Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nice View

I have been watching Jeff shave and forgot to post. Jeff of course is shirtless and I am enjoying the view for possibly the last time on the live feeds.

Typically, we will have an hour or two of no feeds before the Live Show, as Production prepares the HG and sometimes goes over the setup for the HOH competition.

Jeff is shaving in his "Johnny Depp" fashion which he expects to rock for all of his post-eviction interviews. He looks thin but all cut up. Hot, hot, hot.

Jordan is sitting behind him on the BR couch to watch. Jeff's mood seems to have lifted--it's almost Showtime.

Jeff: The Johnny Depp--this is how I look on Friday nights but with my hat.....Jordan, where do I go on Friday nights?

Jordan, reciting: You go to ______(?), because Tony's dad owns it.

Jeff chuckles and we get FISH.

Meanwhile Kevin and Natalie have been making breakfast for lunch. The following is typed exactly as spoken.

Natalie: Eggs is good for you.

Kevin: mumble mumble mumble

Natalie: You're watching your cholesterol and you eat bacon? You're better off with eggs. Eggs is good for you.

Kevin: But this is turkey bacon.

And so on.

No sign of Michelle. Jeff told Jordan she needs to start preparing for the HOH competition tonight. No one seems to think there is a snowball's chance in hell that she might win tonight---maybe that will be the key to her potential win? TRIVIA.

Bye bye, Jeff's bare chest.

*** sigh ***