Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pot, Meet Kettle

Michelle gets called to the DR and stops by the WC on the way up there. After walking through the BR, she ignores The Braiders and vice versa.

Lydia mouths the word 'bitch' and they giggle.

When Michelle comes out there is silence and sounds at the sink. We can't see the sink, though.

Then when Michelle leaves they start the low talking.

Apparently they've never seen Michelle wash her hands. They saw her run water on them and then she patted her hair with her hands.

(No wonder her hair is always so matted to her head. I have always wondered what is up with that hair. So gross.)

Natalie repeats Michelle's apres-WC process again to make sure we all got it.

Lydia said Michelle told Jessie that she could never bond with him because of Natalie. Natalie gets the giggles over that one. There is some whispering about putting Tobasco in Michelle's makeup, or something like that.

WBRB (This means the We'll Be Right Back production screen if you don't know...)

Natalie: I just feel like I'm already going home anyway so I might has well have fun.

Lydia: They already clipped your wings....

Natalie did the math earlier that if there is a tie at the Final Two then America will probably cast the winning vote. They both think that sucks. (They should.)

Lydia tells Natalie she's born to lose.

The Many Talents of Lydia

She is talented. You might not agree with her taste, but she is talented.

She has started Natlie's braids. They are very, very thin and this is going to take some time. It's not like Natalie has a thick mane--she is actually kind of sparse in the scalp department--but the braids are really long.

Natalie is positive that Lydia is staying in the house this week, although Lydia claims her speech will make it hard for them to leave her in there. She will really attempt to fry Michelle, apparently. Lydia really wants to get to that jury house.

(Ironically, the HOH Teams wants to fuck with Lydia this week and make her think she's going home when Natalie is the actual target.)

Natalie wants to get her nose pierced again when she leaves the house. Lydia says that shit hurts. Natalie's boyfriend got a tattoo at the same time. Lydia asks if she wants him to tattoo her name on him. Natalie says no, but he can if he wants. She would never get anybody's name tattooed on her.

(Meanwhile, I'm sure Lydia is already planning her first Jessie tattoo.)

This is a good project for her, as it keeps her focused on something and keeps the food away.

Camera #1 shows us Jeff basking in the hammock--it's about 3:30 in the house so the rays shouldn't burn him too badly. Michelle is laying on a lounge chair in the middle of the yard.

No view of Jordan or Russell or Kevin. No Operation LML either yet, although I actually had the audacity to leave the feeds for a little while.

(We are expecting a storm here tonight and tomorrow compliments of Tropical Storm Claudette.)

Lydia tells Natalie they are going to be there awhile---Natalie better tell her a story. Natalie kind of blows off the request and asks her if her family is watching.

Lydia's mom is probably watching the TV show and her dad 'probably hears things'. She asks about Natalie's family.

Natalie: Well it's just me and my dad. When I talk to him on Tuesday I want to ask him if he's watching the feeds and....

WBRB while she goes into detail about the call.

Natalie wants to get off the counter stool and sit on the bed in the BR. Lydia says sure and she moves. It's going to be a long project. Someone who can talk needs to come in there and liven things up---and we know that won't be Kevin.

(I read somewhere that an insider said that Production was very disappointed in Kevin. If you remember the first show and the pre-show interviews made him seem a lot more sassy and bitchy so maybe they are disappointed. Remember the very first episode, when he called Natalie out on her age in front of everybody? Or maybe he got a load of that house full of crazy and changed his strategy. I remember that BB4 Erika said that she had to change her whole strategy when she got in the house and found out she was by far the oldest woman in there for the long haul.)

How long has Lydia been braiding? An hour maybe? I see about 8 braids. This is going to take awhile.


Pizza Pizza

Lydia's pizza is finally out of the oven and looks gross. It is covered with what looks like dog food but is probably ground meat. She hovered around the kitchen like someone was going to steal it and like she was going to starve to death.

She took a counter stool to the middle of the bathroom and goes to eat her pizza on it. I think she is planning to braid Natalie's hair or something and needs the chair for that. Natalie is actually bathing right now.

Jeff is still working out and has moved on to the weights. All 4 cameras shift to this view.

He and Jordan talk about eating slop tomorrow. Jordan thinks it looks and feels like snot because it's so slimey. It reminds her of 'lugee's. She needs Jeff to remind her about it tomorrow and he needs the same from her. He remembered about the slop after he drank some GatorAde (he got an extra day on slop for 'accidently' drinking some GatorAde last time).

I think that even as HOH Jordan has to eat the slop because they had the Have Not competition before the HOH competition. Maybe Michelle gets to avoid the slop because she was HOH at the time. I guess we'll find out tonight.

Jeff has lost about 10 pounds and has lost a lot of muscle mass. Jordan lays in the hammock and shades her eyes from the glare so she can watch him do barbell flies.

Jeff comments that he hasn't worked out in awhile.

Jeff: It helps your mind, too, you know?

Also: When Lydia was in the kitchen preparing her pizza, she whispered to Kevin that she thought that 'they' (Production) would try to help them with their plan. Kevin said Really? OK!

No FISH on that. So it must not be true. But who the hell knows.

