Saturday, August 15, 2009

It Ain't Over Yet

Jeff goes in the Splash Room and Russell is whining in a sad way about being sick of everything.

Russell: You don't know what it's fucking like....

My sense is that he is making an issue over Chima's terrorist comments in the DR.

FISH, immediately.

PS Jeff won a 7 day trip to Hawaii and is stoked. I think Natalie had it and he took it from her at the end.

Wild Imagination

In times like these, when we go to FISH I imagine all sorts of things happening in that house. A big meeting in the LR with Allison on the phone, a medical emergency with Lydia convulsing, or Russell throwing the grill through the back door.

But when FISH is over, it is usually a disappointment.

Like now. Just Kevin and Lydia in the BR where she still coloring her new do and wiping up the sinks.

Jeff in the backyard watering all of the garden plants. Jordan is being very soothing with Michelle, telling her not to let that group get her crazy, you have to do what you have to do, etc.

They talk about Russell. Jordan knows he's going to go up there and 'try to get up her butt' like he did when Michelle was HOH.

Jordan: He said he would lie and cheat and backstab. I just have to be careful.

Jeff enjoys the zen of gardening. The plants look good. Michelle asks how the garden is going and Jeff tunes her out. Jordan calls out for him to answer and he jolts out of it and says that it looks kind of dry and hasn't been watered much in the past few days.

Lydis is scrubbing at the color now and rinsing it out in the sink. It won't be long now...

Pink Pink Pink

Lydia has put on the yellow latex gloves and is putting pink dye on her hair. Natalie tells her that she is splashing dye on the floor and rug. She doesn't seem to care. Lydia is wearing her black halter sundress and looks odd with no make up.

Not ugly. Not at all. Just different and rather plain. Some supermodels are like that--very plain under all the flash.

Natalie is yapping the entire time. All about Michelle and blah blah blah.

Kevin again seems to be everywhere, everytime. He's here too, curled up at the bottom of the Quad Cam. Maybe he's playing with an identical twin who is actually in the house and no one noticed?

Kevin might really deserve to be the winner. He is playing both sides in a whiney, non-playing type of way. On both sides, he is the Little Bitch.

I can't say I like it, but I never thought he would outlast Jessie and Chima.


The Cukoo's Nest

Jeff hugged it out in the Green Room with Kevin and goes outside. He sits on the new grill and smokes a cigarette like crazy.

Now Natalie starts up with him and Lydia waits like a spider to jump into it.

Natalie is yapping, yapping, yapping about Michelle and her lies. Over and over and over.

Lydia says she just wants to get voted out. Now she's called to the DR.

Maybe the doctor is in.

The PeaceMaker

Is really tired but he is still working hard.

Jeff is in the Green Room with Natalie trying to talk it out. Natalie wears him down until he admits that he likes her and thinks outside the house she would be a great person and has a great heart. He just wants to leave it at the door and go outside and get in the pool with everybody.

(The Indoor Lockdown just ended.)

Natalie agrees and leaves the room. Turns out Kevin was sitting silently (of course) in the corner and starts trying to defend himself. It wasn't his fault if she was not listening, etc. He just said "The truth is....." at least 5 times when speaking one thought. Which is never a good thing.

That always means you are telling a lie, in my opinion.

Lydia is out on the couch in the backyard crunching through a bag of chips and talking to Natalie, who is curled up next to her speaking low. Lydia seems energized like she is ready to go with Round #2. She seems too happy to have just had that Major Episode.

Now Trivia again. Something big is up. I can feel it.

Russell Gives Up

and leaves the room, groaning in frustration. Jeff has his head down on the kitchen counter.

Michelle joins him: I don't want to get in these fucking fights but I have to defend myself.

Natalie is calling her a liar over and over and over in the Red Room.

Jordan, waving her arms: Don't say anything. Just don't say anything.

Jeff: Just leave it. Leave it.

Now Natalie comes in the kitchen and starts up with Michelle. She hopes they have a straightjacket ready for her when she gets out.

Natalie must have lost big time, because she is wearing hideous green plaid pants and a lime green polo shirt. I guess she has to wear the Golf Outfit for the week or something.

That will look quite smart next to Lydia's unitard.


Lots of whispering now, and FISH.

Russell is No Terrorist

and he goes there with it, mentioning the time when Chima said that and 'people were listening up there'.

Unclear whether he meant the people in the HOH room with her, or Production.

Because we got a FISH on that. And still do.

Damn. Usually this kind of thing happens way after dark. Showtime is missing out on this shit.

Now Michelle Gets Loud

and is quite a shrieker.

Natalie is going back and forth with her. Basically Natalie is saying not to engage Lydia and to leave her alone.

Michelle and Jordan try to tell her that Lydia opened the door where they were and started yelling.

Kevin is trying to disassociate himself with the whole thing, telling Jordan that he doesn't blame her for things that Jeff does--why should she blame him for Lydia?

Jordan is trying to calm things and is speaking pretty clearly. She points out that she and Jeff were on the bottom of the ladder for so long and now the game turns and people can't handle it.

Apparently Lydia called Jordan a Ho. (Whaattt? Lydia is calling Jordan a Ho? )

Natalie is denying blame for any unpleasantness in the house.

Michelle: Oh Natalie whenever something happens around here you are right there in the middle of things.

Natalie, yelling: Oh Michelle SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Jeff is at the kitchen counter picking at something by himself. He was a scary motherfucker for a few seconds there, yelling that if he wanted to break the window (in the Red Room) he would fucking do it and cause some unpleasantness....

Natalie and Michelle still go at it. Natalies is totally wrong, bashing Michelle and her accomplishments in the game. (What has Natalie won? Michelle won 2 POVs and 1 HOH.)

