Friday, September 11, 2009

Kevin Gives Sex Tips

to both girls while they all are in bed, in the dark in the Red Room.


When I tuned in, the following exchange happened:

Natalie: I'm going to set your guy up with a girl so he can know how awesome it is.

Kevin: Well, I'm going to set up your guy with a guy so he knows how awesome it is. Guys know what guys want---what is necessary. And guys give the best blow jobs.....

Natalie: It'll never me.

Jordan immediately asks for tips, specifically about "the mushroom part". Kevin explains its about the pressure, and talks about what both he "and his man" like.

Jordan absorbs the information, but Natalie just kind of argues about it. Kevin explains that guys like a finger up their ass and Natalie protests.

Natalie: He's not gay!

Kevin: If you're going to have a good marriage, you need to consider these things. Do you think he's going to do the missionary position for the rest of your life? He doesn't have to be gay to like a finger in his ass. It's not like its a dick!

Silence as the conversation drops off. I have to say, I didn't even expect for the HG to be awake right now. I guess they need something to talk about for the rest of the season, though.

Jeff might owe Kevin for this conversation. Jordan seems to have picked up some good tips.