Monday, September 28, 2009

What's Up with America's Sweethearts?

OK. Big Brother is over for 2009. But the fans are still clamouring for more, more, and more about what is going on with the former houseguests. While I wean myself from the daily chores of watching live feeds and catching up with my favorite BB websites, I have also been watching exclusive content offered by Real Networks for those of us with Superpass.

I plan to cancel my membership before I am charged for another quarter, but in the meantime I can still enjoy what is out there for the taking. Or listening...whatever.

I have discovered that Chelsia Hart (BB9) has recovered nicely from her turn with Crazy James and hosted a weekly show on Real to discuss the show. She also conducted a slew of interviews after the season was over, and also travels around (usually to Seattle) to conduct live shows where fans join to listen to her thoughts on the season with other BB luminaries like Nick (BB8) and Eric (BB8). I have listened/watched to these interviews and a few of the archived weekly shows while I work at home and have some information you might be interested in.

1. During the season, Chelsia, Nick and Eric hosted an event in a theater where fans gathered to watch the episode where Chima is escorted out of the house ("No need to sit down...") as it aired live on TV. Eric stated that it was extremely rare for Allison Grodner to speak to the houseguests or to otherwise interrupt production.

Eric: The only other time I am aware that this happened was in your season, Chelsia.

Chelsia: Yes, she came on and said that Neal was leaving for (***airquotes***) 'family reasons'.

Eric: ...which we now know is not true....

Hmmm. So Neal's exit was fishy, wasn't it? I guess he just wanted to get the hell out of there. Or maybe Josh was driving him crazy? Maybe both...

2. During this event Eric also stated numerous times, vehemently, that there was no way in hell that Jordan would ever win BB11. Now, I don't have any problem with that statement, but if you follow what has happened since the season wrapped, the same Eric is now claiming that he predicted this, and that he 'was right'.

Get on with your life Eric. Please.

3. And America's Sweethearts? I have to say that after Jeff neglected to kiss Jordan when he was evicted, and after Jordan virtually bitch slapped him after she emerged victoriously from the house on live TV, I have been surprised by the latest turn of events.

They are now 'together'. Whatever that means. Jordan is saying that she was in shock when she came out of there, and I think Jeff was kind of shocked at the reception he has gotten from the public. He had to know that America liked him---with the Coup D'Etat vote and the America's Favorite prize. But I think what has happened has shocked them both.

They can't walk two feet without being asked about their relationship, or the trip to Hawaii.

They just taped a tiny role on the Bold and the Beautiful which will air October 27th, according to Jordan. Here is an interview taped backstage on the set. And check out that hair on Jordan.

Are you surprised at how Jeff kind of takes a backseat to her? And she does all the talking? I was...

4. Last Thursday Chelsia hosted a live show in Seattle with Jeff and Jordan as the special guests. Once again I was quite taken back by Jordan's ability to speak onstage and communicate with the audience. I watched her on the feeds for over 60 days and never saw any of this.

When Chelsia asks them questions as a couple, it is Jordan who answers first, and Jeff never even got a chance a couple of times. And when someone brings up something she deems kind of obscure, she asks the audience if "ya'll saw that?" before answering.

I'm not saying that Jordan was running a Dumb Game on us during the season, but maybe she has gotten some media training and an agent since the season finale.

Anyway, they both stated that they are a couple, although Jordan was the one who came out and said it, explaining that Jeff was shy about it. They are both good onstage, and at one point Jeff tells Chelsia that he would love to try 'hosting' in the future.

Uh oh Chelsia. Watch your back girl.

Jeff is flying to Charlotte to visit Jordan this weekend, I think, and then Jordan is flying to Chicago to see him a week or so afterwards.

Is it genuine? I think their newfound media savvy is genuine, and if rumors are true they have been invited to appear on the next season of The Amazing Race. I think the season starts taping soon, so maybe this is the reason why the Hawaii trip has been placed on the back burner (see interview link above) and they have other destinations in mind.

I hope both of them caught the TAR season premiere last night so they have an idea what they will be getting into. Jordan hadn't even seen Big Brother until the casting process started, and had to borrow a laptop to watch some old episodes while she was going throught the process. (She was 'spotted' working at Hooter's and approached for the show in that manner.)

Do they know who Rob and Ambah are? If not, somebody better tell

5. Natalie hightailed it back to Arizona when the season ended and didn't get her ticket booked in time to go to Las Vegas with the rest of the cast after the season ended. There was apparently a charity event there where the reality stars invited to attend would get their rooms and food comped to make appearances. Fans bought tickets to events which was supposed to be donated to the charities.

I didn't try to watch this live on Real, but I did try to watch some archived footage and it was one hot mess. Poor production values and a big lack of what was needed along the lines of security and event planning. From what I gather, Zach (BB8) had a hand in organizing the event, and I don't think the whole mess is going to improve his popularity with the BB crowd.

At one point there was no one on hand to conduct interviews so Chelsia had to deputize a fairly-buzzed James Rhine (BB6 and AllStars) to speak to a few people on camera until she could get there. Jessie apparently pitched a hissy fit and had to be begged to do an on-camera interview with Real. (Wahhh...he didn't want to sign a release...)

Most of the Real interviews were incrediby staged and appeared to be a big fat commercial for keeping your Superpass subscription all year, instead of just at BB time.

And a male former HG apparently got up in Jessie's face and told him what a douche he is....I think it was either Zach himself or maybe Mike Boogie. Jessie said as much about Mike Boogie in his interview, but maybe it was because Mike dissed him during his appearance on the live Thursday night BB show.

6. Howie (BB6 and AllStars) approached Jordan in Vegas and apparently made some typcial comments to her about her tits or something. She took offense (as well she should) and someone had to tell her that he was a former houseguest. Because she barely watched the show at all before appearing....

7. Adam (BB9) got thrown out of the hotel for some undisclosed reason. I can only imagine. What a train wreck he was. Woudn't he have blown (***sniff sniff sniff***) through his prize money by now?

8. And who is a more hated BB winner---Adam or Maggie (BB6)?

9. Maggie didn't appear in Vegas (that I could see) but I did see April (BB6), aka Busto and she did look great. I heard her threaten a fan (jokingly) who called her that at the event.

10. And apparently an unnamed person (could be a BB HG or just a civilian) went over to the unmanned Real camera setup at one point in the party and said something mean and derogatory to the audience and turned off the camera! Ha ha. Chelsia had to apologize for it on air during her next weekly chat.

That's not going to help the fans keep their Superpass apres season, and Chelsia knows it. Chelsia is fighting to keep that job.

11. According to Chelsia, Lydia seems really jealous of all the attention Jeff and Jordan are receiving, and wishes Jessie felt as strongly about her as she feels about him. Jessie and Lydia went to Disneyland together recently and documented their 'date' for their twitter and websites.

Lydia's Captian Unitard costume was on Ebay---don't know what she eventually got for that show prop.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Interview with Jordan Lloyd

from TV Guide Magazine.

Hmmm. Sounds like Jordan should dump Jeff now, while she has the Upper Hand.

Because there's no way it will work out once Jeff gets a load of all the hot tail that is going to be thrown at him. Even if he wants to resist, he won't be able to.

You all know he already tried the Hollywood thing once, and retreated home to Chicago when it didn't work out? No way he's not going to try and play it out now....

Dump him Jordan! When you have Hand, you need to Use it or Lose It!

Allison Speaks, and Exhales

Allison Grodner gave a post-finale interview to The Wrap and sounds pretty pleased with the way things turned out.

Good for her.

Laura Crosby must have done or said something to really piss her off, though, as evidenced by the article. Why else would Alison say something better about Chima than Laura?

I did see an interview that Laura did with a local Atlanta TV affiliate, but she basically said that being in the house was exhausting due to the 15-16 hour scheming. She said that she will never be on Reality TV again, unless it's Big Brother All Stars. (Well, good luck with that Laura.)

I wonder what Laura did to Alison?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ross Matthews is Loose in the Backyard

and it sounds like he is going to have a whole mess of new shows next week with all of the interview content that he got.

In this clip he just gets all the HG to give Jordan congratulations. Braden did a great job with this, as did Casey and Michelle. Ross is still flirting his ass off with Jeff. I guess I would be disappointed if he wasn't.

I love Ross's enthusiasm and zest for life. He is grateful for his good fortune and is able to laugh at himself. Good qualities for anyone.

Evel Dick Meets Wholesome Jordan

Here is the link to Jordan's interview with Evel Dick in the backyard after the finale. Clearly this is the end of the night and the place is almost empty.

The interview was unremarkable, but something interesting happens in the end---Jordan is whisked away to take some pictures with Natalie and Kevin and we get to see that process, and a few of the suits who stand around and watch.

I'll bet the three of those kids were dying to get out of there.

Evel Dick Gets Jeff

This is the link to Evel Dick's interview with Jeff Schroeder after the BB11 finale. It's long and rambling, and hard to hear sometimes, and ED is downright annoying most of the time, so you've been warned.

A few comments:

1. Evel Dick has no comprehension of how to use a microphone during an interview. He never sems to have it in the right place at the right time (i.e. see 'hard to hear' comment above).

2. Evel Dick just can't stop talking about himself. It is all about him, but at some point they ended up having a decent conversation and maybe Jeff enjoyed the break.

3. Dick confirmed that as the winner Jordan will not be allowed to go anywhere tonight, and will stay in a hotel room with security and plain clothed police officers next door, and she will not be allowed to close the door. (WHY???) Dick told Jeff that he warned them not to come in his room for awhile so he could masturbate. Jeff had a good laugh.

