Friday, August 28, 2009

What's Up in the House?

Jeff and Jordan are horsing around in the Green Room. They are both grossed out by all the ants and Jeff finds two ants crawling on her blanket. Jordan wants to take a shower and Jeff tells her she looks better with no makeup. She is not flattered by that comment, although Jeff assures her it is a big compliment.

She has her head on Jeff's stomach and says he is still so skinny she can feel bones.

Jeff: That's not a bone---it's a BONER.

Jeff laughs like crazy.
Jordan explains that BB wouldn't let them bring in pencil or crayon makeup because then they could write notes with it, so she had to go out and buy liquid eyeliner--she usually doesn't use it.

Kevin and Michelle discuss Russell. They remember at least 7 different jobs he said he had and they wonder what he really does for a living.

Kevin: In the beginning he said that one of his relatives ran for President, and that his last name meant 'butcher', so no one should mess with him.

Michelle: Well, I come from a long line of barbarians and you don't hear me mentioning that!

She explains that her last name was the name of a barbarian tribe--it's a long word and I wouldn't dare try to spell it.
Kevin thinks Russell might have been a lawyer--he said that at one point.

Michelle: Dude, when would he have the time to go to law school?

They discuss where they are and how sometimes they can't believe that they are on Big Brother. For Michelle, she realizes it whenever they go outside for a competition.

Michelle: I'm like, I'm on Big Brother! Fuck yeah!

Kevin can't believe it either. Jeff and Jordan bring Kevin and Natalie up to date on all the ants and how clean everything needs to be from now on.

FISH, while I'm guessing Production is chiming in about that.

I don't think all that hot chocolate outside last night helped anything. That all got dripped and dragged in the house after it was all over, I'm sure. It was all over their clothes. Jeff kept saying that the hot chocolate raining down smelled really good, so it must have had some authentic ingredients.

Jeff said there was a thick line of ants from the window to the cabinets.
Jeff: It was like Ant's Dave Matthews.