They discuss what tomorrow will hold, when the veto will take place, etc.

Jeff has already checked out mentally. Jordan used to sleep with her brother and sister just like this. Michelle sleeps like this, but with her two dogs in the middle, so it's hard to snuggle with Tim.

Jordan's dog sleeps at her feet. Jeff mentions his cat sleeping the same way.

Jordan, quickly: Ooooh. You have a cat?

Jeff: No, when I was a kid.

Jordan: Oh. Good.

Michelle: You don't like cats, Jordan?

Jordan: No. They're suckups.

Jeff: Dogs are suckups.

He gets out of bed and we get WBRB.

End of Flashbacks.

Operation LML Aftermath - Flashback - Part #1

This Flashback begins at 12:00 AM BBT this morning.

Jordan walks quietly up the HOH with a blanket around her, with Jeff closely following. Michelle is waiting up there and they get started right away.

Jordan: We're going to use Teddy Graham so look at voting.

Michelle: Theres no voting advantage this week---we need to get rid of Russell.

Jordan: We're going to backdoor Russell.

Jeff, from the BR: Now? This week?

Jordan tells him to finish brushing his teeth and she and Michell both wait. Michelle's face looks like she smells something bad. We hear Jeff make that throat sound that men make before they spit.

Michelle thinks they are going to have to hide the food. I guess from the Coven, or from Russell.

Jeff pees with his microphone on. They still wait. Finally they start giggling and Jordan tells Jeff to 'Take it all off!" The girls giggle and Jeff says "What?"

Jordan: You were the worst partner in the world in that competition. I was trying to communicate with you.

Jeff: I was trying to communicate with you and tell you that chocolate is not red!

Michelle: Russell wasn't communicating at all--but he's gone.


Jeff: I just got out of the DR, and I'm not talking about the DR, but my thoughts changed when I was in there. Let's talk about the advantage and disadvantages.

Michelle summarizes the advantages of getting rid of Russell: If they win HOH, they don't need his vote. (Jeff: IF we win HOH.)

After prodding from Jeff she admits that Russell said he wanted J/J out, and even said it today. She said Russell told him that he had to get them out as soon as possible.

Jeff: What about our Final 4? Huh?

Michelle: I know. Any week that we don't win HOH is a week that one of us is going home.

Jordan thinks this week might be an endurance so they need to get Russell out first.

Jeff: What about Russell saying he'd drop if that was the case (so I can win).?

Michelle: Well, he's winked at me and said 'we need to win this week'.

Jeff has no problem going head to head with Russell. He thinks that Russell might hypothetically be after him, but he knows for sure that the other side is gunning for them. He thinks that if Natalie is gone, that will hurt Russell since they seem to be aligned.

Jordan: But if we do it this week we only have to deal with him one day. (The veto ceremony must be Wednesday.)

Jeff: I don't care about dealing with him. I'll just confront him about the lies and then let him go sit in a room all by himself and worry about it.

Michelle thinks that if Russell 'goes psycho' trying to get the POV then they will know he is trying to save Natalie and he is totally exposed. If Russell won and took Natalie off, then they would have to nominate Kevin and Lydia would go home.

But Jeff doesn't think that Russell would go against them so early in the game, and that Russell is stupid to mess up the Final 4 deal.

Michelle points out that Lydia spends a lot of time with Russell and that might be a problem, too.

Jeff: I say we get Natalie out this week and then Russell next week.

Jordan: If you (Michelle) win HOH next week, would you put him up?

Michelle points out that everyone could play for Veto next week, and that he would have th ability to remove himself.

None of this seems to scare Jeff.


Jeff: I still say we should get Natalie out.

Jordan, from bed: Even if we have the chance to get Russell out?

Jeff: Well.....let's just see what happens with the POV.

Jeff is pissed about Russell's betrayal and plans to confront him if Russell asks why are you doing this? He has a list of problems with Russell and many of them involve his implied allegience with Natalie. Jeff will say it all in front of Michelle so there will be no lying.

They don't even consider Lydia in any of their strategies or plans.

Jeff: Lydia has nothing left inside...

Jordan: Yeah. Lydia is like a waste of space.

(That crazy bitch might end up winning this!)

Michelle says that Russell thinks Jordan is dumb and has never liked her. Jordan lets this sink in and looks to the side.

Jeff: I say we just get Natalie out and worry about next week. Who gives a fuck about Final 4 when there are still 7 people in the house. They might win and we will get booted. Let's just get out who we can this week. Russell thinks he is going to win every challenge---he's not. He's not that good.

Michelle: I just think if he wins HOH we won't even get to the Final 4.

Jordan: It would be me and you (Jeff) or you and Kevin.

Jeff: I would hope it is me and Kevin. Because then I would have the votes. Natalie for sure is going against me.

