Thursday, September 10, 2009


As in, nada damn thing is happening yet today in there. They all got the wake up call, but they are all in bed right now.

They got some sort of game last night that seems to indicate what the Part #2 HOH contest will be. It is a bowling type of game where they have to roll balls up an incline to get it in a hole. The balls are pretty big--looks like soccer-sized--and there are two holes on the incline ramp. They practiced last night and Jordan was pretty good at it. Natalie thinks her aim is better if she adds a little bounce.

Natalie is very nervous about it and started saying shit about maybe she shouldn't have thrown Part #1 to Kevin.

You probably shouldn't have done that, Natalie. Just a thought.

There aren't a lot of updates on other boards, because there just isn't a lot of action, and even when they are awake there is not much conversation.

I am watching a Flashback from last night and will post back if anything juicy happens. I finally figured out that if I go to the Real site I can choose the BB season, date and time that I want to watch. How unbelievable is that? Like magic!

Also....I wouldn't be surprised if the 4 former Super Duper Houseguests who are appearing tonight with Julie actually enter the house. Maybe for a Slumber Party? Allison needs to do something for those ratings in this final week.

In Season #2 some people from Survivor visited the house and they all camped out by the pool. Remember that?

I would LOVE it if Janelle went in there and started giving Natalie some shit. Maybe they could even fight! Ha ha ha I would love it.

I might even take a nap today, in case we get to see the Dick at Night show on the Live Feeds.