Jordan is smiling in the hammock at something. Jeff whistles absently as he works out.


Body by Big Brother

All 4 cams on Jeff, working out on the elliptical. The machine beeps occasionally but Jeff is in the zone, getting the job done.

Kevin is watching. (I would, too.) I'm sure he's practicing silently how to approach Jeff with Operation LML.

Jeff doesn't even know what is going to hit him. Will he believe it? We already know he wants Russell gone--will this send him straight to Jordan to convince her to put Russell up?

When will Lydia's medication wear off?

Speak of the Devil... the cameras all shift to Lydia and Natalie whispering in the Red Room. Natalie wants her to go outside and call Kevin in.

Lydia: Why?

Natalie: So I can tell him some more of the plan.

She hurridly whispers what they just concocted outside before Jeff came out. She doesn't want to go out and ask Kevin to come in right in front of Jeff--too obvious.

How in the world will Lydia pee in that costume? It is the unitard but with hotpants layered on top. She better plan ahead....

She goes to the SR and roots around in the fridge. Of course she's going to eat. She hasn't stopped eating during her waking moments since Jessie left, it seems.

Lydia tells Natalie she bets Jeff is outside. She doesn't see the elliptical. Natalie 'bets her everything that isn't true'. And it isn't. Lydia calls Kevin outside and when he does she orders him to go to the BR to see Natalie, his Boss. Natalie jumps right into it, a mile a minute, adding refinements to the plan. Kevin thinks they should just tell Jeff, because Jordan will go up to Michelle and ask her if she said it, etc. Natalie thinks they should approach Jeff when he goes outside to smoke and they will play the Jordan part by ear. Natalie tells him to not do it now, since he just came inside. Kevin wants to wait as late as possible so Jordan doesn't have a lot of time to talk to Michelle.

Lydia is putting a pizza in the oven. Breakfast of Champions. She looks sinister in her cape. (Not.)

And Natalie's still at it with Kevin as Lydia joins in. It's quite a plan they have developed. Now they just need to implement the plan. Management 101, folks.


Jeff Hits the Kitchen

and exchanges pleasantries with Michelle, who is still half-clad in her bikini.

Jeff appreciates the clean smell in the fridge. He takes a few things out--BB must have filled the storage room with eggs because I hear Jeff scrambling some.

He wants to work out fast because he hasn't worked out in forever. Then maybe sit in the sun.

Michelle goes back outside, presumably to grab a chair with a good view of the elliptical trainer. Whereever she is, it isn't interrupting the whispered conversation of Kevin and Natalie, who are curled up together on the BY couch. They are really working their story out.

Jeff just took off his PJ bottoms in the Splash room and put on some workout shorts. He was wearing Manties, however. (Sorry girls.)

Kevin rejects an idea as 'too much'. He and Natalie don't argue-they work off each other.

Russell is in the pool with his arms crossed, looking down at his flexed pecs.

Are there every any BB HGs that don't have tattoos anymore? They all seem to be covered with them. Dr. Will is smart to have invested in Dr. Tattoff. All that ugly faded ink is going to have to go somewhere.

Michelle tells Russell that the reason why nobody has met scientists is because they are all always in the lab. They start talking about the rats but it is hard to hear with a big plane overhead.

A very loud plane.

Michelle gets called to the DR. Kevin says they need to remind Lydia that there is a half million dollars at stake. Natalie says she doesn't care and she just wants to piss people off. Kevin thinks part of that is a facade, or she just wants to see Jessie. Natalie snorts and kind of laughs and says 'Whatever'.

Natalie is planning to take a shower and 'do her hair'! Alert the media!


Operation LML

Or is it Operation SOL? Natalie and Kevin start whispering about it. They are building the back story, that it happened earlier and Chima told them to sit on the information so Russell would fry, or something like that.

Kevin: Yeah, because now that she's gone, why would we fucking sit on it?

I have to say Natalie hasn't skipped a beat since Jessie left. She jumped right in and built a new team and didn't seem broken or upset about it like Lydia did. She bounced right back after Chima left, too, although that benefitted her, big time, since it cancelled the eviction originally planned for Thursday.

BB: Kevin, please don't play with your microphone!

Kevin: Whaaaat?

Kevin's tank top is the blue-striped one today. His aqua sunglasses match the trim on his top. Their plan has something to do with 'after the hotdogs' and they are trying to tie their story in to some incident with Michelle in the Red Room. Natalie knows that the other side thinks Lydia is weak and that they can beat her later. Natalie points out that she hasn't heard them say that they don't like her....

Maybe Natalie's Plan B is to throw Lydia under the bus this week. (Plan A is Operation LML.)

Now Kevin plans out the next few weeks. They both assume that Jeff will be gone by then. They will have to 'put up with it until then'.

Natalie's Story: When Jeff was cooking the hot dogs and Jordan was in the kitchen putting together everything else, Michelle went back to the bedroom to get a sweater. I think they are going to try and make that the time of the Michelle-Russell F2 alliance. Or they were overheard re-confirming that alliance.

I'll say this: They are trying to be very careful about all the details. Kevin has rejected a few ideas because they 'dont' sound right'.

