Monday, September 14, 2009

Well, That Was Weird

Everyone was still sitting or laying outside, not speaking. And then we started hearing what I think was a Beatles song.

"Oh ______, look what you've done..."

I looked at Kevin, who was on two screens, and he didn't seem to hear the music.

Then, we get the WBRB screen.

What the hell? Maybe they're testing the sound system for tomorrow.


I read on Jokers that Kevin was looking up at the sky and pointed at something to Natalie and said "it's gone" into his microphone. I saw him lift the microphone to his mouth, but didn't hear what he said, or the pointing to Natalie.

Could there have been a banner? And if so, what would it say? If it said something about Natalie, why would Kevin point it out to her.

Just what the hell is going on here? We are still seeing the WBRB screen.

***UPDATE #2***

An hour later, and now we see TRIVIA. What happened in that backyard?

Someone on Jokers is saying they could see one of the Control Room screens and it showed a banner and the HG looking at it. I don't believe that, though, because whoever posted that did it at least 30 minutes after the incident happened. Or maybe they re-wound the tape and looked at it again? I found the picture they are talking about, courtesy of Hamster Watch. This is it on the right, with the helpful arrow posted for us.

Kevin said: I don't want anybody to fuck up my game, and then all that happened.