Russell just stands silently during this whole thing. Maybe he is functioning as security, leaning against the chest of drawers.

Now, Russell speaks.

Russell: He understands their problem. Let's just all get along. I know you don't like some of these people---life is like that. I see where you're coming from but let's just try to have fun this year.

Natalie denies everything---getting mad, starting anything, etc etc etc

Apparently there was a prize that Natalie really wanted and someone else got it and maybe took it from her. Kevin is under his blankie in bed and softly interjects that he can't interfere with Lydia's strategy, if that's what it is.

Thought the Drama was Over?

You thought wrong!

Lydia and Natalie just stole Michelle's beer from the fridge---she brought them down from the HOH today. Lydia poured the beer down the sink and is now begging to be sent home.

Lydia, yelling: You keep me in here? I"ll mess with your shit!

Jeff is speaking calmly to her and she is yelling back. She is going to win HOH and vote his ass out.

Jeff: You're the first person out of every competition---how are you going to win anything?

She is losing it and is in bed now, but is near hysterical.

Jeff: What is wrong with you? Seriously--what is wrong with you?

Lydia: What is wrong with me? First, you vote out Jessie...

Jeff: It's a game! Seriously, are you drunk?

Lydia is screeching that Michelle and Russell were the next two targets, not Jeff and Jordan. She is going to yell all week until they evict her.

Russell was right--both Natalie and Lydia want to be the first one to get to the jury house with Jessie for a week alone.

Jeff: I know that it's cool to be the craziest one in here. I evicted Jessie to get myself further in this game....

Lydia is for real right now---her makeup is gone.

Lydia, to Michelle: Go get your pills right now! Because I know you take them! MICHELLE IS A FUCKING PSYCHO BITCH!!

Lydia says Michelle is a fake blue contact wearing ugly bitch. Now she's starting on Russell. Jeff accuses her of being drunk. Lydia wants to go in the DR with Jeff RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW.


Jeff is talking calmly to Russell about ignoring her and keeping a distance.

Jeff, to Natalie: I understand you have a problem with Jessie leaving. I didn't have a problem with Jessie, personnally.

Natalie is cool with Jeff and his move in the game. Cool with Jordan and Russell, too. Her only issue is with Michelle.

Natalie is wearing her hair in little Mickey Mouse-type buns on either side.

Jeff: This is like a wonderful once in a lifetime type experience. Only one person will win. Only one person. Let's not make this like a bad camp experience..

I think Lydia is in the DR. Allison's assistant is probably brewing another pot of coffee.

No...Lydia's back to get a sweater or something and now she slams her way in the DR.

Jordan tells Natalie that Lydia just wants to get to the Jury House to get to Jessie. Kevin finally speaks up when Jeff tells them that if shit gets uncomfortable, if they mess with his shit in the house, things are going to get real uncomfortable.

Kevin is saying that he has tried to be the therapist in the house and that the strong women in the house can't be reasoned with.

Jeff just wants to jump in the pool and play pool and all try to get along. They've tried the other way and it doesn't work.

Jeff: Let's just be civil. A 'hello' here, a 'good morning' there, it goes a long way.

Natalie: I've been civil!

Whew. My hands are tired.

Jordan Wins HOH

and it is snowing in hell.

Natalie is glum and says she just has to win the Veto.

Lydia is in the shower, but needn't worry. She is small pototoes around there right now.

Question: Will Jeff get laid tonight?

Tick Tick Tick

and the HOH contest goes on.

We can assume so, anyway, since BB trivia is still onscreen.

And We're Off.....

We have had trivia on the feeds for some time now--I think the competition has finally started.

Earlier today, Michelle and Russell made a Final Two agreement. In the interest of full disclosure, I didn't see it for myself, but read about it on Jokers. Is it a real alliance? Can they really trust each other?

I wouldn't trust Russell with a 10-foot pole, but I think he may have to trust somebody at some point. Natalie is really the one on her own right now. Lydia and Kevin, Jeff and Jordan, and potentially Russell and Michelle are all fighting for each other. I think. Who the hell knows, really?

Prediction: I have a feeling that Natalie or Kevin might win HOH. I feel there is 0% chance that Jordan will win, so maybe that is what will actually happen.

In case you're bored, here is Chima's bio on, written by somebody way back in early July, when we were all much more well-rested and less jaded. I have a feeling this bio might not be up on their site (like this, anyway) for too much longer. I have a feeling they are going to make her disappear. And that ain't good for a 'freelance journalist'.

So let's review, shall we?

1. On this seasons first live show, Chima mentions live that Braden called Julie Chen a whore. Les Moonves, CBS President, was reported to be in the audience as he was spending time with his pregnant wife, and probably working a little out there as well.

2. Julie Chen never called on Chima during the live broadcast ever again.

3. Chima causes production umpteen heartaches over her adamant and profane lack of cooperation.

4. On last Thursday's live show, CBS and AGP were so worried about Chima flapping her gums uncontrollably, they pre-taped the 'Live' show for the first time ever! They can blame it on the Coup d' Etat if they choose to, but we all know what time it was that night. Les Moonves told someone at AGP simply to 'not let that happen again'. And it didn't, and wasn't going to.

Chima was great TV and a great houseguest in my opinion. I really liked her spirit and admired that she survived a brutal attack on her life. But she deteriorated rapidly and become so sour and hateful that it was intolerable. You could see the sparks of tension jumping off her.

I picture her now as a Medusa, without the charm. And that hair isn't far off, either.

What a Difference a Few Hours Makes.....

The HG are awaiting the HOH competition. Yes, the HOH competition.