Still no sign of Jeff Schroeder.

Russell's slippers are way too big and he slaps around in them.

Ah--there is Jeff topless in the bathroom, blinking after putting in his contacts. Russell slaps through the room and slaps right back out. Jeff splashes his face and applies shaving cream.

He should get a shaving commercial out of this.

Outside: Kevin says he overheard Russell say, "We have to get rid of Jeff". Along with some commentary about Jeff and Jordan being two strong players. Kevin wants to make up a saying that sounds just like something Russell would say, to make it sound good. Then when Jeff hears that phrase from Russell's mouth (about something else) he will believe it. Natalie concocts the story of what happened after the lie happened (if that makes sense).

In short, a very tangled weave.

Jeff is a fast shaver and must not worry about cutting himself. He is scraping away with what must be a dull razor.

Two cameras focus on Kevin concocting the lies with Natalie while the other two feature Jeff shaving or Russell busily cleaning, in rotation.

Kevin, wheels turning: Wait...they would say all this shit with us in bed right next to them?

Natalie: Well, we could say..........


The tension builds...



Russell is still vigorously cleaning the kitchen, specifically the fridge. Michelle comments that now they won't get food poisening.

Michelle goes outside in her bikini where Jordan is already chilling on a blue raft in the middle of the tiny cement pond. Jordan has a T-shirt draped over her eyes and has untied the top of her bikini top. Her boobs are just covered, but barely.

She and Michelle start talking about the order of the compeitions and then we get WBRB.

After a few minutes we return and Jordan has gotten out of the pool and put on a yellow camisole. Michelle is coaching her to remember the order of who got nominated, who was HOH, etc. Michelle also tells her to look at the faces on the wall in case they have one of those facial-smooshing competitions. Jordan thinks she might be good at 'facial stuff'.

I think BB gave them some cards during that break. The only game Jordan knows is Slapjack. Michelle doesn't know that one and thinks she might get yelled at for hogging the cards. Jordan puts her new booty shorts back on as well as her microphone without being hounded.

Here comes Kevin, fully dressed. He got called to the DR a few minutes ago--I guess it was a quick one. Now Jordan goes...

She told Kevin about the fondue kit they found in the HOH last night and seemed surprised and happy about it. Two cameras show us Michelle slathering on lotion. She has lost weight, that's for sure. If we saw a before-and-after side-by-side in the same bikini it would be very apparent.

Natalie is up and rousting about in the SR fridge. Same outfit as yesterday, of course. That's our Natalie.

No sign of Jeff. Or Lydia, for that matter, since she caked on more eye makeup and went back to bed.

Now Natalie comes out in the backyard spewing the F word about having to go to the DR. Kevin tells her that it is probably to get ready for the show tonight (CBS). Natalie and Michelle ignore each other. Natalie's voice is very slurred and sleepy.


Dishpan Hands

Russell is really going to town on the kitchen. He wheeled in the big trashcan from the storage room and he and Jordan started taking leftovers out of the fridge and dumping them. Containers of leftover Chinese, pasta, pizza barely wrapped in foil, etc.

Russell even takes out the shelves from the fridge to clean them. The whole fridge smells fishy and he wants to fix it.

Lots of camera closeups as Russell washes and wipes and rinses with the sprayer attachment.

Michelle is deep in thought in the backyard, staring away with a sour look holding her coffee up up to her face. She doesn't use the handle like the manufacturer intended.

She is wearing her Boston College T-shirt.

Nothing else going on.


No More Eggs

Michelle and Jordan go to the kitchen to rustle up some grub. Michelle isn't hungry in the morning very often, but today she is and wants some eggs.

Alas, they are gone. Russell used them all. No big deal. They go to the SR to get more. No dice on the eggs, though.

When BB had the 'Halfway' party for them, they had a big cake with pictures of themselves on it. (This is something they usually do every season.) They all cut their faces off and kept them in the fridge in the SR. Jordan looked and noticed that someone stabbed all the faces of the evicted houseguests.

Jordan: Who did that?

Michelle: Oh god, I don't know.

(Hello....Lydia? Queen Crazy?)

They take their cereal outside to chat with Russell. Jordan is wearing her new 'Hey' bootie shorts and tells Russell that they were too tight at first but now they've stretched and she likes them.

BB played the song 'Maneater' to wake them up. (Hall and Oates?) Russell said Jeff put his head up and said "Oh No....".

We see Lydia putting on yet more makeup while sitting in her bed in full Captain Unitard regalia. She slept with the makeup on last night and is refreshing it now.

Russell tells Jordan that he thinks that they are making Play-Doh models of Jessie because he saw them strewn all over the bed.

Jordan: That girl is weird. Just weird.

Russell gets reprimanded for bringing up DR conversations. He woke up and there were dishes everywhere from when Natalie & Co. were up all night eating. Russell just cleaned it up but predicts it will happen more.

Russell: Jordan's gonna snap! (imitating her accent) Hey Ya'll! Ya'll better clean your dishes!

Lydia clogs her peepers with yet more mascara. Russell is not very tactful about wanting Kevin out. He wants him to be the veto host, implying that he can't win it then.