4. Dick pointed out the shed in the BY for the pool supplies. It used to be much bigger until it became the 'Jack Shack' during BB All Stars. (Howie.....)

5. When people come out of the house they talk to three different people---an accountant, a psychologist, and someone else---maybe the producers. They make them all understand that they have to pay taxes on their earnings and I think they even have to sign something stating that they understand it. (Let's just call that the Richard Hatch effect.)

6. Evel said that in BB5 the HG broke out into the Happy Birthday song on someone's eviction date and CBS got fined $25,000. That's why they are so diligent about the "Stop Singing" stuff.

7. Evel didn't ask Jeff about his plans with Jordan. Evel knows better. (As Kevin says, "Jordeff will never happen.")

8. Jen Johnson (BB8) walks by off camera at one time and tells both of them that she and Nick broke up the week after this season started. (Nick from BB8)

9. Dick tells Jeff that he will receive a DHL overnight envelope at his house, or at his Mom's house next week with his check. CBS put both Dick and Danielle's checks together in one envelope and DHL left it on his Mom's porch since she wasn't home----$550,000!

So watch the clip if you have the time and the patience. Did Dick stop smoking? I don't think I've ever seen him go this long without a smoke---it seems like interviewing Jeff would have been a perfect chance to share a Marlboro.

Why Does Jordan Need the Money?

Well, everybody needs money, but if you watched the post show interviews that I've posted here, several of the houseguests say that Jordan's family really needed the money.

Here is a link to an earlier post where I described a conversation that Jordan had in the house about her situation.

It's kind of sad. I'm happy for her mother that Jordan won---she's had it rough.

Ross Matthews Roundtable - Part #2

And finally, here is Part #2 of Ross Matthew's interview with former stars of Big Brother, filmed last Thursday after the live show.

Better late than never, I guess. It would have been nice to post it yesterday, before the Finale, but I didn't see it so it didn't happen.

Did you see Mike Boogie sitting next to Danielle during the finale?

Danielle obviously thinks she has a future doing impressions of people. I don't think so Danielle.

Janelle goes off on Natalie and calls her skanky! She is a riot. And a microphone hog. But why is there only one microphone? She gets bleeped, too!

Keesha knows her place and keeps her mouth shut.

Incidently, Dr. Will posted somewhere that he and Dan (BB10) were both invited to appear on the show last Thursday night (the CBS show, not the Inside Dish) but they talked about it and decided that it would be too scripted and awkward. I guess CBS wanted to have all former winners on the panel (since Mike Boogie and Evel Dick were there, too).

Jordan and Jeff on The Early Show

This is the Early Show clip covering Jordan's win. I think this is the first time that the second place winner hasn't been featured on The Early Show.

Jordan really has a delightful personality. Julie has the balls to ask her if there is going to be 'booger' after the show with Jeff!

Julie Chen's Post Finale Interview

filmed just after the finale with Jordan, Jeff, Kevin and Natalie. This segment contains Julie's interviews with Natalie and Kevin. Jeff and Jordan are basically just sitting there and probably are interviewed exclusively for the Early Show.

I couldn't find a direct link to CBS, so this link is from Jokers'. Natalie is still spewing lies nonstop with her motormouth and is now claiming that she always knew she wouldn't have Jessie's vote.

(Since when??)

The camera cuts to Natalie's fiance several times for his reaction. I think Julie wanted to slap her several times, but that is just my opinion. Julie even made her apologize to her finance for her reaction to the proposal.

Nataie is delusional---she thinks CBS might pay for her wedding as the first Big Brother Wedding.

Kevin was gracious about his loss and handled his questions about being gay very well. Julie mentioned how sassy he was in the Diary Room, and how different his persona was inside the house.

Excerpt from the Finale

This is just a clip from the live show last night when Ronnie, Laura, Casey and Braden were introduced to the crowd.

I know we all saw this last night, but this is good because Ronnie calls out Natalie's lies. Kevin's reaction shot is great. And Julie has to cut Ronnie off, because I think he could have talked all night.

And then we see Kevin call Jeff an idiot in the Diary Room.

A lot of people online think that Braden was really high during this appearance, but I'm not sure. Braden always cultivated the Stoned Surfer vibe, so I didn't see much difference tonight. I think people just forgot what he was like.

It's funny when Braden called Jessie a pimp and a playa. Ha ha.

Boy the web commercials are really good--I have to say that. Most of them are really watchable and the music is great in this one.

Ronnie Talbot's Backyard Interview

Here is Ronnie Talbot's backyard interview after the finale of BB11. He is very happy that Jordan won.

I've heard enough from Ronnie for awhile. Nuff said.

Lydia's Backyard Interview

Here is Lydia's backyard interview after the finale of BB11. I wish she had gone a little more glamorous, rather than the 'oddball greaser' look.

Sounds like she loved the Jury House, with all those hot guys in there. And she definitely thinks she has a future with Jessie.

(Did you know her family owns a few Gold's Gyms in California? That could really help Jessie out, couldn't it? Maybe do some marketing for them?)

Michele's Backyard Interview

Here is Michele Noonan's backyard interview after the finale of BB11. She gives a good interview and conducts herself with dignity.

Like Jessie, her interview is a little manic---lots of energy.

I like Michele, but for the life of me I can't figure out what is wrong with her hair. She always loks like she has been camping for a few days.

Jessie's Backyard Interview

Here is Jessie Godderz's backyard interview after the finale. His behavior is.......strange. Let's just say that.

At least he was fairly direct and verbal, and didn't regress into his weird falsetto. And, he didn't do any posing. (They must have edited that out.) And he keeps talking about how when he saw Jeff in the Jury House, it was 'beautiful'.

He should have kept the facial hair. Just my opinion.

Russell's Backyard Interview

This is Russell's interview from the backyard after the BB11 season finale.

Hint: Russell ain't really happy with the way things worked out. I can't say I blame him--what he says is true.

He's good on camera and should see some opportunities out of this. Michele walks by in the background.

Jeff's Backyard Interview

This is Jeff being interviewed in the backyard after the finale. They edited it to splice some things together. And they put a lot of props from the season in the backyard for visual interest.

Jeff handled it well and America should feel good about voting for him to win the money.

(I even like the Breyer's commercial you have to watch first, to get to Jeff.)

Oh Shit. Ronnie's Here.

and he holds the mic while Dick walks away to get a drink of water.

Ronnie admits to playing too hard too fast. Like Brian (BB10) and Joe (BB8), according to Dick.

Ronnie looks like he swallowed the canary and this is the pinnacle of his entire existence.

(66,000 people in the room right now!)

Dick is always surprised that people get on the show who aren't fans of the show. Ronnie says that it took him a week to digest the fact that he was on BB and to calm down.

They discuss Chima's inflated HOH attitude. Ronnie humbly admits that he could have acted in a more humble manner.

Dick: What's the high point for you?

Ronnie: I know it sounds stupid, but when we first got called to go into the house. And then when I got evicted, and went home and had hundreds of messages that I got robbed because I was really the one playing hard in there.

He mentions that Casey told him that the minnows swam by while the sharks were battling it out. Ronnie wonders if Jordan threw the whole thing, and just pretended to lose.

Dick points out that whoever says that "this is my house" is destined to leave. Like Jase and Jeff, and also Ronnie. Ronnie is remorseful about that.

OMG. Fucking Braden. Who Leads to Michelle...

And he is obviously wasted.

And now Michelle! And Dick tells her that she looks really hot. Braden left and she gets her own minute with Dick. He compliments her game play.

Her blue eyes are fake---they are really brown, she tells him.

Michelle says it took her awhile to open up to people and Dick mentions her social awkwardness, etc. Dick thinks that's why BB put her in there, and that everyone said that they couldn't get in her head.

(Let me just say that Dick is still wearing a Suicidal Tendencies camp shirt.)

Dick gives a shout out to Jokers and Morty's (whatever that is).

Dick: What is your highlight? And lowlight?

Michelle: When money fell from the sky--this was fantasy was amazing. When she was lied to with the story from Kevin she was grinding her teeth and couldn't believe it.

One of her best times is when she held on during the swinging challenge with the diploma slapping her---she was proud to hang on with the boys. Dick doesn't mention how she flashed her junk at the end of the competition.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Russell Get's Dicked in his Backyard Interview.

and he stops by to chat with Evel Dick in the backyard. Dick keeps saying this is the worst final three in the history of Big Brother.

Russell says that it seems that the dumbest people slide by to the end.

These feeds are really choppy as the counter reads nearly 39,000.

Russell looks hot with his black shirt unbuttoned and is joking about an alliance with Dick for the AllStars 2 season and they both giggle. Russell mentions the competition that Dick did where he stood outside for 7 hours. Dick is disgusted that some of them last less than an hour.

Ironic Moment: Russell talks about HG 'playing possum'. Many, many people have pointed out that Russell looks like a possum. I'm just sayin'.

Now Dick brings up the fact that Chima might have been lovestruck with Russell and that she was rejected. Russell says that he needed a woman on his side---no way could all of them hate him and have him win. He says that unfortunately she became too attached.

Now Dick feels the need to point out all the pussy that is available after the show.

Dick hated Ronnie, but thinks that if he won he sould have been the most diabolical player in history.

Russell says Jeff 'blew his load too early' by evicting him and he should have kept him. Dick says that Russell should have kissed his ass more after the Coup D'Etat.

Feeds are really choppy. Nearly 47,000 people in now.

Russell was pissed when he learned someone new would come in, and he said he knew who it would be. Sounds like he wasn't happy.

Russell says he got discovered by BB when he was out in a bar 'with his boys' and he was very lucky to have been there.

