Friday, August 14, 2009

Natalie is Breathing Really Heavily

and it sounds like she ran a marathon. Lydia put a piece of pizza in the microwave for Natalie and heated up some pasta for herself.

Natalie asked for help with the chess game. Apparently they had a plan to move the chess board and all the pieces away from the HOH door so they cold play.

And maybe to prevent the other side from playing.

I think Lydia is pouring barbeque sauce on top of the pizza and spreading it out. She already did this once, but the piece got nuked in the microwave while they were upstairs loading all the chess pieces into a green plastic bowl.

This is Pizza Round #2.

And now Jeff is in the kitchen, silently going in the fridge tostart dinner. Lydia takes the food into the Red Room. (gross. that's where people sleep.)

They are going to use the chessboard to review all activity in the house by week, to practice for the competition. (Smart.) Lydia plans to make up a song about it so she won't forget.

She is sporting a white leopard print headwrap which is striking. She is wearing one of Jessie's T-shirts he left behind. A white one with a green cross and some writing on the front. Natalie is wearing the blue Mr. Pectacular T-shirt.

Now they are using M&M's or Skittles to chart out the action by week.

These two are really tight now. Or so it seems. No sign of Chima--I think she's still buried under the covers, recharging for her next energetic tirade.

Do You Eat Popcorn with Tabasco Sauce?

Natalie does. She just opened up the bag and poured a load right in there. Then she shook up the bag about a thousand times. Right next to her microphone.

And then chewed voraciously with her new best friend Natalie. Loudly. Very loudly.

On all 4 cameras. And about 104 microphones, it seems.

Natalie wants to ask BB if the Veto competitionis going to be dirty or not. Because if not Natalie wants Lydia to do her hair before then, so she can have it done for the TV cameras.

So all of a sudden Natalie cares about being tarted up on TV. Or maybe she just wants to avoid having to bathe both before and after the competition.


Russell Thinks that Lydia and Natalie

will race each other to be out first to be with Jessie. He has a point there.

Jeff and Jordan go to the Splash Room and find all of Jeff's stuff dumped on his bed. Jeff gets mad and says the word 'Fuck' a few times in each sentence but gets his point across.

Jeff: Fuckin' grow up!

He is stomping around and taking stuff here and there while Jordan is already in bed, covered up. He is taking stuff to a drawer in the Red Room where Natalie has hoisted herself halfway out of bed to smirk at him.

Jeff's white belt is a little stark with his camouflage pants and black tank.

Jeff, to Natalie: Don't touch my shit again.

Natalie: Are you talking to me?

Jeff: You know who I'm talking to.

And with that Jeff goes to the Splash room and lays down with the covers to is chin. He's not even in the same bed as Jordan and she looks over at him. His eyes are closed so Jordan turns over and settles back down.

Meanwhile, next door Natalie reads her Big Brother Rule Book like it is an exciting mystery, hunched down over it and flipping the pages reeeeaaalll sllllooooow, if you know what I mean.

It's Official

Jokers is reporting it, so it is real. Chima and Natalie are nominated and were seen for awhile under the covers in their beds in the Red Room. Then we saw them scouring the Big Brother Rule Book. When Natalie read twice out loud and we had to get a BBTO (Big Brother Time Out) and the cameras change semi-permanently to the HOH crowd.

Jordan told a story about going to Mardi Gras and seeing two girls make out on stage. She took pictures of it to show people back home who wouldn't believe it, and then her mom saw them and thought it was Jordan and her best friend.

Jordan is really rolling out all of her Drunk Girl stories tonight. She wants to host the POV if she isn't selected to play.

Bouncing Around

Lots of BB interruptions tonight.

The Manson Family is hell-bent on a wide-spreading revenge plan and their supposed targets (Jeff and Russell) are doing their best to ignore them and turn the other cheek. I can't ever remember a time when there was a prevailing fear by so many people that their property would be damaged. Sure, the house has been severely divided in the past, but this childish behavior is kind of unheard of.

Natalie keeps saying that she is going to pour buckets of water on them after the POV. She says that over and over...once again like a child seeking approval to do something bad.

Michelle fell off a bridge one time and the water was cold. Her most embarrassing moment was when she was doing a solo ballet dance at the age of 10 and the velcro closure at the neck of her tutu broke and she flashed her bare chest at the entire audience.

She wanted to quit ballet but her mom talked her out of it. At least there were no boys in her ballet class.

Jordan brings up when Michelles shorts and panties got caught in the swing at the end of the endurance competition. They thought the camera crew were laughing at her.
Now Michelle talks about when her bandeau bikini top broke and she was bare chested until she ran in the house to change.

(I saw this on the feeds and she has a great little rack.)