Jordan: I don't get to pick who plays. But I can pick the host from who's leftover....

Planes fly overhead and Lydia moves her mascara wand to another eye. Russell likes the costumes they get for the competitions. Russell wants to wear the chicken suit for Halloween. (Totally copying Jeff, who said that last week.) Michelle thinks the little pink jumpsuit they got will work in so many situations and so many ways.

They chat about what Jordan has to say at the Nomination Ceremony. Michelle jokes about how hard it is to pick nominees this time.

Lydia goes back to bed. Of course. No sign of her compadres. She covers her head entirely with a blanket, like any standard loonie would do.

Outside Russell points out that if Kevin goes to the Finals, he will win against any one of them, due to his friends in the Jury House. (Jessie ain't his friend, Russell.) I guess he means Natalie and Lydia.

Russell asks about Jordan's brother. He's a landscaper. Russell is glad he's helping her out (he's making Jordan's car payments.) and says his sister is helping him out with a few bills, too. He claims to have no savings (?) and says he was thanking her for helping him and she pulled out a formal document that he had to sign that will require him to pay interest.

Russell: I'm grateful. If she didn't help me out I wouldn't be able to do this.

When the dining table was replaced with a smaller one, it really hit Russell that he was on TV, and on the show. Jordan didn't really watch it that much, but saw the show when Jen (BB8) was crying about her picture on the wall--Jordan thought it was stupid and changed the channel. Russell said he initially hadn't watched the show but after the initial talks with casting, he started boning up fast. (He was one of the CraigsListers.)

He mentions how Ronnie knew every single episode of every single reality show.

Michelle: Well, you see how much that helped him.

Russell wonders if he has any time to spend with his wife. Michelle said don't forget he is also a gamer and that takes hours and hours. She had a friend who was kind of addicted to it and they had an intervention for him and he is totally different now.

Lydia's mountain of covers and blankets moves around a little.

Russell used to hear Chima's cackle every 10 seconds. They had some sort of competition where they asked the HG questions. Michelle said the questions were interesting, but she didn't really want to tell them and put that out there. One question was 'what was the hardest thing you've ever done' and Michelle told them hanging from that rope and they said, 'Really? The hardest thing in your whole life?"

They also asked Michelle some question about marriage and what would make it break up. Michelle says there are certain things that happen that you can work on and others you can't. Like if you can't trust them, or if you don't have any patience with each other.

Russell asks Jordan what she's thinking about.

Jordan, biting her thumb: Oh, just thinking about my laundry.

So now they move over to the laundry area and talk about how hard it was to clean some of the items they wore in the last HOH competition. Michelle is going to wash it when she gets home. She had to eat cream cheese and sauerkraut at one point related to Russell. They go back int he house and discuss tossing all the chinese food and other crap in there.

The HG can't eat tomorrow--I guess it was part of the food challenge. Jordan says she can't, either but I think she forgot she was HOH.


Grandpa's Not Going to be Happy

Michelle and Jordan are awake in the HOH--BB just woke them up.

Jordan lifted up her bright pink T-shirt to put deoderant under her left arm and unknowingly exposed most of her left breast, up to the bottom of the nipple. (Looked good, too.)

She was looking in the mirror and didn't flinch--I think she's still sleepy. No such luck with the right breast. She deoderized the right side without incident.

She's lost 2 pounds. Michelle says they haven't been eating real food--its the candy diet. Michelle is full of news about a double-eviction week. She think's it will be this week and tells Jordan about previous seasons.

Russell is up and about in the kitchen and is making breakfast, I think.

Jordan, back in bed: If Jeff goes home before Russell, I'll be so mad. He's already won $20,000.

Michelle says if Russell wins HOH he will put Jeff up. Jeff has to go if they are going to make it to the Final 2 together.

Russell uses the rest of the eggs in the carton and folds it up for the trash can. I hear sizzling from his microphone. He washes his dishes as he goes, which is nice.

Natalie told Michelle that she was 'their Renny'. Then Michelle realized that Jessie hated Renny, and that Renny was crazy. Jordan said Natalie just wanted to be mean.

Jordan took a bath at around 2:30 or 3:00 so she doesn't need one now. She has said in the past that she has a problem with excessive sweating and has seen a doctor for it. She used to have prescription deoderant and it worked really well. Jeff thought that might not be good for her, since she didn't sweat at all.

Michelle said that it is really hard to get Jeff alone to talk. She has to be careful and make sure she speaks to both Jeff and Russell at the same time so neither gets suspicious. (It's not like Michelle and Jordan are hatching a big Operatin like Natalie, they are just chatting about their plans and aren't being excessively shady about it.)

Russell took his food outside and is chewing alone on the couch. Michelle gets up and is talking about how great it is to get little gifts from her mom---she always buys her the cutest things. Her birthday was right before the show started and her mom gave her the purple belted shirt that she wears in the house. Michelle's mom picks out clothes that show more boob then Michelle would buy, but she always likes them.

Jordan wraps a blanket around her and they both head down the spiral staircase.


More Thoughts on Chima,

while we wait for the BB day to start.