Dick says how great it is to be friends with Crazy James and all the good times he's had with him in Vegas, etc. He doesn't want to plug Boogie's bars again, but everyone is going to Geisha House afterwards.

Russell doesn't think he has any fans and Dick tells him, no, that there are 1o million viewers and when they start coming up to him one by is really something. Russell asked if Dick has any advice for him and Dick says, just be careful, there's a lot of crazy chicks out there.

Dick can't believe that they got as physical as they did in there--with the Jordan-Russell chest bumping and the Kevin-Ronnie fight, etc.

Dick gets the move one sign and Russell has to go.


Dick on Casey

with Joker's questions.

Casey notes that there are at least 400 questions about Jeff and that Jeff is so popular.

(Still no Real Network Backyard interviews.)

Casey is talking about some shit about Jeff and the fact that he lost a competition that Casey needed him to win.

Casey leaves to go to Geisha House (Mike Boogie's place). There are over 35,000 people in the room, which makes the feed choppy.

Here comes Russell!


Casey Meets Dick!

And now Evel Dick finally lands a houseguest.

Robin Kast takes her leave while Dick jokes about the margarita party that fucked Casey over. Casey looks calm and now they make fun of Jesse's constant posing.

They do a proper handshake (twice) and Dick talks about himself and how he feels about the interviews.

Casey: I've actually been in the general population for awhile now and I have '' andn there are T-shirts that talk about making Jesse a sandwich, etc.

Casey DJ's in the club with young people and thinks he should have played that up more. Like with Lydia. Braden walked by in front of the camera and didn't stop.

Ed Comment: Casey is cool. I would want to be around him, as long as he didn't make me start smoking again.

Casey thought "several people had stars in their eyes" and Dick wants to talk to him later about that. Jesse is apparently one of them.


Evel Dick Is Live in the Backyard

and is just rambling now, waiting for the BB11 HG to come out to talk. He thinks they might get Ronnie first.

He is talking about Mark Long's (MTV) new show with Dr. Will and he says some disparaging comments about Mark Long---how he's tried to make himself presentable for TV and so forth. He doesn't have 1,000 tattos, Dick, if that's what you mean.

A girl named Robin Kass showed up and is wearing the same outfit that Jordan was wearing, according to Dick. (Hopefully it fits her better, though.) Robin does casting for BB, The Bachelor, and a bunch of other reality shows that I haven't heard of. Dick is flirting big time with her and says that he owes a lot to her. She has a dog named Kevin.

I am keeping an eye on the Real Network backyard interviews and will probably switch over to those when they start happening. I think Dick is a little lower on the CBS totem pole than the Real Network personalities (Chelsia, etc.), so I think the juice might be better.

Now Dick is trying to make a big deal about how he almost got cast on BB6, and that she called him back between seasons for some court show. BB9 Adam was also a repeat applicant for another show, and Robin brought him on BB. I think she jus tmentioned Kevin, too, and how many times he applied.

Dick joked about Celebrity Rehab, and how many times he's been asked to do that. He knows Steven Adler, blah blah blah.

Ronnie just blew them off.


I Think It's Clear

that Jordan is the winner. Both Jesse and Lydia kind of played their cards when making their votes.

They obviously didn't understand the instructions.

I am planning on watching the backyard interviews and posting some updates, so please feel free to check back after the show is over.

Did you just see Natalie pretend to gag when Laura was talking? What a nasty bitch. I hate her.


What is going to happen? I think it's a huge toss up. Jordan got nervous at the end, but Michelle got a huge dig in with the 18-year-old comment.

I can't wait to see Ronnie come out, and hear what he has to say.

If Natalie doesn't win, it's because her 'best friend' Chima lost her shit and DOR'ed. America would never vote for Natalie.

I hope CBS gives us time to see Jordan embrace her family, and Jeff. That is always rushed at the end.

Who's in the Audience?

I saw Evel Dick, Danielle....who else? I know Janie must be there, but I didn't see her yet. Oh, I see Mike Boogie, and I think he's sitting next to Danielle. You all know they've hooked up, don't you? And that it may have impacted her marriage? (She's divorced now.)

Jordan's brother was waaaayyyy cute and looks like a big guy. Yum. Me likey. But to be honest I think Jordan has mention that he may be a little slow, so I apologize for those leering comments.

I wish Jeff's parents were there, so they could get that whole parental introduction thing out of the way.

If Jordan wins, it will truly be a fairy tale for her family.

Oh Dear

Jordan's dress is waayyyy too short.

And the retrospective that opened the show certainly summarized all of Jesse's douchy moments, didn't it?

Kevin dressed horribly just to make Natalie mad, I'll bet. She kept telling Jordan yesterday to just let Kevin look busted at the Finale. Over and over and over....

Here We Go...

and I'm so excited!

I just made some hummus and opened a bottle of white wine.

What is going to happen? What is going to happen?

OMG-what does Julie Chen have on?

Preview of Tonights Jury Deliberations

I guess they grouped them all together and let them start spewing their ideas about who might win.

Jeff is clearly the King of Quips in the Jury House. Michelle doesn't say a freakin' word.

And Jesse has facial hair.

Oh my.

Ross Matthews Roundtable - Part #1

This is Part #1 of Ross Matthew's Roundtable with the former BB Houseguests. Danielle Reyes, Mike Boogie, and of course Janelle Peirzena chat with Ross, along with Keesha from BB10, who apparently was in the live audience last Thursday and got pulled into the discussion.

Keesha looks fantastic and I didn't recognize her until she was introduced by Ross--I thought maybe she was Boogie's girlfriend or something. Longer hair, and it looks like she had that distracting missing tooth fixed. And you know what I'm talking about, people.

No explanation as to why Evel Dick wasn't there. He has been a guest on Ross' show a couple of times already, but maybe he is just a Dick and didn't want to participate.

They are sitting in the backstage area, which looks very temporary and cheesy, like most backstage areas, I suppose. The HG only had one microphone to share, which was kind of a problem---you'll see what I mean.

Mike Boogie seemed like less of a dick then he did on the CBS show last Thursday.

And of course it's Jeff, Jeff, Jeff all the time.

I will link to Part II later, which should be released before the end of the day.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Yes, It Was a Banner

When they were outside Kevin wrapped up a conversation saying, "all I saw was the word Trust and then Natalie".

In a joking manner.

And then Natalie said: All I saw was the word Liar, and Kevin.

Inside both of them said they were glad they had that experience, since it was part of BB.

I think the BB theme music was playing in the house for an hour or so, because Kevin just said he couldn't remember how it went, and Jordan said "what? they just played it for an hour".

Natalie is making pasta with turkey bacon. She's a real Jeff wanna be.

Jordan and Kevin are both excited about tomorrow.

Now We're Back

and maybe the banner (if there was one) said something about Michelle. Because now the three of them are sitting by the pool talking about what Michelle did, what Michelle said, etc.

Jordan thinks that Michelle would have cut her at the end, and taken Jeff to the finals.

Kevin: I think Jeff would have done the same thing. I've seen the show before, and the showmances never work out in the end....

Jordan: I don't think I would call it a showmance. I just kept telling them (the DR) that he was my friend and he was helping her get through the game, and through a lot of stuff. If he hadn't been there she wouldn't have been close to anyone.

BB interrupts Jordan TWICE to tell her not to talk about her DR sessions.

Jordan is rocking back and forth with her legs crossed. I don't think I've ever seen her do that before. I wonder if that is a tell of some sort?

Natalie is being awfully quiet. When the feeds first came back I thought maybe Kevin had just told Natalie that he wasn't taking her to the finals, but now I'm not so sure.

Kevin feels the same way about Lydia that Jordan feels about Jeff. He thinks that is the reason why Jordan was nominated so many times.

There's kind of a weird vibe out there, but maybe just because the three of them have been spending so much time apart from each other, or not speaking.


Well, That Was Weird

Everyone was still sitting or laying outside, not speaking. And then we started hearing what I think was a Beatles song.

"Oh ______, look what you've done..."

I looked at Kevin, who was on two screens, and he didn't seem to hear the music.

Then, we get the WBRB screen.

What the hell? Maybe they're testing the sound system for tomorrow.


I read on Jokers that Kevin was looking up at the sky and pointed at something to Natalie and said "it's gone" into his microphone. I saw him lift the microphone to his mouth, but didn't hear what he said, or the pointing to Natalie.

Could there have been a banner? And if so, what would it say? If it said something about Natalie, why would Kevin point it out to her.

Just what the hell is going on here? We are still seeing the WBRB screen.

***UPDATE #2***

An hour later, and now we see TRIVIA. What happened in that backyard?

Someone on Jokers is saying they could see one of the Control Room screens and it showed a banner and the HG looking at it. I don't believe that, though, because whoever posted that did it at least 30 minutes after the incident happened. Or maybe they re-wound the tape and looked at it again? I found the picture they are talking about, courtesy of Hamster Watch. This is it on the right, with the helpful arrow posted for us.

Kevin said: I don't want anybody to fuck up my game, and then all that happened.

Evel Dick's Got Plans

I'll bet you were wondering what Evel Dick is doing tomorrow night. Well, after the Live Show and the season is over, he will be doing interviews live from the Big Brother back yard.

I've only watched the backyard interviews once, after BB9. It was strange because it looked like someone had pulled Chelsia aside and told her about some of Crazy James' nasty gay porn antics, because she couldn't get away from him fast enough.

Anyway if you don't have Real, this is probably where you want to be to see people let down their hair, and to see the throngs of press push their way to Jeff. It might be funny to see how no one will want to talk to Natalie, or probably even Jessie.

I hope Lydia goes for a more classic Marilyn look, rather than the wacked out shiny sweatpants look. Maybe Dick will ask her about working for Heather McCartney?

