Thursday, September 3, 2009

Finally Kevin Emerges

from the HOH Room and Natalie pops up from her place on the couch and goes inside. Kevin isn't in there--I think he went downstairs wearing a lemon yellow hoodie.

(Just how many hoodies does Kevin own?)

Immediately, we get the production screen and the BB music.

I'll bet they are all being summoned upstairs for the HOH lockdown.

Yep, we're back and the Splash Room people are gathering up their blankies, etc. in preparation for the trip upstairs. Natalie is already in the HOH bed, wrapped in the ice blue bedspread.

(Which is probably totally germ-infested by this point in the game.)

Everyone trudges upstairs for this weekly task, which allows Production and Crew to move about the house getting ready for tonight. I guess the HG can't see them on the spy screen, can they? That would be too much information for them.

Not much, if any conversation up there right now. Jordan blew her nose and it was loud.