Friday, September 4, 2009

Pandora Returned

and I'm not entirely sure what happened. I didn't see it myself, but read about it on other sites, and am listening to the HG talk about it now.

This I do know: Natalie opened the box, and some bad things happened.

First of all, Natalie can't play in the POV. This is a big concern for her, for obvious reasons. And some strange things happened in the house. Jordan opened the SR door and a male little person was there. There was at least one other male, and another female in there, and it wasn't pleasant. It think all of them were Little People, and it seems like they smelled. Kevin has been spraying the house with air freshener like crazy.

However....apparently Natalie and Kevin were talking about how she would explain not being able to play in the POV to Michelle and Natalie. Next thing you know, she was telling them all a big story, and claims to Kevin that it is the REAL truth, even though you can practically taste the skepticism in the air.

Get this:

Natalie is telling everyone that she got a visit from a loved one, and it was her boyfriend Jason. And he PROPOSED to her, giving her a twisty tie ring.

Magaran--that's going to be Natalie's new last name. Jason said he asked her dad if it was okay, and that Jason planned to propose for some time now. (Then why didn't he bring a real ring?)

Natalie says now that BB knew that she would open the box---who wouldn't have?

I'm sure Kevin is pissed, because it places him at great risk--he has to win the POV now and has no one on his side to play for him.

Natalie says BB told her she doesn't have to share the story with everyone, but she chose to. It's too big to keep to herself.

Personally, I think Natalie is telling a big fat lie. I think she accepted money in exchange for not playing the POV and doesn't want Kevin to know the truth. Kevin says he was "genuninely scared at moments" when the male little person was there.

Kevin: I thought he was a monster coming at me.

One of them was dressed as a baby and asked Michelle if she was his momma.