My Apologies to Ms. Lloyd

who is Jordan's mom for posting this picture of Jordan laying out. Two of the BB cameras are showing us this tawdry yet somewhat unnattractive picture of Jordan's ass.
Remind me never to lay like that while I'm scantily clad on TV.

I'll bet the BB Control Room has a Shower Shot like that, too, or maybe even a Toilet Cam shot.

Remind me never to bathe or go potty in the Big Brother house. I can dish it out, but can't take it.
I know that about myself.

Soon, the Boredom Will End

but not right now. They are on an outdoor lockdown, which is probably the only way Production could pry all three of them out of bed at the same time.

As you can see Kevin and Natalie are sprawled on the outdoor furniture, while Jordan is greasing up her legs in preparation for taning. Natalie has on Kevin's HOH hoodie, which she has said she plans to steal.

Kevin practiced his jury arguments earlier today, and made it clear that he intends to have Jordan in the opposite seat from him. He was comparing their accomplishments, and also plans to state at least once that he would like to make history as BB's first gay winner, looking at Michelle as he says this in hope for her vote.

Natalie told Jordan one of the pranks she planned to pull on Jeff was to replace the suntan lotion in the bottle Jordan is using with sour cream.
(Good one---not.)

Natalie tells Kevin he should lay in a chair instead and he ignores her. Some of the fans speculate that he is going to tell Natalie the bad news today or tonight. We can only hope, huh?

Although I kind of want for him to spring it on her live, or better yet to have Jordan be the one to evict her bossy, dirty ass. I would love to see how she is received by Jessie in that moment. Maybe the entire jury will applaud?

Oh, it's going to be good.

Kevin Primps

and does some half-assed cleaning of the mess he leaves on the bath room sink.

The other two bitches are still getting their beauty sleep.

Kevin goes into the Red Room, in the dark, and quietly gets some clothing. I'm sure he is relishing his Alone Time right now.

Looks like he's going to change into jeans and one of his striped shirts. Nope, I was wrong, Kevin is getting ready to jump in the shower and has his clothes ready for when he finishes.

(I could never just get dressed right out of the shower. I have to apply lotion, let it sink in, etc. I guess I would have to wear a robe if I was in that house.)

And just in case you don't believe me, here is young Kevin going into the shower stall.

I know this is a bore, but it's all we've got right now.

And just for the record, I can't remember ever hearing Kevin say 'biznatch' in the house. That must be his special Diary Room talk.
Is that a bad word? Kevin is just so ghetto, isn't he, with that nasty talk. I have also never heard Kevin (or any of the other BB11 Houseguests, for that mater) discussing his use (or nonuse) of drugs.
In past seasons there was always somebody talking about how they couldn't wait to smoke pot when they got out of there. Jee from BB4 for one. He used to talk about it all the time. Apparently he was quite the pothead. And Diane talked about it on BB Allstars---she thinks her constant smoking before coming in the house may have killed her competitive instincts.
And Beau and Janie used to accuse each other of being Coke Whores. (Pot, meet Kettle, I guess.)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thoughts on Tonight's CBS Show

I'm sure all of the fans know by now that tonight's CBS show is a sort of flashback type show, where we look back on the season and review what brought us here to the Final Three. We have also been promised new footage that we haven't seen before.

I hope there is a lot of new DR footage tonight, to ensure there is new material even for all the Live Feed Watchers.

I watched the Live Feeds after Thursday night's show, as well as footage here and there since then. At this point, the HG sleep a lot and only seem to all be awake at the same time for the BBAD show, when the booze is delivered.

The feeds last Thursday night were really interesting. The only one who seemed relaxed and happy was Jordan--both Kevin and Natalie were very tense and seemed annoyed by the whole thing. Natalie because I don't think she ever considered that she would not be involved in the HOH Part #3 competition, and Kevin because he obviously had just hoped to get it over with.

And what is the "it" that Kevin was dreading so much? It might be the process of shocking Natalie and throwing her out of the house. Or maybe he just wanted to be a step closer to the end.

At first they clustered in the Red Room, bringing back their luggage and pulling a few things out. One after the other, they called into the DR and the remaining HG whispered and talked about going to the end together, and why the missing HG would not be going.

Kevin and Jordan agreed to take each other, and disparaged Natalie. Jordan from the point of view of Natalie's jury votes, which Kevin agreed with. Kevin also brought up the exact moment when he knew he wouldn't take her---when she took the Pandora's Box option which prevented her from playing in the Veto to save Kevin. (I don't think Kevin trusts anything she says right now, including the engagement tale. I saw it, and I don't believe it, so I can't blame him.)

Then Natalie would return from the DR, and Kevin would get called in. Jordan and Natalie would immediately start whispering with Jordan saying things like "I got you girl" and making other comments regarding Kevin's ultimate dismissal. Natalie's scheming was in high gear and she kept saying that she couldn't trust Kevin anymore, and that she had not talked with him about his plans on Tuesday. If he tells Jordan that they've talked about it, Kevin is lying.

(C'mon Natalie---even Jordan wouldn't believe that boldfaced lie.)

Then Jordan would go back in the DR and Kevin and Natalie would whisper away. Natalie laid it on really thick, about how all of their plans and schemes brought them here, and they did it together. She kept asking Kevin to reaffirm that he will take her to the end and he would say yes, and then say that he just wanted to relax for the last days and not be badgered the entire time.

And...this is interesting: Kevin spoke openly about America's Vote, and that we are all watching now and voting. I don't know if he knows that America Hates Natalie, but he is well aware that America Loves Jeff, and therefore they must love Jordan, too. He explained to Natalie that Jordan was sweet and smiley, and didn't spend all of her time hating on everyone. He said he didn't even want to talk anymore, after thinking about America's Vote.

I watched all of this, and I believed both Kevin and Jordan in both situations. I honestly don't know who either one of them would take with them. I expect to be as surprised as the evicted houseguest.

I think Kevin is smart enough to fear both remaining HG, but I thought he was smart enough to keep Michelle last week, too. It is clear that Natalie is grating on his last nerve, too. Her inappropriate comments about gay people are totally unacceptable, and I can't believe he has been able to contain himself so far.

For example, per Natalie Kevin was "way too gay when he came in the house", he needs to "dress like a man", and "gay men aren't allowed to be doctors". Natalie is totally oblivious to the fact that she is pissing him off, too. She is so self-absorbed.

Anyway BB prompted them to talk about various topics and they weren't allowed to change clothes until Production had all of the footage they needed, for continuity. Kevin was surprised that they didn't want comments about the Have Not room, since it was such a big part of the experience. And he was vocally pissed about all of the Jeff questions--he knows that Jeff' is the star of the season. Kevin also said that it was obvious that Jeff was "playing Jordan".

(What? If Jeff was smart enough to play Jordan, he might still be there.)

They wanted them to talk about Braden's fight with Lydia, but not Jordan's fight with Lydia. Jordan didn't understand that and had to go back in the DR and refine her comments.

I think CBS ordered a two-hour finale weeks ago, when it looked like the Jeff-Jordan show would continue to the end, but I think the way they're doing it now is a stroke of genius. I have been watching BB since the beginning, and this is the first year that there is still some sort of suspense regarding how it will end. And some apprehension on the part of the HG--they usually know that there's nothing else they can do, and start confessing their sins to their competitor. (Like Danielle in BB3, downloading her conscience to Lisa, the ultimate winner.)

I think the biggest challenge AGP will have is the live Jury Inquisition. This is usually heavily edited, and the Jurors are usually more than a little drunk. But this year I'm sure they are worried about it being spontaneous and energetic enough to be authentic, but controlled enough so that it's not a free-for-all. Particularly if Natalie is a finalist--she is a motormouth for sure.

I have to think that AGP will start the Inquistion during a commercial break, to give them an extra minute or two to deal with unforeseeable issues, rather than the usual 7 seconds.

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Your Turn, America

Here is where you can vote for your favorite HG to win Big Brother 11.

Now, I realize that your favorite HG probably isn't even one of the choices, but it's all we have.

You can vote free online or pay $1.00 per text message, so it's kind of a no-brainer. I don't think there is a limit on the number of times you can vote online, and you can do it right up until showtime on Tuesday.

Make your voice count, America.

Need Something to Look Forward To?

Per Janelle's Twitter, she just taped an episode of the Inside Dish with Ross Matthews and got to let loose with her opinions of Natalie.

That should be a good one. Ross will be in seventh heaven as usual, I'm sure. I'll provide a link as soon as I can get one for you.

BTW, I checked Chima's Twitter to see if she responded to what was said about her on last night's live show by the four former BB stars (none of which were complimentary to her) and she didn't even mention watching the show. In fact, she tried to pretend that she was busy at some sort of fashion event.

I loved it when they started talking about her and Danielle said, "you know she is watching this right now?", and Janelle said "Hi Chima!".

Like Janelle would give a rat's ass about Chima watching the show. Danielle was a scared little bitch, but she lives in California so maybe she is worried about being confronted with the wrath of Chima on a daily basis.

One thing I love about Janelle is that she just doesn't give a shit what people think---she didn't while she was in the house, and she doesn't now. She doesn't edit her opinions to please other people and America knew it.

I'm sure Marcellas has some big convoluted excuse why he was too busy to be on the show last night. Here's the real excuse: (ssshhhhh) he wasn't invited!

Janelle posts pictures on her Twitter, and has one posted from backstage at the show last night, and a smashing shot of her poolside yesterday afternoon, enjoying the California sunshine.

Kevin Gives Sex Tips

to both girls while they all are in bed, in the dark in the Red Room.