Based on limited information, it seems to me that BB is going ahead with making this a Double Eviction Week, however Chima's untimely exit is being considered the first eviction.

Instead of having Thursday night's live show feature two HG walking out the door, they will only have one leaving, and will have the POV contest for this second HOH nomination sometime before Thursday.

Most of that paragraph is pure conjecture--the only real thing I know is that the HOH competition is coming up. I know that AGP already planned the competition and maybe even set up for it using expensive Union Labor, so they need to utilize the set and the game. There is no point in having a Veto competition at this point.

By the way, CBS is now saying they gave Chima the High-Heeled Boot out the door for violating BB policies. If you read my commentary on last night's Flashbacks I posted earlier today about my fantasies of Allison Grodner racing to the office and calling Les Moonves along the way. I stand by those projections, although I also think all of the AGP attorneys were rudely awakened as well. I'm sure the resident BB shrink was there, too. I watched the Ponderosa videos from Survivor this year, and the shrink rides with them after The Tribe has spoken to make sure their screws aren't loose. I know Survivor is a different production team, but I believe the concept is the same.

Here is a link to the article about Chima getting the boot.

I'd like to personally thank Chima because when I established this blog early last evening, it was kind of a last ditch attempt to build a BB following this year. The Chima Drama has given us all a burst of energy and served up something unpredictable for the next few days, at least.

Downtime and Pastime

Michelle came downstairs to keep Kevin company as he eats his salad. Neither of them know what is going to happen today, or if they still will have the Veto ceremony.

Trivia now.

The only thing that I'm sure of is that we wil have a lot of feed downtime today.

I am linking a post I added this morning that dates back to the wee hours of Friday morning, when everybody went up to see Michelle's new HOH room. I wrote it on another site that I used to post updates on. This blog is only about 12 hours old--I started it last night, but I think the post is pretty informative and is kind of fun so I cut and pasted it here.

I'm trying to learn how to take screen caps from the live feeds and get around some technical difficulties. Hopefully by the end of the day I will get some direction from the good people at BB Reloader. Maybe I can even link video footage here too someday.

The feeds came back and now Kevin and Michelle are discussing Chima. Kevin feels she is a strong woman and he thought she could handle anything and wouldn't break. He wishes he had better communication skills so he could talk to her about it---maybe he should have cried or something.

Kevin: I told her that I heard from the rules that she would get banned from Viacom. That includes BET, MTV--she understood that. And she understood that if you slander Production, they will sue you. She thought she had friends that would help her avoid that, but I don't think that's going to work.

Michelle: The point of getting evicted is not to ruin your life......She's a strong willed person and this game is her downfall. Things are a bit fluid here...

Kevin: Yes, I need to be more fluid.

Michelle gets called to the DR. Maybe she will get the answers she is looking for. Something tells me the Veto will be postponed or will not happen. It's almost noon at the BB house and there hasn't been any wake up call yet.

Maybe Production needed a break too, to recover from last night and to celebrate the exit of the Wicked Witch.

(That cackle....good god.)

Kevin's Fruit Salad

Not a thing going on in the BB house except for Kevin's preparation of a Big Fruit Salad.

He spent some quality time sawing away at a watermelon--the plastic knife BB gives them can only do so much. He carefully added blueberries and kiwis, and it looks like he hopes to add pineapple. He is using the green speckly Rachael Ray bowl to contain all of this colorful fruit.

No, he avoids the hard-t0-cut pineapple and spoons what he has into a small bowl. Now he adds some generic Cool Whip to the top, I think. It might be something else like sour cream or something, but I think it is Faux Cool Whip. Kevin carefully covers the big bowl with Saran and puts it in the fridge before enjoying his breakfast. Kevin doesn't wash his knife, but he does put it in the sink and wipes down the kitchen counter.

Michelle is visible checking her Spy Screen and is busy stringing beads, sitting on the HOH Floor.

Enquiring Minds...

Speculation is rampant all over the internet today. What will happen to the nominations in the Big Brother house today?

Will Michelle need to nominate another? Will a former houseguest return? The only one who can possibly do it would be Jessie, since he has not yet been exposed to the outside world.

Sure the fans would hate it, but the ratings would be sky high. They need to even things up a bit, after the earth-shattering tilt that the was the Coup.

Will they still have the Veto competition? Who will get Chima's lotion? Who took Jessie's two folded shirts that were stacked on top of Lydia's dresser?

****Only Time Will Tell, My Enquiring Friends****

Michelle has finished showering and tidying up her HOH Suite and has turned on her spy cam. She has a game or a craft set or something on the bed with her.

Kevin is applying lots of deoderant to keep him nice and dry today in what is sure to be a sweaty mess. He just got out of the shower and has a gray towel wrapped around his waist. Never one to promote nudity, Kevin puts on a tank top (the same tired green striped one ) and then removes the towel and quickly puts on jeans over his Tighty Blackies.

He is greasing up his do and patting it vigorously. Yes, he does have a haircare routine.

He wears those plastic bracelets at all times, even in the shower. And he always touches his wedding ring when he is live in the DR voting with Julie Chen. What a nice boy. Now he is brushing his chompers while Michelle strings beads with her craft kit.

I'm sure Kevin senses there is a lot at stake today. If he somehow manages to avoid being nominated, he is the only choice if one of the nominees wins the Veto and uses it.

If, that is, if things go the usual way. You know, after a crazy competitor DOR's.

Some of you may remember BB4's Scott disappearing after gathering all of the HG together to announce that he had anal warts. Soon after he became very violent and started throwing chairs. After a lengthy FOTH, he was gone. And BB had an outdoor lockdown to install a paper toilet cover dispenser in both the downstairs and HOH bathrooms. The girls in the house were crying because they didn't want to get the warts. It was classic, but Scott was a HG that no one really cared about. All he did was sleep all day after his depression set in so his leaving had no impact.