Michelle thinks Jordan would be up with Jeff so she can't vote for him.

Jeff, not bending: We would have to win Veto to take one of us off.

Jordan doesn't want to see Jeff go home because they didn't get Russell out if they have a chance to do that.

Michelle: He's full of lies. He sits here and says he wants any one of us 4 to win the game, and then comes to me and says he wants you two gone.

Jeff is sitting in the round leather chair and uses his hands a lot while talking. Michelle and Jordan are in the bed, but Jordan gets up now and turns out the lights. She's 'trying to get tired'.

Jordan: You know how you get scared about the 'little girl thing'?

Michelle: Oh, what is that?

Jordan: It's like, right there...

WBRB. They don't want us to hear about the Little Girl Thing, apparently.

Now back and all quiet in the HOH. Jeff gets in the bed for the first time. He's never been under the covers in there. Michelle is in the WC right now and we hear the toilet flush. Jeff asks Michelle to close the BR door. She has some trouble with it--its a pocket door--so Jeff give her some instructions.

Michelle leaves.

Jordan: What do you think? Do you think she's lying?

Jeff: I don't know. Someone's lying. We need to get them together and find out.

Jordan: I believe Michelle because she's told us what Russell says, and he doesn't mention talking to Michelle. And she knows that the girls are after her--she must really want Russell gone to change things up.

Jordan says Russell 'wasn't that great' in the golf thing, but if it's an endurance competition....

Jordan: I'm going to go by what you're sayin'. And I hope we're not makin' a big mistake.

Jeff just wants to wait for the POV. Jeff is going to try hard to get it. Jordan thinks it would look better to save Natalie and would win some favor with her.

Jeff points out an inconsistency in Michelle's story about what room she was in and when. (its confusing)

Jeff: What if Kevin is making a Last Minute move (ha ha) to save his team. Don't you think that it is weird that he's reaching out to us now?

Jordan has a hard time trusting Russell because of all his lies. She thinks that if they leave him in the house, all of the others would put up Russell, except Natalie.

Jeff: That's why we need to get Natalie out. We need to get Michelle and Russell together.

Halfway point of Flashback.


Operation LML - Flashback - Part 2

The great thing about the Flashbacks is that you can pause them while you type--very useful when there is so much action going on at the BB House. This recap picks up at about 8:37 PM BBT.

Still just Jeff and Kevin on the patio. Chatter is much the same as in Part I so far. Basically Jeff is making it sound like a Backdoor plan.

Kevin: Jeff, if you did happen to go....I would owe you so much...

Jeff wants to smoke more--all this talk---so he goes inside to get more coffee.

Natalie and Lydia are playing cards in the dining room and were probably peeking out the window at the progress of Operation LML.

Natalie says they requested the cards in the DR yesterday.

Jeff, laughing: Damn. Lydia gets whatever she wants in her.

Natalie says Chima got the beauty products for them.

Jeff: I might threaten to break a window to get what I want, damn!

He mentions the hair dye--when he saw that he knew that was a kiss ass item.

Lydia: Jeff, do you see what I am wearing? Do you see it? I even slept in it!

Jeff: You slept in it? (even the makeup Jeff, for two days straight)

Lydia is still in process on Natalie's hair--she is braiding it now. Kevin comes in to fold clothes and towels and leaves the room.

Natalie is smirking after he leaves. She can hardly contain herself.

Lydia: You don't have any friends like me at home, do you?

Natalie: No. From Day #1 when I saw you I was like, she needs to go first!

Lydia: What an asshole!

Natalie: First impression of Lydia--she's out of the house (she said that to the DR).

Lydia: At least I said it to your face. Don't even go there with me, Pipsqueak.


Natalie, fingering braids: Dude, if this gets messed up in the Veto competition.....

Lydia will help her wash them if so.

BB: Russell, Knock it Off! (Russell is not on camera right now)

Kevin comes over and whispers to them, basically finding out their plans tonight--how much longer on the hair, etc. Natalie mouths some words at hime and smiles. She knows the conversation with Jeff went well.

Kevin is stone-faced but Natalie is smiling and now Lydia is, too.

Natalie, laughing: Now get the fuck away from us. (he doesn't)

Lydia really has to pee but getting out of the costume is so hard. Last time she got the zipper stuck and was really worried. (the hotpants, the unitard, it's a lot)

The table looks like they were playing what I would call Concentration, where you spread out all the cards and try to find matches. Kevin threatens to slam down laundry on the table to mess up the cards but starts playing with Natalie instead.

The big metal bowl in the middle of the table is chock ful of Granny Smith apples, avocados, and two bright oranges.

Lydia: Natalie you sound like an angry cheetah! (she is getting upset with the card game)

Natalie starts knocking down pairs of cards like crazy--she's good.