When I tuned in, the following exchange happened:

Natalie: I'm going to set your guy up with a girl so he can know how awesome it is.

Kevin: Well, I'm going to set up your guy with a guy so he knows how awesome it is. Guys know what guys want---what is necessary. And guys give the best blow jobs.....

Natalie: It'll never me.

Jordan immediately asks for tips, specifically about "the mushroom part". Kevin explains its about the pressure, and talks about what both he "and his man" like.

Jordan absorbs the information, but Natalie just kind of argues about it. Kevin explains that guys like a finger up their ass and Natalie protests.

Natalie: He's not gay!

Kevin: If you're going to have a good marriage, you need to consider these things. Do you think he's going to do the missionary position for the rest of your life? He doesn't have to be gay to like a finger in his ass. It's not like its a dick!

Silence as the conversation drops off. I have to say, I didn't even expect for the HG to be awake right now. I guess they need something to talk about for the rest of the season, though.

Jeff might owe Kevin for this conversation. Jordan seems to have picked up some good tips.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh Snap

Natalie goes to the DR and now Jordan is telling Kevin that she wouldn't want to take Natalie to the Finals because she has so many friends there. Kevin starts to interrupt her and she tells him to shush, because she finally has a chance to talk now (that Natalie is in the DR).

Jordan compares the game play and thinks both she and Kevin have a better shot against each other. They both won about the same number of competitions, they both have their enemies in the Jury, etc.

Neither of them think they have Jessie's vote. Russell doesn't like either one of them and was trash talking Kevin before he left. (so she thinks). Jordan thinks it would be much closer between the two of them. If he evicts her Jordan will be bitter and he won't get votes from her, Jeff, or Michelle.

Keven mentions that Natalie got engaged, and America probably loves that, etc. Now he says that his mind has been made up against Natlie ever since the Pandora's Box-that he wouldn't take her with him and he will tell her that to her face. He mentions the Final Two Flip lie that she told him in the HOH room.

Kevin doesn't want to torture Natalie in the next few days, but his mind is made up.

Jordan still wants to talk it out, just to be sure....she probably can't believe it, and she probably shouldn't. Five days is a long time...................

Now Jordan Returns

and Kevin is called to the DR. Jordan is still calm, just like she was before the Live Show, when both Natalie and Kevin were stressing out.

I love this part of the Red Room, with the silvery jacks. Or whatever. They remind me of jacks.

AGP if you are reading this I would love to have one of those babies in my house.

Natalie, to Jordan: blah blah blah blah

Basically throwing Kevin under the bus and saying that Kevin said that Jordan would be an idiot not to take Natalie to the Finals. Natalie thinks the final HOH competition will be True or False.

She's probably right--this is usually the competition when they have footage of the evictees out by the pool or something and they have to guess the rest of their statement. Natalie thinks she will be good at it.

Then she gives Jordan the same shit she just gave Kevin---that her life is in Jordan's hands and that it will all happen at the last minute. Jordan is waving her hands and kind of saying shut up shut up shut up to her.

Natalie tells her that Kevin thinks he's got this--that he's got it in the bag. Natalie feels like she can trust Jordan, but not Kevin at this point. And she's still harping on dropping off the log on Tuesday night.

(Did Jordan know that Natalie threw it? Or is Natalie telling her that now?)

I'm bored with Natalie's yammering already. Put a muzzle on that mouth. She is starting to remind me of BB4's Mantroll. Wasn't she involved in martial arts, too?

It's Going to Be a Long Five Days

but at least it makes me want to tune into the feeds from time-to-time until the finale.

Jordan is still in the DR, and Natalie is telling Kevin that if Jordan evicts her, she will of course vote for Kevin to win. But, if the choice is up to Kevin and he evicts her, she will vote for Jordan.


I can't see Kevin taking this for the rest of the season. He has held it in long enough and I think he's going to blow. You saw how upset he got during the Live Show when Julie told them that they would have to wait until Finale Night to evict the second runner-up.

BTW Jordan said earlier that she isn't going to bother to unpack. They always say that though, the last week of the game. Here's what I wonder---what else is there for them to do? I would probably fold my clothes until my fingers fell off to avoid talking to those two.

Pride comes before a fall, Natalie.

Now Kevin talks about the edit that Jordan must be getting after her performance tonight---that she kicked Natalie's ass and she can win after all. I guess Jordan looked at Kevin during the show and said "I won" or something like that.

Kevin: See, the thing about her is that you could always say she's a dumb player....but it's turning out that she's not....I don't even want to talk anymore because is any of this going to be shown on TV? Isn't America voting right now?

They know that Sunday is a "best of" show and the CBS edited portion of the series is over.


Kevin: I don't even want to talk about this on the live feeds....


That's not the way to get my vote, Kevin.

Somewhere, Janelle is throwing back her third cocktail, sitting on one of Mike Boogie's barstools.


Oh Here We Go

and Natalie is already saying that she shouldn't have jumped off the log and let Kevin win.

Natalie: I know you're going to make a deal with Jordan. I feel like my whole life depends on you now.

Kevin is calm and trys to reassure her. Natalie basically says that Jordan has no chance at winning the Final HOH and it is all on him.

Kevin: I know it's going to be hard, and for the next couple of days...........(trails off)

Natalie: For the next couple of days, what?

Kevin: Let's just try and enjoy that we got this far in the game....I mean, we can make it diarrhea...

Natalie: blah blah blah it is going to be diarrhea....blah blah blah blah poor me...etc

For the life of me I think Kevin should just tell her to take a flying leap. What power does she have? Jordan doesn't know it, but Natalie is probably the very one that she should take with her, since it seems she is the Jury House's Enemy #1.

Now that Jeff is out. And how hot did Jeff look in that tight black tanktop? And what was with Jessie looking at him and saying "beautifullllll".

Jeff better lock the door of his room.

Live Show Aftermath

Kevin waits to get in the storage room and doesn't see what he was looking for in there.

Booze? Chinese takeout?

Natalie is playing solitaire and starts whispering with Jordan as soon as Kevin leaves the room.

Kevin saw a marker board in the SR and let's them both know that if had been a tie, they would have had a tiebreaker question. I guess Natalie has been going off non-stop about the competition and how she 'almost won'. She thinks that she finished faster than Jordan, but that Jordan had more correct answers---as usual Natalie is a poor loser.

Kevin seems to know better. Jordan told both of them that when she stopped her clock she had 18 seconds left.

Natalie: You swear???

(When is Natalie going to realize that she needs to be nice to Jordan now and maybe let her enjoy her solid win? And that America is watching all of this and we have a little power now, too.)

Natalie: Now I'm in the same position Michelle was in. The loser......

Jordan, to Kevin: Do you realize that a week from now one of us is going to be $500,000 richer?

Kevin: Five days from now...

Jordan beams. I don't even think she was talking to Natalie at all. Kevin wishes he could have watched the competition (probably to be able to confirm Natalie's horseshit).

Jordan got called to the DR and just when we might have heard what Natalie and Kevin said behind her back, we got TRIVIA.


Now we're back and Natalie is talking about being in the Green Room during the competition while Jordan took her turn, and more TRIVIA.

And now she is saying the same shit over and over and over about how her balls were in the wrong holes.

(ha ha ha ha)


Jordan Wins Part #2

And she didn't just win.

She KILLED it.

Natalie is going to have a major episode tonight, I'm predicting.


Natalie is sniffling and praying with her head down over a pillow. Kevin shifts back and forth on his heels.

Jordan just sits with her hands folded. It's nearly showtime.
Both girls avoid sitting in those green chairs until the very last minute.
Usually the TRIVIA starts at a quarter 'til eight.
I picture Janelle in make up now, and Julie patiently stepping aside to let the star have the whole mirror.

Everyone is Busy

Kevin is busy doing a whole lot of standing and staring. Natalie is packing and is whining that she brought too many clothes. See the big fat ass?


Last I saw Jordan was sitting on the LR couch, touching up her makeup. Or caking it on, as the case may be.

Someone is going home tonight, kids.

Kevin Stirs His Pre-Show Beverage

Yes, this is what he plans to wear.
Wait until you see the matching red shoes.


Trivia and an HOH Room other words, it's Thursday in the BB house.


As in, nada damn thing is happening yet today in there. They all got the wake up call, but they are all in bed right now.

They got some sort of game last night that seems to indicate what the Part #2 HOH contest will be. It is a bowling type of game where they have to roll balls up an incline to get it in a hole. The balls are pretty big--looks like soccer-sized--and there are two holes on the incline ramp. They practiced last night and Jordan was pretty good at it. Natalie thinks her aim is better if she adds a little bounce.

Natalie is very nervous about it and started saying shit about maybe she shouldn't have thrown Part #1 to Kevin.

You probably shouldn't have done that, Natalie. Just a thought.

There aren't a lot of updates on other boards, because there just isn't a lot of action, and even when they are awake there is not much conversation.

I am watching a Flashback from last night and will post back if anything juicy happens. I finally figured out that if I go to the Real site I can choose the BB season, date and time that I want to watch. How unbelievable is that? Like magic!

Also....I wouldn't be surprised if the 4 former Super Duper Houseguests who are appearing tonight with Julie actually enter the house. Maybe for a Slumber Party? Allison needs to do something for those ratings in this final week.

In Season #2 some people from Survivor visited the house and they all camped out by the pool. Remember that?

I would LOVE it if Janelle went in there and started giving Natalie some shit. Maybe they could even fight! Ha ha ha I would love it.

I might even take a nap today, in case we get to see the Dick at Night show on the Live Feeds.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wow. AGP is Really Concerned with the Ratings.