Chima, on the other hand, will be sorely missed. Good TV there. I suspect that the CBS site and the HG Picture Wall will be updated for her departure either later tonight or on Tuesday after one of the CBS shows. Sunday nights show usually covers the time from the HOH competition up until the time of the nominations. So Tuesday will be the logical time to tell the CBS viewers about Chima's Exit and show us how they chose to resolve it.

Of course, we'll all know the answers to those questions long before Tuesday night. I promise you.

Stay tuned.

My Two Cents

Lydia is playing a great game right now--she's hit her stride.

Jessie was a weak spot for her. Now that he's gone she's digested the loss much better than some of the others and is maintaining her relationship with Michelle.

She is also friendly with Russell and Jeff and Jordan. She's definitely not a target right now. I think Kevin would go before she does because something about his silence and lurking is really shady.

Lydia: There's no point in kicking and screaming on the way out. It makes you look stupid.

And then, whispering:

Lydia: They're going to make Chima look so bad......


Michelle and Lydia Chat

in the kitchen while Lydia crunches cereal. They are surprised Chima's picture isn't 'grayed out' yet.

Michelle askes Lydia about the rumors of messing with the other HG stuff--the HOH room is a 'palace' and she can't hear anything up there.

Lydia: I didn't do it. Natalie opened and closed the drawers but Chima is the one who touched things and moved them. She didn't tell us where she put them. The DR had to tell Russell where his rosary was hidden.

Michelle still respects Chima but wishes she had the inner strength to come see her and talk about it instead of just leaving.

Lydia says that it seems like no one really wants to be HOH anymore.

Michelle: It sucks. It really does.

Lydia mentions that she felt the producers stripped her of her power....

WBRB screen.....(control room)

Allison Says, Stop That!

All HG still sleeping, in spite of all that guacamole.

Here is a link to an interview with Allison Grodner that was posted on The Wrap on Thursday, August 14th. In it she discusses the reasons why the feeds get cut off, etc.

More importantly, she discusses La Chima's attitude and her attempt to leave the game Thursday night.


PS How long will it take for Ronnie and Chima to have some sort of webcast together? If she's not at the Hotel California, that is.....

Apres Chima - Flashback #1 - Camera #1

This is the first Flashback available after she is gone. Each Flashback is automatically one hour long---this one has FISH for 43 minutes straight and begins at 2:00 AM BBT.

So Chima has been gone about two hours--we think she disappeared about 12:45 AM, after BBAD had ended.

Russell is mixing up something after being in the storage room and said "guess who I learned that from" and got FISH again for about 30 seconds.

I saw Kevin lurking around and Jordan is sitting at the counter talking to Russell. She thought he was an asshole at first but doesn't think that anymore. Russell just opened a huge bag of chips---looks like he made guacamole. Jeff opens up a bag of pita chips---count on Jeff to try and pick a healthy alternative.

Jeff sits at the counter and starts munching. Jordan is sarcastic about thanking everyone for making these delicious treats in the middle of the night while she is trying to work out and do good.

Jeff: Yeah. It's like 3:00 am now.

Lots of crunching. And Russell is already cleaning up his messy dishes in the sink. He mentions using the guacamole tomorrow with pita break and grilled chicken...

Jeff and Jordan groan around mouthfuls of crunch.

Jeff: And grilled steak! Oh.....

No sign of Chima's posse on this camera. I may look at another camera shot of this Flashback when this is over since it is only 17 minutes long. I want to see how the Coven is taking the loss.

No one is tired. Jeff drank decaf tonight, but Michelle drank the real thing because she thought they would be playing golf all night. She's all hyped up. Jordan is a chip-dipping machine right now.

***comfortable silence with sounds of crunching***

Jordan: So, this is what it's like in the final four? (laughs) Just kidding!

Jeff: I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Russell: I feel strongly that they're going to try and make this fun. If we're the Final Four we'll have a good time.

Jeff: I hope they nominate another one and speed this shit up!

Jeff thinks with Natalie gone Lydia will lighten up a lot, but knows that there will always be something else to bitch about. Russell thinks they will need to replace Chima on the jury, but the others quickly disagree. Maybe America will cast that vote, they say.

Michelle mentions 'Rich' having to be up all night (DR guy). Jordan put her hand over her mouth and burped, still crunching up a load of chips. Michelle eats them one at a time and has her own bowl of guac, to avoid the risks of double-dipping.

Jordan: I HATE YOU for making this so late at night!!

Jordan tried to stay off Chima's bad side. Russell doesn't care, though. He was happy to take her on and would do it any day of the week. He loved it, he smirks, crunching.

They think it's Saturday night. (It's really Saturday morning, or Friday night.)

Jordan: It's 6:00 in the morning in Charlotte right now!

She hates Diet Coke at home, but loves it here in the BB house. The bowl Russell used for the guac looks an awful lot like a Rachael Ray Garbage Bowl---it is speckly looking. If that is indeed a word.

The crunching stops. It was an intense 10 minutes of snacking and there was a ton of red onion in that stuff. Michelle couldn't take a bath because there was no hot water left--everyone took showers and did laundry, etc.

Somebody walked by with Chima's Ped-Egg and Jordan looked to see what she was holding. On Thursday, when the Coven was distraught about Jessie leaving, Natalie cheered up over the prospect of new beauty products. Maybe the Ped-Egg will make her feel better about her friend Chima.

Russell, scooping up guac: You know, the first meeting she's going to have is the Legal Department. (meaning Mama Grodner, I think).

