Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jeff's Influence

You can say what you want about Jeff, but he had a huge influence on the other HG this season. I'm not saying it's always a good influence, but an influence nonetheless.

1. (Joking) Threats of Violence. I remember reading Jokers during BB2, that Nicole told someone (Bunky, maybe?) that if he didn't vote the way she wanted him to, she would kill him. Well, she got called in the DR and Arnold Shapiro (Allison's former partner/boss.) had a Come to Jesus meeting with her about saying that. She was very upset about this and apologized profusely. This season, Jeff has threated to slit everyone's throat while they are sleeping and also to hunt down everyone's family and kill them. And this influence has spread---Jordan threatened to stab Russell, and Michelle talks about getting "shanked" from time-to-time. The barn door is wide open now, and Allison can't stop it.

Example: During the competition a long time ago when BB10 Dan came in the house, Jeff had to dress up like a cheerleader with big balloon breasts. He wasn't happy about it, and when all of the other HG kept begging him to do a cheer, he said "I'm going to slit all of your throats tonight while you're sleeping, how's that for a cheer?"

And everyone cracked up.

2. Slang. Jeff started saying "He gone" with Jordan and now everyone says it. Kevin and Natalie are certainly saying it about him this week. "Jeff---he gone!". He also uses the word yoyo frequently and now Natalie, Jordan, and Russell all say it. What's old is new again, apparently.

Back to Now: Everyone is still in the HOH room. Total silence broken only by someone (Kevin?) shuffling a deck of cards. Those kids are just burnt out.