Thursday, September 10, 2009

Live Show Aftermath

Kevin waits to get in the storage room and doesn't see what he was looking for in there.

Booze? Chinese takeout?

Natalie is playing solitaire and starts whispering with Jordan as soon as Kevin leaves the room.

Kevin saw a marker board in the SR and let's them both know that if had been a tie, they would have had a tiebreaker question. I guess Natalie has been going off non-stop about the competition and how she 'almost won'. She thinks that she finished faster than Jordan, but that Jordan had more correct answers---as usual Natalie is a poor loser.

Kevin seems to know better. Jordan told both of them that when she stopped her clock she had 18 seconds left.

Natalie: You swear???

(When is Natalie going to realize that she needs to be nice to Jordan now and maybe let her enjoy her solid win? And that America is watching all of this and we have a little power now, too.)

Natalie: Now I'm in the same position Michelle was in. The loser......

Jordan, to Kevin: Do you realize that a week from now one of us is going to be $500,000 richer?

Kevin: Five days from now...

Jordan beams. I don't even think she was talking to Natalie at all. Kevin wishes he could have watched the competition (probably to be able to confirm Natalie's horseshit).

Jordan got called to the DR and just when we might have heard what Natalie and Kevin said behind her back, we got TRIVIA.


Now we're back and Natalie is talking about being in the Green Room during the competition while Jordan took her turn, and more TRIVIA.

And now she is saying the same shit over and over and over about how her balls were in the wrong holes.

(ha ha ha ha)