FISH and end of Flashback. As Ronnie would say: SCENE!

Chima's Exit - Flashback #2 - A Few Hours Earlier - Part #3

Just when I check out, Chima checks back in.

She and Lydia went over to the washer and dryer to check on things and then stand by the pool table, bitching. Natalie calls something out across the yard and Lydia starts mouthing off about how his threatening behavior was acceptable.

Chima is talking, too but you can't hear. BB responds by jacking up a nearby microphone and suddenly Chima is louder.

Lydia: I hate weak submissive women who act like victims.

Chima: I'm not going to worry about her. I'm not going to worry about anyone......And it all comes back in the end (singsong voice).

Chima heads inside to wash her hands, closely trailed-slashed-supervised by Lydia. The camera stays on the boring shot of Natalie and Kevin putting, but we can hear Russell's steaks sizzling on the grill. (BB turned that mic way up. Sounds delicious.)

Natalie is a heavy breather so we hear that now, too, since there is no conversation to mask it.

The Camera switches to the kitchen, where Jordan and Michelle eat at the counter and Chima shuffles in and gets water, bangs dishes, etc. Russell comes in with a big plate of grilled meat and Chima ignores hime, looking in the fridge. Russell offers some to Michelle.

Michelle: I don't think I can eat anymore. Try again later!

Jordan giggles. Chima is still rooting around in the icebox. Lydia stalks by, hunched over like a bad runway show.

Chima approaches the microwave. I think she might have pizza but I can't tell--its a wide shot. Chima presses buttons like crazy---she must be doing it on purpose---15 or twenty beeps in a row, about three different times.

Russell appreciates good meat. He thinks it tastes so much better when cooked on a grill. Chima slams a lot of stuff around but still they ignore her.

(Maybe all the kitchen sounds are just really, really loud because BB has cranked up all the mics due to Chima. I'll bet that's it. The pots and pans are nearly deafening.)

Chima goes to the Red Room. Russell thanks Michelle for the cooking compliments. No sign of Jeff lately. Chima is opening her suitcase and getting another bag of laundry I think. I hear murmuring but of course I can't hear properly. She got some towels and stuff from the BR and put that in her white net laundry bag, too.

The atmosphere feels heavy. Like severe boredom or dread.

Chima is back outside, sitting on the washer and dryer with pretty straight posture. She is silent, but the sound of the dryer is very loud to compensate the lack of microphone. It's a familiar sound that we all know and makes me feel sleepy.

Less than 5 minutes left in the Flashback and Chima shifts slightly. No way is anybody else getting to process a load of wash as long as she's there. Once again she's angry, but she is all for cleanliness, apparently.

Camera #2 focuses only on Chima. Natalie asks her if she wants to putt again while she's waiting.

Chima, shaking her head: Nope.

And that's the end of that Flashback. Flashback links were courtesy of Jokers. Thanks man.

*** Looks like all are sleeping in the house right now. But maybe someone is in the DR?***

Chima's Exit - Flashback #2 - A Few Hours Earlier - Part #2

As mentioned in Part #1, this Flashback started at 10:00 PM BBT.

Natalie is still Putting and is saying that she will go all night long because she's a beast. Her plan is to deny the other side the chance to practice Putt-Putt.

(I posted earlier a Flashback from later in the evening when we see that Natalie did not 'go all night long'.)

Chima is putting, too. Natalie wants to continue hogging the washer and dryer--she plans to wash her chicken suit since she is going home next week, etc. Their strategy seems to include annoying the other side if nothing else.

Chima is talking but with no mic we can't really hear. I heard the 'white noise' increase as BB must have jacked up a few of the outside microphones to try and compensate for Chima's refusal to wear hers. She actually threw it in the hot tub earlier so maybe she needs a new one.

(Maybe nobody from Production wants to touch this with a 10-foot pole until Mama Bear Grodner shows up. I like the thought of Les Moonves sitting at the edge of his Super King Mattress, wiping sleep from his eyes while he takes Allison's call. If Julie Chen doesn't get up and make him coffee, she makes the call herself to order it from the staff, just the way Les likes it.)

Natalie tells the story AGAIN about how Jeff told her "don't touch my fucking stuff!" last night. I'm not sure if she's indignant about it, or if she thinks it's funny. Natalie jokes that Lydia better win tomorrow, to save her 'motherfucking ass'. (So she can't be nominated herself.)

***In addition to watching this Flashback, I am also monitoring the Live Feeds. The We'll Be Right Back screen is on now. I'll bet there is a meeting in the house, but I'll keep an eye on things. Maybe it's just the wake up call. Today is sure to be a busy one.***

Chima is talking, probably bitching about the competition, but of course we can't hear clearly. They all turned around to watch something happening over in the grill area, but no one commented on it.

Yep, Russell walks by again, wearing a hoodie this time. It's a chilly night in California, apparently.

I'm going to post now--there are about 15 Flashback minutes left at this point. If something warrants your immediate attention, I will be sure to let you know.

Chima's Exit - Flashback #2 - A Few Hours Earlier - Part #1

This flashback starts at 10:00 pm last night, Big Brother time. We open with a camera shot of Chima on the Putt Putt stage, practicing and the air is light-hearted. Apparently BB asked Chima to put on her microphone.

Natalie ran off somewhere to get it and literally ran across the yard to hand it to Chima, upon the platform.

Chima took it from her and casually lobbed it right into the hot tub. You couldn't see that angle from Camera #2, but Natalie and Lydia both shreiked.

They ran over to the hot tub and worked to get it out with the pool skimmer. Chima calmly played through.


