Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Casey Meets Dick!

And now Evel Dick finally lands a houseguest.

Robin Kast takes her leave while Dick jokes about the margarita party that fucked Casey over. Casey looks calm and now they make fun of Jesse's constant posing.

They do a proper handshake (twice) and Dick talks about himself and how he feels about the interviews.

Casey: I've actually been in the general population for awhile now and I have 'maninabananasuit.com' andn there are T-shirts that talk about making Jesse a sandwich, etc.

Casey DJ's in the club with young people and thinks he should have played that up more. Like with Lydia. Braden walked by in front of the camera and didn't stop.

Ed Comment: Casey is cool. I would want to be around him, as long as he didn't make me start smoking again.

Casey thought "several people had stars in their eyes" and Dick wants to talk to him later about that. Jesse is apparently one of them.