I think we've all seen the letter that Chima issued yesterday regarding her departure from BB. We all know being a huge narcisssist is one of her major flaws, so I'm not surprised that she claims she left of her own volition.

Here is a link in case you somehow missed seeing it elsewhere.

I think AGP is going to milk the situation tonight for all it's worth. Last week when Chima was HOH, the quickie promos for the show featured her cackling like a witch and I think they referred to her as a witch, or crazy, or something. I remember seeing it and thinking, "Wow, that was harsh!".

Now I hear that tonight's episode is being touted as the biggest blow up ever, or something like that. I'm sure AGP is smart enough to check and double-check everything through their lawyers to make sure there are no angles for Chima to work regarding some sort of legal action. But then again, I thought the Casting Department had enough intuition and experience to keep the crazy to a minimum. Not this year, apparently.

Well, BB is going to show as much of Chima's meltdown as they can, which unfortunately is probably going to include all the racist comments that she made. Chima clearly thinks that she is justified in her attacks on Russell, but it is also clear that she is a sick person who needs help realizing just how sick she is.

It will be interesting to see if she can leverage this exposure to acheive bigger things, or if she will face any blackballing reprecussions from CBS. She talked in the house a lot about wanting to get an in-studio position on The Insider or Extra, or something like that. (She said Mario Lopez is cleaning up in that job.)

I think Chima's hopes will be dashed, much like all of the broken glass she left in the backyard.

I also think she is going to be hard to control at this point. She has protected her tweets, so you can be sure she is unleashing a torrent of hate on Twitter. Chima was actually one of my picks for Final Two, but I think she is going to do something really crazy and demented now that she is unleashed on the world. I think certain people might even want to look into getting some extra security.

Yes, that kind of crazy.

Les Moonves just isn't going to let that happen. Hell no. Not on his watch. The CBS Eye will be upon her......

The Sandman

All in house are asleep. Some covers rustling, but that's about it.

I think Michelle is up sleeping with Jordan in the HOH but there are no cameras there. Jeff is in his bed in the Splash Room.

No snoring. Just sleep.

Misc. Action - Flashback

This Flashback took place at 12:00 AM BBT., earlier this morning.

Jordan is in the HOH eating Toblerone with Russell and Michelle. Jeff is there too listening to Def Lepperd.

Russell told her to take the ice cream downstairs and even took it down there for her. Jordan just discovered a package of chocolate for melting and dipping. They realize BB wants them to have projects to work on so they are going to dip strawberries in the chocolate tomorrow.

Russell asks Jordan if she requested Teddy Grahams--BB gave her a box of them.

Jordan: Yeah! I love me some Teddy Grahams!

Russell laughs at the way she talks. No one ever makes fun of her at home--everybody talks like that. Before taking the ice cream downstairs, Russell asks about a few of the flavors that are already down there. Michelle told him that the Mint Chunk and the Peach Cobbler were her's, and the others belonged to Chima.

Russell wanted the Mint Chunk and Michelle said "Sure, take it."

FISH now for some reason.

Now back to the HOH where Jordan absently uses cotton balls to remove her nail polish. There is a stack of about 6 Hershey bars on the glass table in front of her.

Now down to the Red Room where Natalie talks about Chima throwing the golf club and hitting something. And the microphone that cost $4,000--Chima said she didn't care.

Natalie: Then she said, well I want to go home anyway and they said, okay.

(I don't know if Natalie knows this for sure, or if she is speculating.) She is talking to Lydia and Kevin. Lydia is under the covers and her new pink hair is a shock against the pillowcase.

Natalie picks at her fingernails: Possibly the viewers...this week.

Kevin: Everytime I watch Big Brother, it looks like this person is going home for sure, and then something changes....

Lydia: Oh, I know....

Natalie started crying when she got that phone call from home. Lydia thinks she has a little bit of Picies (sp?) in her. I can't even describe how much makeup Lydia has on tonight. The sheets on her bed must be smeared with Maybelline. Natalie is still wearing the "Young Gunz" Tshirt. Lydia cheeks look swollen. From the crying? PMS? I noticed that she is constantly eating on the feeds now, since Jessie is gone. Maybe that is the reason.

Kevin comes back with a bowl of icecream or something like that.

Natalie has an evil plan for Lydia to approach Jeff with some information. She wants Lydia to go to him and ask for confidentiality, that she wants to stay out of it, but she wants to give him some information. She wants him to say that she is aware that Michelle has talked to Russell about a Final Two arrangement......

(Ironic that they think this is a lie---Russel and Michelle actually did make a F2 agreement, but no one knows at this point if that is real.)

Feeds immediately switch to the HOH Room.

Jordan feels that Jeff wants his space lately. Michelle has noticed that he gives off that vibe, too.

Michelle says she went downstairs and there was a big pity party for Chima....


Back in a few seconds and the are talking about how Chima intentionally destroyed property and didn't care. Sounds like BB told them that Chima is the only one who destroyed things but they sound skeptical. Jordan mentions that Lydia went on a rampage.

(I wonder if BB told Michelle about the Red M&M threat that Lydia made?)