When we come back Natalie is holding the giant golf club, and Chima is sitting on the Putt Putt steps. I don't think she has a microphone on, but I don't hear her saying anything so who the hell knows.

Lydia and Natalie are really into this. They both want it bad. Natalie discusses a recent discussion with Jeff over their continued use of the washer and dryer. Her voice barks out the words.

Now I hear Chima and there is definitely no microphone on her. I think Natalie's is picking up her voice.

Here comes Russell. I hear him at the grill--sounds like he just opened the lid. The girls plan to barbeque tomorrow. The grill is just across the backyard's tiny pool, but it might as well be an ocean. Everyone ignores each other. Russell heads back in the house after starting the grill.

Natalie whispered to Chima a little earlier not to tell Kevin that she is learning how to use the golf club. She doesn't want him to know....

Now Kevin is putting and just sunk one. Still no microphone on Chima. (I can just see Alison Grodner speeding towards the studio now...her kinky hair flying in the night breeze.)

Chima will not be part of the LPGA--that is obvious. But I don't think she really cares to do well. It seems like kind of a joke. Kevin stands behind her and places her hands on the club to teach her, just like a golf pro down at the links. There is some improvement as she tries to hit all the angles. (BB told them to try it 'several different ways'.)

Natalie: This isn't even a fucking challenge! Like the pig thing, why can't I compete in that? You had to hustle in that thing!

Kevin calmly gives Chima pointers. Now it's Lydia's turn. I hear banging over at the grill again. Sounds like someone sawing--maybe Russell is cleaning or oiling the grill plate. Banging. Thumping.

Natalie continues to talk about White Noise. She always complained at night that the White Noise in the living room was too loud. I saw her screeching directly at a camera about this last week when she was playing chess with Jessie.

Lydia figured out that she could use the snail as an obstacle and bank off of it. Now they sit down and throw the ball and watch how it rolls without using the club. Kevin and Natalie couch from either end of the course.

(This is really boring but I think there will be some Production interaction with Chima at some point from what I've heard. We are almost at the halfway mark for this Flashback so I'll call it Part #1 and post more if and when some notable action happens on the Back Nine. Ha ha. All Flashback links courtesy of Jokers.)

Chima's Exit - Flashback #1 - The Buildup - Part #2

Still drilling in the Red Room.

Chima feels like a fool. Chima thinks 'that bitch' took her V-8 juice. Lydia wants one of them to go up there and take stuff from the HOH room (the beer) while someone else is the lookout.

Natalie: You can't go up there--it says you can go 'if invited'!

(Natalie read the BB Rule Book for hours last night.)

Lydia: Well she said, anyone could go up there anytime and get something.

Chima: She was just being nice. She didn't mean it.

Lydia: I bet she knew then! (who she was nominating)

Chima wants to rename her HOH reign as The Figurehead.

Kevin: We can call it Fake-O-H.


The repeat it but no one seems to appreciate the humor.


Chima: I can't wait until they ask me, 'What was your downfall?" and we immediately get FISH.

Chima repeats that if she wins the Veto, she will use it on Natalie.

Natalie: matter what happens we will still be friends after this.

Chima: I know. I've made some really good friends here.

Natalie: I did too. Even one that I thought was a fucking bitch and I couldn't stand...(Lydia)

Lydia: DITTO!!

Chima mentions the DR again and we get FISH. Natalie and Lydia plan to do some sort of bikini stunt this week, ala Michelle BB10 the Portuguese Princess.

Apparently the DR has been asking them all about the new friendship between them and saying that it was great to see it....lots of FISH.

Chima: That was some bullshit! They better include that part......

FISH. Night of a thousand fish continues. And you can feel the tension building...

Natalie: Two in a row, Chima. It's going to be two in a row!

Chima: They fucked me so bad....


Natalie: It's not like they earned it.


Chima: And they keep trying to say..

FISH (They being Production. Maybe they're getting Allison on the phone)

Camera moves to outside, where Jeff is playing on the little Putt Putt course with Michelle and Russell standing by watching the angles and learning. Here comes Jordan from inside. She's cold outside. That big club is about twice the size of Jeff's feet and looks funny. Russell is wearing his bucket hat again.

Jeff likes the 'new break' and says you have to hit it harder. He points to the exact spot where you need to 'break' to be successful. Michelle tries it and it is good. Jordan is still cold and takes Russell's gray hoodie---he's not cold. That thing is huge on her.

The golfballs are really tennis balls. They anticipate being tempted with cash prizes in order to bail on the veto game.

Jeff: I tell you what, if Chima gets it I would give up $10 G's just to get her out.

Jordan: They might actually take the money, yall. They might.

Jeff: If' they're smart.

Jordan takes off the hoodie in order to putt. Jeff coaches her where to aim for the break. He keeps his hand there while she putts. Let's just say it's good she's getting some practice. Michelle strikes a pose, hands on hips, standing next to Russell. (The gallery, as it were.)

Jordan: Oh shit! One more. (and then) One more!

And so forth. Practicing Putt Putt outside, and drilling information inside. I have to assume that last part--I can't see it. Jeff and Russell are enjoying this--it's a guy thing. They throw the balls back to each other and never miss. They are cracking jokes and making noises.

Russell mimicks Chima: Where's my Cheetos?

Michelle: I'll bet those Cheetos are somehow in one of our drawers!


Jeff: And I'll bet Natalie has looked!

Jordan: I'll bet they're trying to figure out what happens if you destroy something!

Michelle: Oh yeah they were totally reading that manual.


Now Michelle is talking about threats to their belongings and how they are behaving in a way that they said they never would (Chima & Company). Jordan massages her boobs under her hoodie and the camera stays there for a minute. She said yesterday that she feels like they are falling and Michelle reminded her to massage them as per her post-op instructions.