Allison Grodner probably sold her soul to get that first-ever Two Hour Finale commitment from CBS. You know, of course, that ratings have dropped by half in the last week, since it looks like the worst Final Two ever.

Well, since Maggie and Ivette from BB6, that is.

Evel Dick (BB8) has disclosed that he will be making an appearance with Julie Chen during Thursday's live show, along with Mike Boogie (BB2 & Allstars), Danielle Reyes (BB3 & Allstars), and Janelle Pierzina (BB6 & Allstars).

I do think this was planned, since Evel Dick previously disclosed that he had a gag order as far as Big Brother 11 was concerned until Sept. 11, 2009. Which will be the morning after his appearance. I'm guessing AGP gave him the go-ahead to talk about it, since they announced it themselves and the ratings tide has turned so significantly.

I hope Julie lets them speak freely. Janelle has crucified Natalie on her Twitter page, comparing her to Maggie and was a big Michelle fan.

Ross Meets the Devil

Here is Ross Matthew's interview with Michelle Noonan, just after her eviction from the Big Brother house. Michelle was emotional and was dreading looking at footage from her initial interview with Ross, just before entering the house.

Check out her body language--she is leaning as far away from Ross as she can, and still be in the frame.

I can't believe she left the sequined devil's horns on--I guess that is a sign of her good humor. She wanted to have "fun with it".

Michelle and Julie Talk Shop

Here is Michelle's interview with Julie Chen on the Early Show.

It's another short one, but I think Michelle handled herself well. At least she's leaving with a banging body, which is more than she came in the house with. And some new clothes from the Luxury Challenge.

Allison Speaks, Again

Allison Grodner has given another interview to The Wrap. She barely hides her distaste for the contestants that are left in the game, and tries weakly to hint that Tuesday's Big Finale will still hold some surprises.

As this point, I think she needs to advertise that both Jeff and Russell will appear shirtless when the Jury comes into the studio or something.

Because I'm sure you know that the ratings plummeted last Sunday for the first show after Jeff's demise. Let's face it, America loves him.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Michelle Prepares to Leave

She is wearing her new green halter dress and is currently applying some sort of sticky stuff to the boob area so she won't flash the viewing audience.

The Quad Camera operators are kind to her as she does this and give her a little privacy.

She is sort of sniffling. Jordan asks if she is okay. She is.

Kevin told both Jordan and Michelle that Michelle is indeed going home tonight. Michelle hopes to sway him with a speech, but who knows if it will work. Maybe she will throw Natalie under the bus!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Disgust for the Happy Couple

Let me just say there was no way on earth that I believed that Natalie got engaged. She has told so many lies over the course of the last two months that even when she is telling the truth, it is impossible to believe it.

Is it fair for us to discuss how creepy Natalie's fiance is? Something about him is extremely weird. Maybe being on camera freaked him out, or being shut up in that little room with her. I thought it was just crazy.

I was watching the feeds after all of this happened, and Natalie didn't even seem to be that happy or excited that she saw him, or that they were engaged. Didn't it seem kind of stiff and unemotional?

They didn't even really embrace or kiss like most normal people in that situation would have done. For example, if Kevin's boyfriend was there, I'm sure we would have seen some intense hugging and tearing up--saying they love each other and so forth.

Kind of like on Survivor--when the families all show up in the middle of the jungle during the back half of the game.

Anyway....there is not much to see on the feeds this week. Lots of sleeping. Not too much scheming---not too many possibilities right now. I do think there is a strong possibility that Kevin will keep Michelle.

But who knows. We shall see tomorrow night!

But first....

While I work, I have been watching/listening to Flashbacks from way back in July--the first week of the game. Because I had the Live Feeds, if I was watching Big Brother I was watching those. At that point in the game, there is always someone up, and someone to watch on camera. I seem to recall seeing Jessie and Company in the HOH all the time, or something along those lines.

I rarely ever saw Jeff, Jordan and Braden. So I watched some footage of the three of them together, with guest appearance by Laura, Ronnie, and Casey, who have been long forgotten from the game. Braden really was a funny doofus.

And Laura talked way too much. She should have kept her opinions and views of the game to herself and maybe she could have survived. Some tidbits:

1. Laura was recruited to be on the Bad Girls Club (or something like that) but she turned it down and watched some of the episodes later and was appalled. She would never be on a show like that!

2. She would, however, consider an offer from Playboy, if it was "tasteful". Sorry Laura, but you are more likely to get an offer from Big Jugs Magazine. No girl next door has gargantuan tits like that.

3. She told Michelle that as much as she likes Jordan, she dan't have an intellectual conversation with her.

4. Michelle did look chubby back in those days.

5. And Ronnie....he looked like a beached whale. There was one scene where he got out of the shower and came to the dining room table to put on his shirt so he wouldn't miss a second of the scintillating conversation. Seeing all that flabby flesh was disgusting.

6. Jeff talks about his friend Nemo and his love for Duke. Jeff thinks his friends are going to want to talk to "that hottie Jordan" when the show is over.

7. Jeff's ex-girlfriend stole many pair of his sweatpants. He apologizes for playing with his balls to Jordan, but explains that "it is nighttime".

8. They are trying to get the votes for Braden to stay at this point, but we all know how that turned out.

9. They discussed how Russell and Jessie stare at themselves in the mirror all of the time. Jeff said they should apply for the circus when this is over. Braden: They're already in the circus--Circus Gay Lay. (ie like Cirque Soleil)

I recommend these old Flashbacks (links courtesy of Joker's), which are viewable through the end of your BB Superpass contract (October 11th for me).

BTW if you have the Live Feeds you need to contact Real to cancel, or else they will automatically renew you for another 3 months. If you go to My Account within Real and click Cancel, you will see a phone number to call. Might as well get it over with and call. One year I didn't and got stuck with another three months of service.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sorry, Michelle Fans

but it looks like She Gone.

Kevin won veto, so it's up to him. And I'm guessing he's going to send Michelle home, since she has not made it a secret that she's after him.

She played a great game. Maybe she can try to hit Jeff in the Jury House as a consolation prize.

The competition just ended and it sounds like Jordan failed miserably. Shocking, no?

Natalie's Tangled Web

of lies is starting to unravel.

Word is that what she got from Pandora is 5 minutes to speak with each evicted HG---20 minutes in total. I don't know if they were there in person, or if this occurred on the telephone.

She slipped and mentioned speaking with Jessie "today" when she was talking last night.

She sure as hell didn't get engaged with her "boyfriend".

I'm on the case and will let you know more info, as I know it.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Nominations are Over

and as predicted (and practiced all day) Kevin is reacting to the nominations by being a little hurt but still civil.

Michelle is sitting silently with a blue tank top and wide headband. I think that is new, because I haven't seen it before. She has the same sour look on her face, like she just smelled a visiting Little Person.

(ha ha)

Jordan seems upbeat, since she's not nominated, and her boobs look huge in a camisole top with lots of cleavage.

Uncomfortable silences all around the backyard.

You Also Need to Know

that nominations haven't taken place yet. We have FISH on screen right now, so it might be happening now, but the last I heard Natalie started talking about production and the feeds cut out.

She was saying that "they" told her to go get dressed (for the visit) and she just put on shorts and a T-shirt, and that's what she got engaged in.

Well, isn't that what she always wears? And it isn't really getting engaged if you don't have a real ring. A Twisty Tie promise ring is romantic and all, but you can do that wearing shorts. No black tie required. And she took a bath yesterday--that's squeaky clean in Natalie's world.

Anyway...Natalie spent the day in the HOH room with Kevin preparing her nomination speech for today. She is going to nominate Kevin and Michelle and practiced her speech for at least an hour and went over it several times. She is planning to wear her white HOH robe and white sunglasses, along with the orange crown Kevin received last week from his BF.

She is going to reference the early story that Kevin referred to she and Jessie as the King and Queen, knocking down Pawns in the house. Now he is her Pawn. Kevin plans to act pissed and roll his eyes and give attitude about all this. Then Natalie plans to make a scathing nomination speech for Michelle, harking back to Ronnie's comments about her (Who?) and what Michelle did to Chima? (As they say, WGAS, WGAF.)

Kevin is no dummy--I'm sure he knows that Natalie is setting up either of Michelle or Jordan to vote for Kevin to leave. He's got to be madder than a hornet about all of this. And now the news that Natalie can't play for the POV....

Kevin is the only one of them that would easily get more votes from the Jury then she would, and she knows she needs to get rid of them.

It's too bad Natalie doesn't have a sense of humor about her, because this ability to lie and backstab anyone at the drop of a hat could have made her a big star. She's no Evil Dr. Will, but maybe she could have been if she had more of a personality and was more fun to watch.

Oh, and if she didn't cleave herself to the Douchiest Douch Who Ever Douched. (Jessie.)

Also, last night they had some sort of Luxury Competition that wasn't on the feeds. It involved designer clothes, which they all tried on and swapped last night. Michelle had on a new bikini today and it looked fantastic. I'm sure she wished Jeff could see her in that.

Michelle and Jordan spent the day lazing in the pool and talking about their lives. Michelle talked a lot about her job and it's limitations and challenges. They both fondly remembered Jeff and noticed how others in the house have picked up his lingo and speech patterns. Like "got got" and "stone". As in that is one stone shirt... Also his use of "John Gatti" to apparently mean really cool or big shit. I heard him tell Jordan the other day that he was making a John Gatti sandwich.

I'm guessing that is a tasty sandwich. Just a guess.

Jordan didn't really seem that broken up about it. They talked about what his life would be like in the Jury House and if Russell and Jessie would be mean to him, and for how long.

