Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Going to Be a Long Five Days

but at least it makes me want to tune into the feeds from time-to-time until the finale.

Jordan is still in the DR, and Natalie is telling Kevin that if Jordan evicts her, she will of course vote for Kevin to win. But, if the choice is up to Kevin and he evicts her, she will vote for Jordan.


I can't see Kevin taking this for the rest of the season. He has held it in long enough and I think he's going to blow. You saw how upset he got during the Live Show when Julie told them that they would have to wait until Finale Night to evict the second runner-up.

BTW Jordan said earlier that she isn't going to bother to unpack. They always say that though, the last week of the game. Here's what I wonder---what else is there for them to do? I would probably fold my clothes until my fingers fell off to avoid talking to those two.

Pride comes before a fall, Natalie.

Now Kevin talks about the edit that Jordan must be getting after her performance tonight---that she kicked Natalie's ass and she can win after all. I guess Jordan looked at Kevin during the show and said "I won" or something like that.

Kevin: See, the thing about her is that you could always say she's a dumb player....but it's turning out that she's not....I don't even want to talk anymore because is any of this going to be shown on TV? Isn't America voting right now?

They know that Sunday is a "best of" show and the CBS edited portion of the series is over.


Kevin: I don't even want to talk about this on the live feeds....


That's not the way to get my vote, Kevin.

Somewhere, Janelle is throwing back her third cocktail, sitting on one of Mike Boogie's barstools.