Jordan moves to the other side while Michelle says that if they put tobasco sauce on their clothes or they stuff "they better start writing some checks".

They laugh about Chima and Co. trying to hog the golf course earlier.

Jeff: It's funny. You could tell that they were getting tired and we just ignored them. Natalie didn't want to play anymore--you could tell just like children. Dude my neice is like 4 and...


Russell is talking about a DR session and we get more FISH.

Russell: And then they said tell us how you really feel Russell!

Michelle loves the HOH bed and Russell agrees it rocks. Snoring is good because that means you are sleeping soundly. Russell teases Michelle about grabbing the balls.

Russell, giggling: Michelle! You have a real thing for balls!

Michelle giggles.

Michelle: Why do we have a snail in the middle of all this? A snail doesn't really seem good enough for Big Brother.

Jeff: What would you like it to be.

Jordan liked the steaks that Russell made. He thinks that Lydia's chicken looked disgusting. Jeff says his tiny stomach is still full from all the food he ate earlier.

Russell mentions something Ronnie said and we get FISH immediately. That seems to happen a lot, actually. The mention of Ronnie often causes FISH. I wonder why.

(Ronnie who? It seems like a year since he's been on the show.)

Now we just have FISH until the end of the flashback. Speculation online is that Production waited until BBAD was over to pull the plug on her, even though there are also reports that she quit. The last we saw of Chima dates back to about 12:40, when her anger was building over the Cheetos.

I think Chima was 'terminating' while we watched the Golfers outside. I am planning to watch the Flashback from earlier in the evening when she threw her microphone in the hot tub and get back to you.

By the end of the morning we will all know what happened. Who knew this morning would be so action-packed?

Chima's Exit - Flashback #1 - The Buildup - Part #1

This starts at 12:00 am Big Brother time-each Flashback is one hour long. Chima, Natalie, Kevin and Lydia are in the Red Room and all three are busy. Lydia is eating and talking to Chima, punctuating her questions by pointing with a butter knife.

Natalie is drilling for the competition by reciting all of the house events on the chess board using M&Ms. Well, she started with M&Ms and has now switched to flat colorful candies. (As described in an earlier live feed post.)

Chima: Do I think 'they' told Michelle to put me up? Probably....

(They = Production)

She is relatively calm and her voice is even. Lydia asked her if the HOH has to carry that heavy key box downstairs. We get a FOTH at some point, and when we return Natalie is doggedly drilling what happened each week. Like a robot. Over and over.

Natalie: Day 19, Day 20, Day 21

And she lists what happened each day. Who went home, what they all did, who was HOH. It is impressive. She is prepared. Who won money in the competitions, etc.

Lydia has to go outside to do laundry. Chima needs to go with her. She sees the 'Nominations Today' on the screen and wants to know why it still says that.

Chima: It should say, 'Chima gets fucked today. And yesterday. And the day after."

Lydia removed her clothes from the dryer, and then Chima moves her clothes from the waster to the dryer. Kevin stands by, apparently supervising this process. Lydia is folding clothes on the pool table.

Chima: Oh my god. Look what happened to my slippers (HOH). Cheeep!

Things are quiet in the backyard. I see Russell walk by, but hear nothing from him. The Flashback covers Camera 1 only.

OK, maybe Kevin actually does have a function here. He is putting his clothes in the washer now, I guess. They have a real assembly line going there. Chima and Kevin go back inside and for some reason Lydia asks them to leave the backdoor open--she will close it when she comes inside.

Probably because she will be carrying her folded clothes. Duh.

Chima got a chicken breast from a foil package in the fridge. (Looks good.) And starts removing things from inside. Juice maybe? A soda? Now she's rearranging things and closes it.

So far, so good. Pretty calm. She is wearing a yellow T-shirt and some black pants that look like leggings or tights. She even puts some dishes in the sink and moves to clean them. Chima may be angry, but she still apparently cares about a clean house.

She has her purple tank dress over her arm--I think she likes that to air dry rather than to put it in the dryer. She is holding it up to herself in the mirror and smoothing it over her body. Now she hangs it to dry by draping it over a shelf in the empty Doom Room.

Meanwhile Kevin and Natalie are drilling, drilling, drilling. Even down to the speeches that were made and by whom.

Chima has rejoined the drilling session: I think that if by some chance I win (the Veto), I think I'm going to take you off (Natalie), because I think I'm going home tomorrow.

And she shows the first signs of anger over the missing Cheetos.

Chima: Did they take my motherfucking Cheetos?

She is quizzing everyone about it--did they really not see who took the Cheetos?

Lydia: Me and Natalie (sic) ate some for lunch yesterday and rolled the bag back up.

Chima goes to the storage room and can't find them. She takes a banana instead and heads back to the kitchen. She is mad now. She goes to the back door and slides it open, sticking her head out.

She asks the people in the BY if they saw or ate the Cheetos. I hear Jeff responding in some way but didn't hear his exact words. Sounded like a regular response however---not angry.

Chima went to the kitchen cabinet and got some Pringles instead, heading back to the Red Room group.

Chima: Sounds like Russell ate them. Someone in the backyard said they were allergic, and someone else said no. Russell didn't say anything.

Chima went in the Splash Room looking for Russell's stuff. She grabs his collection of fedora hats and moves to hid them. Meanwhile Natalie is telling her that she doesn't even know for sure that he did it.

Chima wrapped his hats in a scratchy wool blanket in the Doom Room and puts the wad into a storage cabinet in there.

Chima: All done. Gone bye bye.

Lydia: You know he has more hats, right?