Upstairs, Kevin tried to make a lot of comments about Jordan that might make Natalie think twice about taking her to the finals. Let's see, like "Jordan has the best White Trash story about needing money of all of us". And "she's from North Fucking Carolina, and isn't that where all the voters come from?"

Implying of course that America would cast their vote for her.

(I read on another site that there is speculation that Evel Dick might be involved with the game at the end.....but that can't be, can it?)

Also Natalie and Kevin are positive that Jordan is getting the Jessica Simpson edit--the giggly bubblehead. They are both angry about the footage of the S'Mores competiton they saw last night.

Kevin: Did you see that reaction shot of her? Oh. My. God!

Still FISH right now. Probably the Noms. I wonder if Natalie will have the chance to go upstairs to get her robe and crown, after all of this Engagement Excitement?

At least she's bringing the drama. BTW I saw on another site that Jason's Facebook says he's single---how funny would if be if she made up her whole relationship with him? Maybe he's the Assistant Manager at her Blockbuster Store or something.


Is Natalie Lying

about her boyfriend-cum-fiance visiting the house?

Everyone still thinks that Natalie is 18 and lives in Arizona, but she is really 24 of course and lives in LA, just around the corner from the BB house.

So they are all talking about how her BF had to fly out this morning after the show, and Jordan says her mom would have been pissed if she had to fly out for 5 hours, spend 20 minutes with her, and then fly 5 hours back to get to work.

Natalie is really embellishing, if she is lying. She says her BF mentioned the whole deal with Jessie, and told her that everyone is rooting for her.

Natalie: So I asked him, why didn't I get the Coup D' Etat then? He said, aside from all that..

And they also talked about Jessie rubbing her arm all the time in the early days. She asked him what he thought she needed to work on, and he said her mouth-that there was too much foul language coming out of it.

Michelle apologizes for being a bad influence.

But now Natalie is giving Jason an excuse for not coming to the finale--his cousin is getting married on the 18th, so he might not be able to book the ticket to come to Cally. Now I know she is lying about something, because Jason lives with her in LA.

Now Michelle wants to have an engagement party for her and Natalie jumps right in on requesting that BB provide them something for the party. (I wonder if BB would assist her in executing the lie.) And she says her BF saw her drink 4 Mike's Hard LemonAde the other night.

It was a 20 minute conversation and I don't see how all of this would have been squeezed into that time frame, allowing for hugs and kisses that any normal pair of lovers would exchange in a situation about that.

Jordan said her first thought was that Natalie was lying, because she came out of the house and asked what happened out there.

Kevin: I was like bitch, you were the one opening the box--what do you mean you don't know? (since he could watch a TV screen of the backyard during his Pandora episode).

Natalie: But I had no idea what happened out here!

There was a cat in the house, and they keep saying how much the people stunk.

Kevin: That was a bad one---a bad Pandora's box. We're going to look like idiots....


Pandora Returned

and I'm not entirely sure what happened. I didn't see it myself, but read about it on other sites, and am listening to the HG talk about it now.

This I do know: Natalie opened the box, and some bad things happened.

First of all, Natalie can't play in the POV. This is a big concern for her, for obvious reasons. And some strange things happened in the house. Jordan opened the SR door and a male little person was there. There was at least one other male, and another female in there, and it wasn't pleasant. It think all of them were Little People, and it seems like they smelled. Kevin has been spraying the house with air freshener like crazy.

However....apparently Natalie and Kevin were talking about how she would explain not being able to play in the POV to Michelle and Natalie. Next thing you know, she was telling them all a big story, and claims to Kevin that it is the REAL truth, even though you can practically taste the skepticism in the air.

Get this:

Natalie is telling everyone that she got a visit from a loved one, and it was her boyfriend Jason. And he PROPOSED to her, giving her a twisty tie ring.

Magaran--that's going to be Natalie's new last name. Jason said he asked her dad if it was okay, and that Jason planned to propose for some time now. (Then why didn't he bring a real ring?)

Natalie says now that BB knew that she would open the box---who wouldn't have?

I'm sure Kevin is pissed, because it places him at great risk--he has to win the POV now and has no one on his side to play for him.

Natalie says BB told her she doesn't have to share the story with everyone, but she chose to. It's too big to keep to herself.

Personally, I think Natalie is telling a big fat lie. I think she accepted money in exchange for not playing the POV and doesn't want Kevin to know the truth. Kevin says he was "genuninely scared at moments" when the male little person was there.

Kevin: I thought he was a monster coming at me.

One of them was dressed as a baby and asked Michelle if she was his momma.

Ross Meets Jeff

on The Inside Dish, right after Jeff's eviction.

It was so funny to see Jeff's speech to himself 67 days prior---he must have had a premonition about Jordan.

As you might guess, Ross is relentless on the Jordan Issue. All in good fun.

Jeff Meets Julie - Part Deux

Well, this has got to be the shortest Early Show appearance ever. I can't believe it is so short.

Jeff had good things to say about his girl Jordan but Julie seemed to cut off the interview when it was just getting started.


The ratings have been stellar this season, no doubt thanks to America's Favorite Jeff. (Rumor had it that over 80% of the Coup D'Etat votes were for him.) I think Natalie is going to be faced with a Pandora's Box choice where her greed may finally get the better of her.

Maybe when she opens the box Jeff will be inside and she goes to the Jury House instead. Wouldn't that be a kick in her dirty pants? We all saw how greedy she is.....

CBS does not want a repeat of BB6 or BB9, where people with no fan base (or a negative fan base) won the show, damanging the franchise.

***Just my Two Cents***

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Live Show Let Down

and 30 minutes after showtime ended the feeds are still not back.

I'm sad that Jeff left, but I think he really walked out of there looking like a horse's ass. I watched him on the feeds all week and he knew he was going--he couldn't have realistically thought that he would stay. So why be so hateful on your way out of the door?

And Jordan is sure to fall apart after the dismissive way he treated her on his walk to the door. He gave Michelle a better good bye experience than he gave Jordan. He didn't even turn around and look at Jordan or say goodbye to her specifically.

He pulled it together for Julie, but I just think he could have been a lot sweeter at the end there.

I will watch the Flashback tomorrow about Natalie's HOH Room--I am dying to see pictures of her mythical boyfriend.

(Still TRIVIA on screen.)

Well, the Show Just Started

and someone's been fucking with us.

Jeff is going home and Russell ain't coming back.

We just have to live with it.

What has Julie got around her neck? It looks like a Bluetooth earpiece. Kevin has on his boyfriend's shirt--he wore it on their first date.

Last Minute Adjustments

Jordan is helping Natalie with her hair---looks like Natalie is straightening it and needed assistance with the back.

Jef is still at the counter playing solitaire, but is now wearing something dark and longsleeved. Jordan just came up behind him and hugged him and asked him to go to the Splash Room with her.

No, maybe not, because he is messing with stuff in the fridge right now. Kevin is talking about a friend who is Puerto Rican who looks totally different when she straightens her hair. I hate to say it, but Natalie looks cute and is wearing a feminine top for a change.

Jeff goes to the Splash Room to get his bag and Jordan whispers to him a little. She told Kevin that if he changes his mind at the last minute and keeps Jeff in the house she won't be mad. Jeff appreciates it, but doesn't think it will happen.

(Like Kevin would give a shit if Jordan is mad at him.)

Jordan stops to look at herself: Is this what I'm going to wear to walk out the door in? I need something black....

She has on a red strappy dress and a pink cardigan. I assume she wanted to change the cardigan to a black one.

Jordan: I have to pee. I always do when I'm nervous.

Jeff returns to his card game. Natalie is working on the front part of her hair. Things are pretty calm around there.


The Tension Builds

in that house. Jordan and Jeff are sitting at the kitchen counter. Jeff is playing with the cards---shuffling, trying to cut them with one hand, etc. Looks like a stress buster for them.

Jordan brings up the Pandora's Box key and wonders what became of all that. Jeff thinks it will be over when everybody gets their check.

Jordan: What if they say whoever has the key can come back in the house?

Let me take a break to say that there is a lot of speculation on the internet right now about what is going to happen tonight, fueled by that damn key Jeff found, as well as the new intro on Tuesday night where Russell reappeared with his name in the credits like he is still a contender.

(Get it, a contender?)

I thik AGP might just pull something out of their ass tonight and leave us with a big cliffhanger. I'm guessing that Russell might have the potential to come back in the house, or maybe Jeff can stay. Which way would Michelle vote, I wonder? She loves Jeff but needs Russell. Hmmm. A quandry.

Michelle has added a black short cardigan to her dress for tonight and is looking at herself in every direction in the Splash Room windows. Jeff is cursing at his Solitaire cards. He said earlier today that he wanted to win Solitaire today before he left but I don't know if he has succeeded yet.

Michelle asked Jeff last night to leave her some cigarettes. Jeff said maybe, but she doesn't even smoke...

Natalie and Kevin were crowing last week about not having any smokers left in the house after tonight. Michelle said that she was happy about that too, since it made her smell like smoke, and also made her want "to smoke again".

Jeff has on a black wifebeater but I have no doubt he will spruce up a little before tonight's broadcast. I'm predicting one of his slim-fitting, somewhat-cheesy button front shirts. You know, the ones that are textured?

I would prefer that navy long sleeved henley shirt on him, but I know that's probably not dressy enough for his upcoming eviction and date with Julie Chen.


Nice View

I have been watching Jeff shave and forgot to post. Jeff of course is shirtless and I am enjoying the view for possibly the last time on the live feeds.

Typically, we will have an hour or two of no feeds before the Live Show, as Production prepares the HG and sometimes goes over the setup for the HOH competition.