Michelle thinks its funny that when Lydia goes off she says a lot of weird things out of the blue that seem like it is herself she talks about. Like she yelled at Michelle that she didn't get along with Ronnie because Ronnie had a crush on her but he was married.

Michelle thinks that Lydia really must think that Ronnie was in love with her, since she seems to think that everyone is in love with her. She thinks Lydia had something with Ronnie, because he gave her the top to his 'Space Princess' costume. Jordan is surprised about that. They discuss how in love with Jessie Lydia was (is) and how obvious it was.

Michelle: Like, when she said that I'm not bi-sexual, its because she's not really bi-sexual.

Jordan: Does your husband's family know you're bi?

Michelle shrugs.

Jordan: Now they do!

Michelle: I'm married now. They know I'm kind of wild and crazy.

Jordan is glad she partnered up with Jeff and Michelle in the beginning. After the 'whole thing with Russell' she saw that Jeff was a different type of person and she wanted to be near him. She and Jeff are really just good friends, though. She hated Jessie right away---just something about him. They were never welcome in the HOH room and said Kevin and Natalie seemed surprised when both of them invited the whole house to visit the room.

They all think Jordan's dumb and that she is getting used. Michelle says that once she gets out in the world and goes to school she will learn a lot.

Michelle: I love that you love teeth. I have a good friend that's a dentist.

Jordan, brightening: Really? A girl or a guy?

Michelle: A guy.

Jordan starts to tell a story about someone and got FISH. She feels that the way you keep your teeth shows your overall hygeine. Michelle smiles a lot because it makes people feel comfortable.

Jordan rambles on about how she and her friend Meghan always smiled and talked to everyone...

Back to whispering in the Red Room. Whatever Natalie is talking about 'has to happen tomorrow'. Now she wants Kevin to be the one to deliver the message.

Last night, I heard Lydia and Natalie plotting to try and make Jeff mad enough to fly off the hook and get evicted. They knew the way to anger him was to mess with his belongings. Maybe that plan has been squashed, though, or kiboshed by BB.

Kevin is going to say to Jeff thanks for keeping me safe, but please don't share this with the other two girls. He is going to tell Jeff that Michelle and Russell are plotting against him for Final Two.

Lydia just sits and looks crazy in her goggles, war paint and pink hair. Her costume says Captain Unitard on it and is much, much worse than the unitards worn in prior seasons. She is also wearing a cape, gold hot pants, and night vision goggles. The interesting thing is that it totally covers most of her tattoos. You can sometimes see the ones on her left forearm if she is waving it around, but the rest of them are covered.

Boy that Natalie is one tough cookie. She says she will not back down and I think we've all seen that.

Now Natalie picks a zit on her chin RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE GLASS. She says "I hear you" and I think she is talking about the people on the other side of the glass. So gross.

Natalie: They got a great shot of me popping a pimple.

And of course she doesn't go to wash her hands. The three of them are whispering so softly that I can't hear. Natalie is all game in this. All game. Now she's chewing her fingernails. Yes, the pimple popping fingernails. Ugh.

She made up a name for the plan--hard to hear but I think it is Operation LML--Last Minute Lie. (confirmed later--yes this is the name.)

They are basically just reading each other's lips most of the time and not speaking above a low whisper. Lydia comes back with a piece of Chima's chicken and Pringles--stuffing her face again. She feels like she sucks at each and every competition and like she has a new bullet wound after every one that she competes in.

Kevin: Natalie hasn't done much better!


Kevin, whispering: The thing about Jeff--he keeps a lot of things to himself.

If Jeff comes to Natalie or Lydia to ask about the story, they both are going to act suspicious, like , who told you this? And then Lydia will pretend to be mad at Kevin about it.

Natalie wants this all to happen early Sunday morning. They need to plant the seed before nominations. The sound of Lydia shredding Pringles echoes loudly in the background.

End of Flashback.

Jordan's Family Situation

This conversation occured back on August 3rd--I posted this recap on another website but am including it here because I think it is relevant to Jordan's HOH reign. She tells the story about what happened to her family. I remember that her voice was clear and steady, and she seemed kind of numb talking about it, like she had told the story quite a few times and could do it without emotion.


Her parents were married for 28 years and then her dad 'started acting really sketchy'. The family went on vacation and her dad got a lot of strange voicemails like 'hey hottie, what are you doing?'.

Her dad started traveling a lot for work, which was unusual, and didn't seem to go to the office when he was home. Then he got fired and they found out that he had taken out joint credit using her mom's name and maxed out a new credit card at $16K. Then they learned he took out a home equity loan that eventually made them lose their house because her Mom was on the hook for it, too.

Her mom saw that he was buying flowers on that credit card and a lot of other sketchy stuff. He also went on a lavish vacation and took someone with him.

So, her mom is left with a lot of debt and a badly-damaged credit history. Meanwhile her dad is hanging out with college-age kids doing god knows what.

Jordan has to live with her mom to help her pay bills. They live in a 2 BR townhouse that is owned by 'her friends sister's husband's friend'. Her mom is a bank teller.

It was a sad story but she told it very plainly, wearing a purple hoodie and answering Kevin's occasional questions. She has gradually started talking to her dad again but it is very strained. She misses him a lot but realizes that things have changed so much--neither of them are the same people and what he did impacted everyone in her family.

