Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weighty Topics

are being discussed by everybody but Russell, who is packing his stuff in the Splash Room.

Jordan loved the MTV show Newlyweds and wishes Nick and Jessica would get back together. Jeff thinks Jessica was so hot and Jordan recounts an entire scene from the show.

Natalie mentions the rumor of Jessica cheating with Johnny Knoxville to split them up and we get WBRB.

Now they discuss Laguna Beach and The Hills. Natalie wants to be on the Hills and said she would do anything to be on the cast. Kevin tells her she has to be rich first and Natalie doesn't seem to get it---she seems to have a warped self-image.

Natalie discusses Doug (Reinhardt?) and says he has his own plane and talks about all the trips that the cast takes to Vegas, Mexico, etc. (Uh...MTV pays Natalie...)

Natalie says that Doug dates Paris Hilton now.

Jeff: Why would anybody date Paris Hilton?


Jeff discusses the ant infestation and Russell calls out to Michelle from the Splash Room that she has candy in one of the drawers if she wants to come get it. I don't think she did.

Natalie wants to go backstage after the show to see the production side of things. Kevin remembers Dan saying that behind the door in the backyard there is a hallway or something.

Jeff: What's the big deal? Why wouldn't they let you run around back there?

Kevin wants to see other people like they saw him.

BB tells Russell to put on his microphone. No one wants to hear him talk in the house, though. Looks like he's getting the cold shoulder.

They are surprised that BB hasn't told them specifically to clear out of the Splash Room. They thought it would be locked down after tonight. Natalie noticed that there are two more Slop Buckets in the storage room--they all let that little factoid sink in.