Chima: I know. That's all I need for now. He didn't see fit to answer my questions, so I'm just going to assume he did it.

Lydia: We don't need to see fit to answer their questions, either.

The eating and the drilling continue. Tomorrow is Day #42. Natalie reminds everyone to think about this when they get up in the morning. Natalie wants to put the board under the bed overnight for safekeeping.

Chima, stabbing bites of chicken from her plate: They should just call this game Crapshoot.

(She is obviously on a slow burn and is getting angrier and angrier.)

The drilling continues, they think no one is coming after Jordan and say she is dumb as a box of hair. Then they come to the day that Chima makes HOH.

Chima: I prefer that you don't refer to me as HOH. Because I wasn't really HOH that week. Think of me as the 6th person to be evicted from the BB house! Thanks to Production!

Then she does her evil cackle and gives the camera a violent Fuck You.


We're at the halfway point of the flashback. See Part #2 to follow.

Thoughts on Chima's Exit

She was so full of anger that it just consumed her little body. She literally vibrated with hatred sometimes.

She was extremely disrespectful of production and blantantly disregarded their instructions. Marcellas Reynolds from BB3 and AllStars is a friend of her's and helped her get on the show. He said on a talk show on Thursday that when things have gone awry like they have in the BB11 house, the Producers come in the Diary Room and you know you need to straighten up. When you hear their voices come over the intercom, your whole attitude changes and you get an attitude adjustment.

Well, Chima's attitude didn't adjust. Her hateful comments were at an all-time high yesterday, and she was baiting Russell while he used a plastic knife in the kitchen last night. It's like she was daring him to attack her with it.

I can't wait to learn the whole story. If we ever can learn the whole story.

And her entertainment career might be over. The CBS lawyers will certainly be monitoring her for a long, long time.

So she's out of the game. I feel sorry for her poor grandmother. I think Chima will feel like an ass today after she gets some sleep and some perspective. She really fucked over her teammateds, that's for sure.

Chima Takes Her DOR!

She quit the game last night!

I think Alison Grodner came in the house, too. Natalie keeps talking about her so the feeds keep getting interrupted.

She will not be going to the Jury House and there is speculation that America will be making her jury vote.

The remaining houseguests hope that she "gets the help she needs".

Maybe this cancels the double-eviction---I'm sure the BB strategists are working overtime on this one.

Lights On Bitches!

FISH while I'm sure Production is prodding them to get out of bed. The Big Cheeses at Showtime probably have Alison Grodner on speed dial.

BBAD is almost an hour into it and at least 33% of the cast is no where to be seen. Particularly Chima and Russell, who caused such a big stir last week.

I predict Chima, Russell and Jordan will soon appear with bells on.

And now we're back. And Russell has showed up outside and Jeff fills him in on what happened in the bedroom with Natalie tossing his clothes.

Russell: What time do you want to start cooking?

Jeff: No! I just ate! I ate everything! Two plates of Chinese food and two slices of pizza! I thought we'd be on lockdown all night.

Jeff smokes that cigarette like a longshoreman.

Lydia and Natalie are now playing golf by tossing the balls instead of using the oversized club. It looks like they're on a date or something.

Kevin sits at the counter eating something out of a red bowl. Jordan is out of bed and lumbering around the kitchen in shorts and footie socks.

What a contrast to the first night that the BBAD show started. Lydia and Jordan spent the first half hour piling on makeup and jewelry, wearing high heels and lingerie and marching through the house. Someone called them sluts (Russell?) and they were best friends.

That was a million years ago.

Ding Ding. Round Two for Jeff.

He has shredded his second plate of Chinese food and ate pizza before that.

Jeff: Damn I feel like I'm motoring through this.

Michelle has joined him with a bowl of heated pasta at the kitchen counter. But it's odd--she skipped a seat so there is an empty seat between them.

Jeff groans and goes to get yet another piece of pizza out of the fridge. He weighs about 179 now and is trying to add back those pounds that slop ate.

Michelle states that Jeff has never slept in the HOH room.

Michelle: You really should sleep up there sometime....

(Down girl.)

Now the indoor lockdown is over. I'm pretty sure Jeff will make a beeline to the couch out there to have a smoke break.

He's pissed because he had planned to grill steaks tonight on the new grill but he's stuffed now.

There is a golf game in the backyard. Kevin trots over to it and has a scary encounter with a snail.

Kevin: Ooooooh! A snail!

Lydia comes out to investigate with Natalie and runs over.

Lydia: Oooooooh! A snail.

Natalie: Russell is fucking good at golf.

The little golf green is several feet off the ground and has a slanty top and a couple of obstacles. Hence---the snail. It's a bumper on the course.

Now Michelle comes out while Lydia reminds them not to over-practice. Kevin checked the snail out closer.

Kevin: The snail is, like, glued down.

In Case You Actually Have a Job

and missed seeing this today, please enjoy Jessie's interview (slash beating) by Ross Matthews. That Ross is really something. I can't really explain it--you just need to see it.

Warning: You'll never get that 15 minutes back.

BFF's Natalie and Lydia

are drilling week-by-week about the events of the house. They share two feeds, while Jeff eating his snack fill the other two camera shots.

He heated up some Chinese and it looks like a big tasty plate of mush. The camera does a long close up of the plate from above. Jeff's handling of the fork is less than graceful and might be the way he eats when he is alone.

I will try to remember to look for that in the future. I usually don't notice table manners unless they are very bad or very good, so who knows. Jeff is really shoveling it in.

Where are Chima and Kevin? Jordan is sleeping in the Splash Room and Michelle is upstairs in the HOH.

While Jeff holds down the kitchen counter with both elbows.