Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Excerpt from the Finale

This is just a clip from the live show last night when Ronnie, Laura, Casey and Braden were introduced to the crowd.

I know we all saw this last night, but this is good because Ronnie calls out Natalie's lies. Kevin's reaction shot is great. And Julie has to cut Ronnie off, because I think he could have talked all night.

And then we see Kevin call Jeff an idiot in the Diary Room.

A lot of people online think that Braden was really high during this appearance, but I'm not sure. Braden always cultivated the Stoned Surfer vibe, so I didn't see much difference tonight. I think people just forgot what he was like.

It's funny when Braden called Jessie a pimp and a playa. Ha ha.

Boy the web commercials are really good--I have to say that. Most of them are really watchable and the music is great in this one.