Now Michelle tells about her most embarrassing moment as an adult. Her husband Tim was performing in a comedy club and she went with a bunch of people. He asked her to stand up for their one year anniversary so she did and he started reading a poem. It started out really sweet and cute and then it got progressively dirtier and dirtier. It was a very long letter and there were professors from her school there and she was just dying. She wouldn't have minded if she knew ahead of time, but she ended up telling him Fuck You when he wanted to go out to dinner for the anniversary.

She worked in the campus Starbucks and for a long time people would come in and say, "Oh you're the dirty girl!"

Michelle: And I wasn't! It later became a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Oh Shit We're Back

and back from the nomination break with a bang. Michelle is in the HOH with Jeff, Jordan and Russell in the aftermath of what just happened.

Russell is all cranked up about what The Manson Family may have done to his belongings. He said he went back through them again to see if anything was missing.

Then he mentions the fact that Chima took medication after drinking a bunch of wine last night and was staggering around.

Russell: That's why I hit her so hard dude, because she was so messed up.

BB Timeout on that one.

I saw them take the pills last night--they were Natalie's 'period pills' and they both plenty of red wine beforehand. I couldn't believe that BB didn't interrupt the situation, actually, because they were kind of warning BB, like kids.

Chima: OK! I guess I'm going to take one!

Lydia: Chima! You've been drinking! You're not supposed to do that!

Chima: Well.....I'm going to.

And she did.

There is some lively discussion about Natalie, and the fact that she is wearing one of Jessie's shirts tonight.

Russell: Dude, she has a boyfriend! What do you think he thinks when he sees that?

They discuss how much older her boyfriend is---they still think that Natalie is 18. Even Jeff could do the math and see something was up if they have been dating for 4 years.

I believe Chima and Natalie have been nominated but I don't know for sure yet.

And While You Wait...

Here is the link to Jessie's post-eviction interview with Julie Chen that aired on The Early Show.

Douchechills abound.;photovideo

Nomination Time Drags On

We have had trivia for quite some time now. I even took my dog to the park and ran an errand.

Still trivia.

The suspense builds......

Drama in the Big Brother House

Lots to choose from on the Quad Cam.

Lydia, Chima and Natalie (aka "Manson Family")are scrutinizing the Rule Book, looking for evidence of the way they have been wronged.

Jeff is in the backyard making a profanity-laced tirade about the way the Manson Family hogged the washing machine after the competition was over. It was a long and dirty competition and everybody wanted to wash themselves and their clothes as quickly as possible.

Jeff: I can't fucking believe that she used the 'Whitest Whites' setting for over an hour, even on her fucking shoes! (Natalie) When she never fucking cares about having a clean anything around here.

The HG got a new grill that they won in the competition. I think they may be grilling burgers tonight but I'm not sure yet.

Now Natalie comes out with Kevin and Lydia to take her clothes out of the washer.

Chima continues to apply more make up in the bathroom. She went up to the HOH room to make a formal, insistent plea to Michelle to nominate Russell. No such luck. She was told that two of the four of the Manson Family would be nominated (group includes Kevin).

Oh boy. Michelle has on her black high heels with her tight leggings and is prancing around carefully, obviously uncomfortable in those things.

Michelle's New HOH Room

My perception is that Jordan and Jeff have been friends with Michelle from the beginning, since they were all sort of outcasts from Day #1. Jeff for one seemed very curious about her life and asked questions. But for the others, I think they always dismissed Michelle as a crazy dork and what they learned of her lift last night really opened their eyes. There is a lot more to Michelle than they thought. And, I'm sure more than one of them realized that she is already a big winner in the house, due to her solid career and her marital situation.

OK. Now the HG go up and see Michelle's HOH room.

Michelle got Pinkerton, Weezer's 2nd CD. She had to correct Lydia when Lydia insisted it was their first. In her fridge she got bottles of Stella Artois, two flavors of Ben & Jerry's (Peach Cobbler wsa one of them.), sushi and some other drinks.

In her basket she got several different syrup shots for coffee, Doritos, Oreos, white popcorn and other stuff. She also got some stuffed animals and a white rat that she uses in her job to demonstrate to others how to 'work' with rats. It looks incredibly realistic and it's tail moves. Jeff and Russell took to it immediately and were handling it with glee. She got two 'stress balls' and Jeff palmed one of them and laid down on the HOH bed and threw it up in the air for awhile.
When they all first entered the rooom, Michelle's pictures really stunned the crowd. There were pictures of her as a blonde, and with blue hair. This seemed to rock Lydia, who asked a lot of questions about it. Michelle was blonde until just before coming in the house (I think BB already had two blondes and made her do it, but that is strictly conjecture.) She intended to have purple hair instead of blue but it didn't work out. She says her hair has been 'every shade of the rainbow' and they all let that sink in.

