Friday, September 11, 2009

Need Something to Look Forward To?

Per Janelle's Twitter, she just taped an episode of the Inside Dish with Ross Matthews and got to let loose with her opinions of Natalie.

That should be a good one. Ross will be in seventh heaven as usual, I'm sure. I'll provide a link as soon as I can get one for you.

BTW, I checked Chima's Twitter to see if she responded to what was said about her on last night's live show by the four former BB stars (none of which were complimentary to her) and she didn't even mention watching the show. In fact, she tried to pretend that she was busy at some sort of fashion event.

I loved it when they started talking about her and Danielle said, "you know she is watching this right now?", and Janelle said "Hi Chima!".

Like Janelle would give a rat's ass about Chima watching the show. Danielle was a scared little bitch, but she lives in California so maybe she is worried about being confronted with the wrath of Chima on a daily basis.

One thing I love about Janelle is that she just doesn't give a shit what people think---she didn't while she was in the house, and she doesn't now. She doesn't edit her opinions to please other people and America knew it.

I'm sure Marcellas has some big convoluted excuse why he was too busy to be on the show last night. Here's the real excuse: (ssshhhhh) he wasn't invited!

Janelle posts pictures on her Twitter, and has one posted from backstage at the show last night, and a smashing shot of her poolside yesterday afternoon, enjoying the California sunshine.