Jordan's HOH Room - Flashback - Part 2

This starts around 8:30 PM BBT.

Jordan continues weeping softly while she looks at her letter and sifts through her things.

Jeff, affectionately: Jordan!!

Jordan: It's okay. My mother's boyfriend must have helped her, that's all I can think.

(Jordan's money situation is really, really bad due to her parent's divorce. I will link to a post about that later.)

If her Mom had the money to move that is the only way she could have gotten it. It is really touching and kind of unexpected. She is so cheery most of the time that is so sad to see her crying and in a reflective mood. But she is still talkative and is enjoying the company.

Russell: Your Mom's pretty.

Jordan: Thank you.

Jordan says it's a church picture and they all look like they just rolled out of bed.

Russell: Do you want us to leave, Jordan?

Jordan: No, I'm just having a moment. Y'all can stay. I thought I would have a picture of my dad here but I guess my mom wouldn't send one.

Michelle comes over and gives Jordan a hug before leaving to go downstairs. Jordan asks her to take both cereal boxes down there. Russell says he is leaving to let her have her space and to 'get dressed up'. He gives her a hug and leaves.

Jeff says he is going to leave, too, and takes the headphones off and ties his shoes. He tells her she deserves it and he'll come back up later to listen to the CD. She says no, please stay, she just didn't have anything so say to Kevin and Natalie.

Jordan, crying: I just feel better now....before I left home, you think you worry about them when you need to help them...I didn't want them to struggle (starting to sob)... you know my brother's been making her car payment and in the letter it said things were doing well. Sometimes I would complain about having to share a room and in the letter she said Jordan you're getting your own room.....

Jeff says comforting comments along the way and just lets her talk without interrupting.

Jordan, sniffling: You know even if I don't win I hope I at least get $10,000 or something because my goal was to help get a house for my mom and my brother. She didn't mention my sister much so I wonder if she's all right. If something was wrong, they'd have to tell me, right? I just don't know how she would have gotten the money...maybe her boyfriend or my grandparents....

Jeff: Good things happen to good people Jordan.. I'm happy for you Jordan.

Jordan: Thanks for letting me win.

Jeff: You won it Jordan. You won it.

Jordan: I'm sorry for all the crying....

Jeff: It's okay! I kind of like it.

Jordan feels bad putting Natalie up. Jeff tells her not to feel bad---its a game and it has to happen. Natalie has a similar situation with her dad so Jordan understands.

Michelle comes back in with a bag of her own HOH popcorn. Jordan got Kettle Corn. She's happy she got some new nail polish. She keeps tearing up and taking deep breaths.

Michelle: Just relax. It's been a long day so just let it go.

Jeff: It's been a long few weeks.....

Jordan invites both Michelle and Jeff to sleep in the HOH tonight. Jeff declines, saying he's going 'back to the ghetto'. He might shower up there, though. And he'll 'kick it up there' and listen to Def Lepperd.

Jeff has a friend with a little room in his garage with a TV and there are 8 chairs and they all watch football games and listen to old 80's music like Def Lepperd. His buddy has clippings on the wall for one of the guys who is a fighter so Jeff knows that there will be clippings about him now, too.

Jordan got some tiny shorts that say "hey" and Jeff tells her that those are some booty shorts that are much worse than her grandpa seeing her kissing.

Jeff leaves the room and pinches her cheek on the way out. Jordan starts fighting back tears and she is losing the battle. Michelle starts biting her lip, too.

It's all just very raw up there. Just like when Michelle got her HOH room, there is a lot about her life they dont' know. But Michelle's life sounded great, and promising, full of love and career potential and friends. Jordan's life sounds kind of bleak and hopeless, in a tiny little town with financial and personal tragedy.

Michelle explains that she doesn't really cry in front of people and it's been a long day. Jordan begs her to bring up the picture of her husband and says she's serious over and over.

Michelle, getting up to hug her: I'm so glad I met you and you are so awesome and I'm so happy you got all this. You're helping to keep me sane!

Jordan: Go get your monkey and your picture and get your snacks and stuff. Bring whatever up here---your hair stuff and we can share it. Your stuff will be safe up here, too.

Jordan starts straightening all of the things on her little table. Lydia didn't come up to the HOH room because Jordan didn't invite her. Lydia called her a Ho and that is disrespectful.

Michelle leaves and Jordan starts arranging things in the bathroom. The camera pans the Red Room where the lights are already off and everyone is sleeping.

End of Flashback.

Jordan's HOH Room - Flashback - Part I

This Flashback started at 8:00 PM BBT and like all Flashbacks is an hour long.

Last night Jordan got her HOH treats. She got new pajamas from Forever 21 from her Mom, and she got Rice Crispies, Apple Jacks and other favorite goodies in her HOH basket. She is very excited about having Mountain Dew. She also got a little round pink scrubbie thing for the shower.

She is worried about what BB shows on TV about her relationship with Jeff. Her Grandpa would be very upset if he even saw her 'in the bed with a boy' and she is also worried about any sex talk that has occurred among the Houseguests.