Her husband Tim wrote an incredible letter describing how much he loves her, and that just when he thinks he couldn't love her any more he sees her on TV or the enternet and just bursts with feelings for her. It was very genuine and sweet and closeups of Jordan and Lydia looked wistful. They have been together for 10 years now. He siad his brother Sean has been having cookouts and family and friends have been coming over to watch the show and enjoying it. Sean's children always shreik 'Auntie Shell!' at the TV when they see her.

Jeff almost says he wonders if they are doing that in Chicago but stops himself, realizing this is Michelle's time to shine.

She got to a point in the letter where her husband was talking about the dogs missing her and read silently to 'see where he was going with that'. Turns out he said that one of the dogs took a big poop on the floor because he missed her so much and that the poop, the dishes, the laundry, and all the little pieces of his beard in the sink would be waiting for her, too. (joke) It was a fantastic letter.

Tim had never watched BB and didn't know anything about it (Michelle got in the house through a CraigsList cattle call.) but based on his letter they know he is watching the feeds. They laughed that he is so into it now and knows everything.

When Michelle finished reading the letter Kevin said: P.S. I can't wait to play Scrabble.

*** giggles and laughs ***

Jeff: Oh, so you guys like to play Scrabble together?

Michelle, stammering a little: No...Scrabble means sex.

*** more laughs ***

Michelle said they spent two summers apart where they didn't talk on the phone or see each other so they both wrote letters all the time. He is an incredibly romantic writer, she says.
(I am guessing her hubby is a brain, as well, since he went to her college, so I hope the BB people scoured that letter for hidden clues.)

I couldn't see a camera shot of her pictures, but apparently her husband's brother Sean is a cutie. Kevin gayed out over the picture and everybody laughed. I assume the hubby is handsome as well, but I guess we will see him on the CBS show next week. Jeff said no one ever looks like he thinks they will.

Russell says something about her folks, but she says they didn't sign the release and we got FISH for a second there.

After a few minutes, there were a few beats of silence broken only by the sound of Jeff throwing and catching the stress ball--kind of like juggling one ball while laying down.

And then, the ugly starts.

Chima: Oh yeah. This is when it gets awkward. Everybody gets all quiet and waits for everybody else to leave so they can start kissing your ass. And people that you don't like will suddenly be your best friend.....I'm just telling you.


Kevin: Tell us a first date story!

So Michelle tells a cute story about Hubby. They had known each other socially for awhile, but he asked her out for Valentine's Day. She had to study for a big organic chemistry test (That shit is HARD.) the next day so she brought her two best friends on the date with him. Their job was to be sure she didn't go home with him and blow off her exam! (Lydia's face was priceless during this discussion.) He probably thought she hated him but she felt that if he really liked her he would chase her. She already knew he was 'dirty' because he dated a girl that lived across from her freshman year. Michelle brought her organic chemistry notes on the date and was reading them at the table, partially hiding her face while her friends chatted with future Hubby.

So a few days later he called and she went over to his house for dinner and 'didn't leave his place for quite a while'.

Kevin made a Nene-like comment like Okaaaay! Or something like that.

Jeff: That sounds about right!


Jeff: So you knew your husband before the date?

Mich: Yeah, I actually had dated his best friend!


Then FISH while she tells them about this.

Lydia was sitting in the chair next to the HOH goodie basket and kept talking about the items. You could tell she wanted to rip open one of the packages (she was on slop last week). Michelle commented that anyone could come up and eat anytime but still no open snack packages. It looked like the Oreos were about to get opened, but Michelle just kind of caressed the package and moved on.

In his letter Tim said that he had been eating healthy and working out, so I am guessing that he was has some opportunities in that area

Michelle tells them that the wedding was in NJ, but they were living in Dallas at the time. Friends from Dallas, Boston, and NJ came to the wedding and partied up a storm. Michelle and Hubby had to kick people out of their hotel room at 5 AM.

They went to Greece--Athens and Santorini for their honeymoon and she describes how cool it was.

Not one fucking comment at all from Chima during all of this. She did make a nasty comment that BB wouldn't give her very much information about her mother's help and that she 'is done' asking them about it. A sourpuss indeed. (Maybe she can find out all about it on the way to the jury house.)

So it is clear from all of this that Michelle leads a rich, full life with love and friends and fulfulling work. Everyone has a new view of her, I can tell. I have a new view, too.

She got some sort of crushed cowboy hat and said that her hubby probably couldn't find any clothes to give her. Personnally I hope Michelle that she is in the house when they have the designer clothes luxery so she can get some cute things that fit her.

Everyone left and that was the end of that flashback. BB had givien them some craft kits to do after the show and Lydia and Kevin went right back to the kitchen counter where it looked like they were doing origami or some shit like that.

They also got a jewelery beading kit that Jordan and Michelle were looking at earlier.