Friday, September 4, 2009

Jeff Meets Julie - Part Deux

Well, this has got to be the shortest Early Show appearance ever. I can't believe it is so short.

Jeff had good things to say about his girl Jordan but Julie seemed to cut off the interview when it was just getting started.


The ratings have been stellar this season, no doubt thanks to America's Favorite Jeff. (Rumor had it that over 80% of the Coup D'Etat votes were for him.) I think Natalie is going to be faced with a Pandora's Box choice where her greed may finally get the better of her.

Maybe when she opens the box Jeff will be inside and she goes to the Jury House instead. Wouldn't that be a kick in her dirty pants? We all saw how greedy she is.....

CBS does not want a repeat of BB6 or BB9, where people with no fan base (or a negative fan base) won the show, damanging the franchise.

***Just my Two Cents***