Lydia: Alicia Keys over here....

Lydia wants to get really ghetto one day with Natalie's hair and twist and tie the braids, etc. Now Natalie points to cards she can't reach for Kevin to flip over for her. Kevin calls her a wench.

A few minutes ago we saw Russell pull on a T-shirt and head outside. No cameras followed him.

Now the cameras shift to the HOH BR, where Jordan is sitting cross-legged on the floor talking to Michelle who is perched on the side of the tub.

They are both stark naked. (Ha ha just kidding.)

They are talking about the votes this week--maybe if they backdoored Russell. Jordan wants to know if they should put him up first, or try to backdoor him. Michelle thinks that almost all of them are playing for the Veto.

Jordan: We do know that almost everyone wants him out.

Michelle doens't know who Lydia and Kevin will put up if they win next week. Jordan is using a flatiron on her hair. They don't think Russell will ever go to sleep and leave them alone.

Michelle: He's been neurotic from Day #1.

Jordan says when she and Jeff are alone, they are just talking in general about what they need to do, and aren't plotting against Michelle (true).

Jordan: Russell needs to go.

Michelle thinks people watching might be bored.

Jordan: I know! We talk about the same thing over and over, dont' we?

Michelle warns against acting cocky. Jordan wants to have 'study groups' every night to get ready for the competions. Jordan is using a little device for flossing and she loves it. she is a big stickler for dental hygiene.

Michelle mentions the focus that Jordan had during the hole-in-one game. She thinks its great that she didn't get rattled at that point. Jordan wants to lose Russell and pull in Kevin because he's smart.

Michelle doesn't want to sound like an asshole, but she's smarter than Kevin. Jordan is going to town with that flossing device.

Jordan reminds Michelle that Russell has won $20,000, and if they both leave now they only get the stipend.

Michelle: ...which is great. Of everybody in here, we have the most motivation Jordan.

Jordan: If me and you make the Final 2--people said that we would make it very far. She remembers after one of the big fights Kevin told her that she just wasn't very good at Big Brother.

Michelle: Casey said kind of the same thing to me. That's why we had a beef.

They discuss how Jessie did Casey wrong. Jordan has margaritas mix in the fridge and says we can't forget that.

Jordan: If you get HOH again, do you get a different letter?

Michelle: Hmm. I guess.

Jordan asks her if she wants an orange soda.

Michelle: No, I'm allergic. Orange equals yellow plus red...

(She's allergic to red food dye.)

End of Flashback.

Whew I'm exhausted.

Operation LML - Flashback - Part 1

This Flashback occurred at 8:00 PM BBT last night. Once again, shout out to Jokers for all the great Flashback links. Russell is still obsessed with playing Solitaire and mentions to Jeff that 'they' told them to go to bed early.

Jeff acknowledges this, but doesn't think 'he' meant 'right now'. He says Jordan is upstairs taking a bath and he wants to go outside. Jeff starts putting away clean dishes in the cupboards. His weight loss is noticable in the jeans he is wearing.

He made some coffee and poured himself a big mug of it.

OK. He goes outside to light a smoke and **aha** Kevin is there.

Jeff: What's up? How you doin'?

Kevin: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Jeff, inhaling deeply as usual: Yep.

Kevin: Well, wer're getting to a point in the game where tough decisions have to be made and friendships have to be broken and stuff. I do want you to know that I am appreciative of Jordan not nominating me this week. I don't know if you have anything to do with that...

Jeff: Yeah, you're not up.

Kevin: I want to establish a relationship with you and let you know that I'm looking out for you from this point only. In this game I haven't backstabbed anyone or lied...

Jeff: Yeah, you've been faithful to Lydia.

Kevin: Well, I realize that that will need to change. The girls warned me not to tell anyone any of this, but yesterday in the Red Room when we had the whole 'childishness thing has to stop' conversation, and then the barbeque and everything.....

Jeff is listening, smoking, and saying 'Yep. Yep.' frequently as necessary.

Kevin: Then the girls went into the DR and when they came out I had basically told them that Russell and Michelle were in the Swim Room and warned them not to start anything or to go in there. ***stammering a little** What they did, was to sneak up on the room and start listening. I only heard a little bit about it. Basically the gist of it is that Russell was confirming their Final 2 status and he was calming her down, saying that we need to put up with these girls a little longer and that next week is important because they need to split up the couple and then everyone after that is dead weight and we can stick together to the end. The girls don't want anyone to know because they want to tell you about it in the Jury House, you know...