Jeff is shaving in his "Johnny Depp" fashion which he expects to rock for all of his post-eviction interviews. He looks thin but all cut up. Hot, hot, hot.

Jordan is sitting behind him on the BR couch to watch. Jeff's mood seems to have lifted--it's almost Showtime.

Jeff: The Johnny Depp--this is how I look on Friday nights but with my hat.....Jordan, where do I go on Friday nights?

Jordan, reciting: You go to ______(?), because Tony's dad owns it.

Jeff chuckles and we get FISH.

Meanwhile Kevin and Natalie have been making breakfast for lunch. The following is typed exactly as spoken.

Natalie: Eggs is good for you.

Kevin: mumble mumble mumble

Natalie: You're watching your cholesterol and you eat bacon? You're better off with eggs. Eggs is good for you.

Kevin: But this is turkey bacon.

And so on.

No sign of Michelle. Jeff told Jordan she needs to start preparing for the HOH competition tonight. No one seems to think there is a snowball's chance in hell that she might win tonight---maybe that will be the key to her potential win? TRIVIA.

Bye bye, Jeff's bare chest.

*** sigh ***


I haven't seen anybody cleaning at all besides Kevin's vaccuming a little while ago.

Michelle put on a pretty flowered dress and a lot of makeup. She joined Jeff at the dinner table and ate some of what he made, which turned out to be a tasty looking pasta concoction. I saw mushrooms, bacon and some other items bubbling on the stove that I couldn't identify.

We had several tantalizing camera close ups of this delicious mess, along with the sound effects of bubbling and sizzling.

Michelle doesn't even bother to hide her extreme flirtiness with him: Where's the olives?

(Jeff puts olives in almost everything.)

Jeff, shoveling down Round #2 of his pasta: I guess I forgot!

Jeff is now playing solitaire on the Splash Room bed. Michelle is in there, too, under the covers. Silence is wrapped all around them.

Jordan is sitting cross-legged on the couch in the bathroom, applying makeup. She and Jeff have had several conversations about her makeup--he prefers her clean natural look and this kind of irritates her.

(Before entering the house, Jeff said in an interview that he loved girls who are beautiful just sitting around the house in sweatpants.)

I still haven't heard Kevin say one word today, but what else is new?

HOH Lockdown is Over

and the HG are exercising their right to move freely about the house.

Just prior to being released, Jordan and Jeff were wrapped in a blanket snuggled together on the HOH floor, over in the corner. They were having a conversation that no one else joined in on, concerning how they would say goodbye on camera tonight.

Jordan is looking forward to the kiss, but Jeff says he might not feel like giving her one, due to the situation and the heat of the moment.

Jordan: Then I'll give you a kiss.

Jeff: But it won't be a good one, 'cause I'll be all sour. You're really into this, aren't you?

Jordan even mentioned that Russell managed to give her a little kiss when he left.

Jeff is in the kitchen, getting ready to feed the machine again. He loves loves loves the turkey bacon and is preparing a sandwich that sounds like a BLT with avocado. (Yum.) Jeff is wearing a long sleeved grey t-shirt and pushes up the sleeve while he slices the bacon into the frying pan.

Kevin is keeping to himself and keeping his thoughts to himself so far today. Maybe he's thinking about keeping Jeff? I read on Jokers that he was watching Natalie and Jordan in the backyard last night while they were talking about a Final Two deal.

Did he hear? Does he suspect? Will he perform a bold move like that so late in the game?

I'm sure he's figured out that Natalie is much more likely to win the Big Prize against Jordan than himself......

Kevin is getting ready to vacuum and now starts cleaning the living room rug--the swirly purple rug that we all see on TV every week.

If I were Kevin, I would be pissed that no one else seems to care about cleaning....


Jeff's Influence

You can say what you want about Jeff, but he had a huge influence on the other HG this season. I'm not saying it's always a good influence, but an influence nonetheless.

1. (Joking) Threats of Violence. I remember reading Jokers during BB2, that Nicole told someone (Bunky, maybe?) that if he didn't vote the way she wanted him to, she would kill him. Well, she got called in the DR and Arnold Shapiro (Allison's former partner/boss.) had a Come to Jesus meeting with her about saying that. She was very upset about this and apologized profusely. This season, Jeff has threated to slit everyone's throat while they are sleeping and also to hunt down everyone's family and kill them. And this influence has spread---Jordan threatened to stab Russell, and Michelle talks about getting "shanked" from time-to-time. The barn door is wide open now, and Allison can't stop it.

Example: During the competition a long time ago when BB10 Dan came in the house, Jeff had to dress up like a cheerleader with big balloon breasts. He wasn't happy about it, and when all of the other HG kept begging him to do a cheer, he said "I'm going to slit all of your throats tonight while you're sleeping, how's that for a cheer?"

And everyone cracked up.

2. Slang. Jeff started saying "He gone" with Jordan and now everyone says it. Kevin and Natalie are certainly saying it about him this week. "Jeff---he gone!". He also uses the word yoyo frequently and now Natalie, Jordan, and Russell all say it. What's old is new again, apparently.

Back to Now: Everyone is still in the HOH room. Total silence broken only by someone (Kevin?) shuffling a deck of cards. Those kids are just burnt out.


Finally Kevin Emerges

from the HOH Room and Natalie pops up from her place on the couch and goes inside. Kevin isn't in there--I think he went downstairs wearing a lemon yellow hoodie.

(Just how many hoodies does Kevin own?)

Immediately, we get the production screen and the BB music.

I'll bet they are all being summoned upstairs for the HOH lockdown.

Yep, we're back and the Splash Room people are gathering up their blankies, etc. in preparation for the trip upstairs. Natalie is already in the HOH bed, wrapped in the ice blue bedspread.

(Which is probably totally germ-infested by this point in the game.)

Everyone trudges upstairs for this weekly task, which allows Production and Crew to move about the house getting ready for tonight. I guess the HG can't see them on the spy screen, can they? That would be too much information for them.

Not much, if any conversation up there right now. Jordan blew her nose and it was loud.


Jeff's Last Day

And I feel pretty comfortable calling it that. Jeff is toast, and even he knows it.

BB just gave them a wake up call, and it looks like Jeff himself is the only one who got out of bed and exchanged his batteries. He is fixing himself a bowl of cereal. Now I see Jordan putting on a hoodie in the Splash Room.

That must mean that Michelle will be up soon, since she can't seem to leave the two of them alone for longer than 10 minutes.

Yesterday Jeff and Jordan left their goodbye messages for each other. Jeff joked (?) that he was very weepy during his and had to take a break for a few minutes. Jordan didn't believe him, and started telling him about her message to him: she won't have any fun anymore, she will miss him, etc etc etc.

BB put the kibosh on that conversation.

Last night, Jeff, Jordan and Michelle had quite a little conversation about sex. I watched the flashback earlier and it included the following:

1. Jordan doesn't own a vibrator, and isn't even sure how to use one. ("Do you just stick it in your cooch", she asked a laughing Michelle.) Michelle assured her there were all types of vibrators and that wasn't necessary. Jeff joked that Jordan would swing by Michelle's house on the way home and pick one up--it's probably in the kitchen drawer.

2. Michelle discussed the use of butt plugs. Yes, it's true. She explained that "if you have a dick in you, it kind of feels like a threesome". As if that was an enticement to young Jordan. Michelle recommended them.

3. Jordan asked Jeff a lot of questions about blue balls. Jeff ended up saying that the one good thing about being evicted is that "tomorrow he would beat his junk like it owed him money". (An old but good joke.) Jeff joked that when he walked outside he would tell Julie Chen that she needed to wait while he found a bathroom.

4. Jeff had an 8 year relationship that started Sophomore year of high school. Michelle could have asked a lot of follow up questions, but she didn't. Jeff said that if they weren't in the house (and on TV) he would talk about himself a lot more, and probably would tell more stories when the show is over.

5. Jeff told Michelle that if Jordan wins she has to buy him Chicago Bears season tickets. When Michelle asked him what he had promised to buy Jordan if he won, he said it was probably a good thing he's leaving, since "she made a whole list of things". Then he called her a Gold Digger when she came back in the room and threw her down on the bed and kissed her. (I only heard Jordan ask for a decent pair of diamond earrings. Something tells me she will get those from Jeff even though he isn't going to win. Maybe he'll get the Viewer's Choice money or something.)

6. Michelle cleans her house wearing a french maid's costume and says it makes it more fun. She also said that if she isn't in the mood, putting on a costume always gets her there fast. Jordan mentioned wearing a costume around the house (I forgot what she said---a Playboy bunny or a cheerleader maybe?) and said she thought it might be fun. Jeff asked her if she would really do that---could he come home from work and she would be wearing a hot costume? Jordan: Yes. Jeff: Fuck yeah!

7. All this talk excited Michelle. She said she couldn't wait to get out there and do it. Jordan said she bets Michelle has really wild sex with her husband. Michelle did not deny it.

8. Jordan asked some technical questions about a man's penis, and where it felt good to be licked. Jeff: Well, it feels good when you lick the top. And it feels good when you lick the side...(laughs). Michelle defers and says she "hasn't really worked that many penises". And she repeated that twice for good measure. Jordan also asked Jeff a lot of questions about waking up with a boner and then needed to pee, etc.

Back to Now:

Jeff finished his cereal and went back to bed, with Jordan right beside him. Natalie went up stairs and knocked on the HOH door over and over and over, but Kevin never answered. So she is laying on the couch outside, wrapped in a blanket.

Jordan is awake , just laying there next to her man. And of course Michelle is there, too, because she probably can't bear the thought of Jeff leaving, either.