Thursday, September 10, 2009

Now Jordan Returns

and Kevin is called to the DR. Jordan is still calm, just like she was before the Live Show, when both Natalie and Kevin were stressing out.

I love this part of the Red Room, with the silvery jacks. Or whatever. They remind me of jacks.

AGP if you are reading this I would love to have one of those babies in my house.

Natalie, to Jordan: blah blah blah blah

Basically throwing Kevin under the bus and saying that Kevin said that Jordan would be an idiot not to take Natalie to the Finals. Natalie thinks the final HOH competition will be True or False.

She's probably right--this is usually the competition when they have footage of the evictees out by the pool or something and they have to guess the rest of their statement. Natalie thinks she will be good at it.

Then she gives Jordan the same shit she just gave Kevin---that her life is in Jordan's hands and that it will all happen at the last minute. Jordan is waving her hands and kind of saying shut up shut up shut up to her.

Natalie tells her that Kevin thinks he's got this--that he's got it in the bag. Natalie feels like she can trust Jordan, but not Kevin at this point. And she's still harping on dropping off the log on Tuesday night.

(Did Jordan know that Natalie threw it? Or is Natalie telling her that now?)

I'm bored with Natalie's yammering already. Put a muzzle on that mouth. She is starting to remind me of BB4's Mantroll. Wasn't she involved in martial arts, too?