Jeff, very calm: Well, it's very interesting that you say all that, because I was just up in the HOH room talking to Jordan, and we were saying that it is time for you to make a move, too. I could tell you a lot of things about Russell, but I won't do that here. Kevin if you hadn't voted for Jessie to leave, he would still be there. And its funny that he talks to Michelle, and then she talks to Jordan, and she relays everything to me and we were thinking about getting Russell out, but saving it for next week, but maybe with this new information...

Kevin: I don't want to be a shit starter...

Jeff: Well, I already knew all that.

Kevin: And I don't want to betray the girls.

Jeff: Oh, don't worry about that.

Kevin: The girls...they really want Michelle gone. They aren't gunning for Jordan right now.

They start to figure out that only one person won't play in the Veto, and that person would host it.

Jeff: We were just thinking, that if one of you one the veto and used it, we'd have to put Jordan up...........Russell doesn't know that I know that he voted against me after I saved him and he said that to my ally Michelle.....and I can't get a minute alone with Jordan with them two..

(Kevin probably can't believe that it is going down like this---I think he realizes that it wasn't a lie, after all..)

Kevin: I just figured that you looked out for me in this game...and I've never lied to you in this game...

Jeff says the timing of this talk is great and that Jordan wanted to talk to Kevin about the game. It is hard to get her alone and Russell is 'Paranoid City'.

Jeff: I told him, that maybe he might stay and Jessie would leave. He said he hated Jessie, and then he voted for him to stay!.....(talking faster and faster now)...And he said out here when he was drunk 'I will backstab you', so....

Kevin: He said that. He totally did.

Jeff has been strategizing the votes and the possibilities for the next few weeks. Kevin said that if wins HOH then Jeff and Jordan are not his targets, 'for sure'.

Jeff thinks the best-case-scenario would be for Russell not to play for the Veto--basically the old Six Finger or Backdoor plan (except he doesn't call it that).

Kevin: In my mind I was already thinking that one of the girls was going home this week, but then next week you're screwed!

Jeff: I know. I know.

Jeff wants to get a minute alone with Jordan so he can talk to her. Kevin understands that he has to betray people, but he is hesitant. Jeff assures him that he and Jordan will keep it quiet.

Kevin: He thinks that we all suck---we've hardly won anything--so I can see that he thinks we're all deadweights.

Jeff: Oh I know he's coming for me. Not Jordan. I know that! But look at how many chances their are--if someone else wins, he losees.

Kevin: But he thinks Michelle is on board with him...

Jeff thanks him again for the conversation. It has been going on about 12 minutes now.

Kevin: Right now, the girls aren't super happy--Yay Jeff--with you, but they are really, really pissed at Michelle.

Jeff: I know they're coming for me, they want revenge.

It's a big Thank You party right now. Kevin is going to secretly look out for Jeff now. Jeff says Russell is so paranoid and he is always there. Jeff hasn't had 10 minutes with her. Russell plays his cards too soon---he has the need to tell everybody what they are going to do.

Jeff: Like I didn't talk to anybody about what I was going to do (i.e. the CDT). I wasn't allowed to, but I didn't need know?

They discuss the continued Hinky Votes and they think they are all him. Like with Casey...

Jeff: Imagine thinking you are about to go home, and then being told that you're staying. Wouldn't you do whatever you could do for that person who saved you? Wouldn't you? And instead he votes against me....

Now Jeff tells Kevin that Russell keeps bringing Kevin's name up for nominations and always seems to want to save Natalie.

Jeff: Why?

Kevin: They had something with Jessie.

Jeff: The thing with the phone call was a low blow and he overplayed it. He's a horrible actor and Natalie didn't react like she should have. I think it was a show to make it look like they're not together. He plays every fucking side, dude. He thinks he has Michelle too. He keeps saying Final Four to me and I think, 'with me?, with the way you voted?'

Now they are just repeating everything again and Jeff is digesting the information. He thinks he can calm Russell down if he is on the block--he can placate him.

Jeff: Dude, he's so paranoid.

Kevin thinks that the jury might vote agianst Jeff in the Final 2 if he was with Russell.

Jeff: Out of spite. I know. But that's so far away right now. I think I could make amends and make a case for myself.

Kevin: Chima is the only one I heard say that there was no way Russell would ever get her vote.

Jeff doesn't know if Jessie would respect his game play or be bitter. Kevin says Natalie thinks that Jeff made a smart move for him.

Jeff spits a few times and it is very loud. Almost 25 minutes of talking now.

Brief FISH - 3 seconds, and we're back.

Jeff references Brian from BB10 who made too many deals with everybody, right off the bat. Jeff thinks Ronnie did that, too.

Kevin: You can ask Lydia---I haven't said Final 2 to anybody--not even her. He said 'Final 5' to a few people, and they're all gone now!

Jeff says he hasn't even said Final 2 with Jordan. ( I think that's true.)

We're over halfway with this Flashback so I'll post Part 1.