Monday, September 14, 2009

Soon, the Boredom Will End

but not right now. They are on an outdoor lockdown, which is probably the only way Production could pry all three of them out of bed at the same time.

As you can see Kevin and Natalie are sprawled on the outdoor furniture, while Jordan is greasing up her legs in preparation for taning. Natalie has on Kevin's HOH hoodie, which she has said she plans to steal.

Kevin practiced his jury arguments earlier today, and made it clear that he intends to have Jordan in the opposite seat from him. He was comparing their accomplishments, and also plans to state at least once that he would like to make history as BB's first gay winner, looking at Michelle as he says this in hope for her vote.

Natalie told Jordan one of the pranks she planned to pull on Jeff was to replace the suntan lotion in the bottle Jordan is using with sour cream.
(Good one---not.)

Natalie tells Kevin he should lay in a chair instead and he ignores her. Some of the fans speculate that he is going to tell Natalie the bad news today or tonight. We can only hope, huh?

Although I kind of want for him to spring it on her live, or better yet to have Jordan be the one to evict her bossy, dirty ass. I would love to see how she is received by Jessie in that moment. Maybe the entire jury will applaud?

Oh, it's going to be good.