Her brother is making her car payment while she is gone and little payments like her Victoria Secrets card, etc. (I'm sure she bought a bunch of new lingerie after getting her boob job in June.) Her Mom is a bank teller and had her hours cut back due to the economy but sounds like she is getting more hours. Everyone at the bank wants those Saturday hours.

Jordan's CD is Def Lepperd. She also wanted Journey or L'il Wayne CD. Earlier she was hoping that it would be Oasis What's the Story Morning Glory or Madonna's Greatest Hits. Jordan likes Old School Madonna and went through a whole list of songs on that CD---Borderline, Burning Up, Like a Prayer, etc etc. Michelle was excited about it and was surprised that Jordan knew all of those oldies. But Michelle is not too enthused about Def Lepperd.

Jordan has welcomed everyone to come up anytime and take a shower, have a snack, etc. Kevin likes the picture of Jordan as a child but Jordan doesn't like it.

Jeff: You can't help it--you don't pick out your clothes at that age!

There is a picture of Jordan and her friend Meghan and they are both tanned and blonde and healthy-looking. Her nickname is Jolly Meghan because she is always so happy. She tells the story again about Meghan and how they went to a beach party and walked down the beach to 'pop a squat'. She has to demonstrate this for Kevin, who has never heard of it. While they were squatting, Meghan farted and Jordan started laughing. She lost her balance in a patch of sandspurs and got them all over her butt. Meghan picked them off for her while her pants were down around her ankles. The next day she had little 'cherry dots' all over her ass.

Russell thanks Meghan for being a good friend to Jordan.

Jeff looks at another picture and says it is a good one. Michelle says "you did have nice boobs", but Jordan says that she used to always wear a 'water bra'.

There is a picture of Jordan as a child with a dog and she doesn't even know who's dog it is. They used to live in Louisiana and cheer for LSU. She got a box of Crest WhiteStrips and is struggling with the box, trying to get it opened. She finally uses her HOH key to slide the plastic off and sets it aside.

Jordan says her family goes to church on Sunday mornings and evenings and probably watches the show when they get home. She thinks the whole church must be watching and winces a little.

Jeff: Oh, relax!

Jordan: But I wonder if they saw us kiss that one time---that might bother my grandpa.

Kevin: Oh really?

Jordan: I was in the bed! With a boy!

In the letter it says that her mom has moved since Jordan's been in the house and now Jordan will have her own room. Jordan tells everyone that her mom lost their house after her dad left and Jordan had to put her furniture and curtains to her best friend's house since she had room to store them and to live there. Her bed is really comfy and she loves to sleep in it. When she moved back with her Mom there wasn't room for her stuff in the new apartment, so it's still at her friend's house.

She wants to know more about what is happening at home. Her letter is just one typed sheet with several paragraphs. She wonders if Meghan has bought the feeds. Her managers at the salon where she works during the day are diehard BB fans but probably watch the Showtime show.

Natalie has to explain how you get the live feeds and how much they cost. Jeff has the headphones on and is bobbing his head to the jams.

Jordan is explaining what her neighborhood is like---it's all cornfields and you get to a four-way stop and turn right and just drive and drive and drive and it's just nothing. She thinks she's been pretty good on the show and hasn't even cursed that much. Kevin can't remember her cursing very much.

Kevin wonders if BB called her mom and took the letter over the phone. Maybe they rushed it once Jordan won HOH. Jordan knows that her mom wouldn't have typed the letter.

Jordan, reading: It says, remember $500,000---got for it???

Jeff: Go for it.

Jordan: Oh...

Jeff: Maybe she did type the letter!


Jordan is really happy for the letters and the pictures. She's glad that Natalie gets a phone call.

Natalie is going to talk to her Dad on Tuesday. BB told her it would be a surprise but she knows it's her Dad. She hopes her boyfriend is there too so she can talk to both of them. BB didnt' tell her how long the call would be, but said it would be private.

Jordan remembers Cowboy having to talk to his family in front of everybody, and somebody mentions Jerry last year having to do that, too. She thinks it would be hard to talk in front of everybody.

Jordan's mom is a brunette and Russell asks about that. The picture he is asking about ws taken after her 2005 graduation. Jordan invites Kevin to come up and take a shower if he wants to and then he and Natalie leave.

Jordan, looking at brownie mix in her basket: I don't need to eat all of that!

Michelle almost started crying when Jordan started crying. Jeff did, too. He gets teary when he sees people cry, like in movies.

Michelle: Mr Sensitive!

Jeff offers to leave and let Jordan take a bath and relax but she declines. Jordan thinks she is going to cry in the DR.

Jeff: It's real! It's good!

When Jordan started reading she said "Hi Jordan, it's me Mom" and started crying. Jeff demonstrates how Kevin jumped up with his hands clasped, kind of clapping. Everyone laughs.

Russell thinks Jeff will get his turn next.


Close up on Russell watching Jordan re-read her letter silently. She starts crying again and then apologizes and laughs.

Russell: It's okay. I'm waiting on my friend Jeff to cry!

Jeff, lifting one headphone up: It's the music!!

We're at the Flashback halfway point so I'll post and recap the second half.