Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Evel Dick Gets Jeff

This is the link to Evel Dick's interview with Jeff Schroeder after the BB11 finale. It's long and rambling, and hard to hear sometimes, and ED is downright annoying most of the time, so you've been warned.

A few comments:

1. Evel Dick has no comprehension of how to use a microphone during an interview. He never sems to have it in the right place at the right time (i.e. see 'hard to hear' comment above).

2. Evel Dick just can't stop talking about himself. It is all about him, but at some point they ended up having a decent conversation and maybe Jeff enjoyed the break.

3. Dick confirmed that as the winner Jordan will not be allowed to go anywhere tonight, and will stay in a hotel room with security and plain clothed police officers next door, and she will not be allowed to close the door. (WHY???) Dick told Jeff that he warned them not to come in his room for awhile so he could masturbate. Jeff had a good laugh.

4. Dick pointed out the shed in the BY for the pool supplies. It used to be much bigger until it became the 'Jack Shack' during BB All Stars. (Howie.....)

5. When people come out of the house they talk to three different people---an accountant, a psychologist, and someone else---maybe the producers. They make them all understand that they have to pay taxes on their earnings and I think they even have to sign something stating that they understand it. (Let's just call that the Richard Hatch effect.)

6. Evel said that in BB5 the HG broke out into the Happy Birthday song on someone's eviction date and CBS got fined $25,000. That's why they are so diligent about the "Stop Singing" stuff.

7. Evel didn't ask Jeff about his plans with Jordan. Evel knows better. (As Kevin says, "Jordeff will never happen.")

8. Jen Johnson (BB8) walks by off camera at one time and tells both of them that she and Nick broke up the week after this season started. (Nick from BB8)

9. Dick tells Jeff that he will receive a DHL overnight envelope at his house, or at his Mom's house next week with his check. CBS put both Dick and Danielle's checks together in one envelope and DHL left it on his Mom's porch since she wasn't home----$550,000!

So watch the clip if you have the time and the patience. Did Dick stop smoking? I don't think I've ever seen him go this long without a smoke---it seems like interviewing Jeff would have been a perfect chance to share a Marlboro.