Saturday, August 29, 2009

Victory for Michelle - Flashback - 8-29-09 - 3:00 AM BBT - Part II

This picks up at 3:30 AM BBT. I switched to a different link for the second half so I can actually see Camera #3. The screen is frozen, but I'm sure the system was inundated as it always is after a big competition.

Natalie is encouraging Jordan to play. Jordan said she might campaign for Jeff to stay but Natalie does her best to talk her out of it.

Natalie: This is a half million dollars! I wouldn't just give it to my boyfriend.

Jordan wants to know what Michelle is saying up there---is she saying Final Three? Or is she asking why Jeff is so mad?

Natalie says Michelle is bitching because she didn't win a TV. Jordan wishes she hadn't gotten stuck on the first Morph screen. Her eyelids are really swollen and Jeff is in the DR right now. Now Jordan wants to know who Michelle is going to nominate next week.

Natalie tells her HOH doesn't matter next week--the Veto holder is the one who decides to go home (except the HOH, dumbass).

Now I hear Jeff come in the room and Jordan says she's sorry. Jeff says it sucks. I hear them hugging and maybe a kiss but I can't see them. I think Natalie is still sitting there, across from them.

Jordan: I didn't think she got it!

Jeff: I did.

Jordan: Natalie almost had it!

Jeff says "final four!" to Jordan and offers her some wine. The two of them are in the Splash Room--I guess they went in there to be alone. (I think the Splash Room is really cool.)

Natalie wants to know when they are going to find out how much money they won.

Jordan, back with Natalie: I just feel so bad. He's going to go in the Jury House and Russell will be all over him. I just want to know, why didn't Kevin keep his word?

Natalie: blah blah blah blah blah


The Feed is very slow and the picture is at least 2 minutes behind the sound.

Natalie throws Kevin under the bus by telling Jordan that she would have stuck with her word. Jordan is saying that they planned to drop Michelle and pick up Natalie for the end game.

I don't see any way that Natalie won't make it to the Final Three.

Now Jordan is saying that they should keep Jeff because he's a stronger player and will get them farther in the game. Natalie thinks that is silly for her to say it, but she is only one vote and would have to ask the others about it.

Jordan thinks Jeff could win. She doesn't even want to try to win and sucks at every competition. (Is she trying to help Jeff? Or help kick his ass out?) stays.

(How long will it take Natalie to repeat that to Michelle?)

Now Jordan is trying to convince Natalie to take Jeff to the F2. (I think Natalie could beat either Michelle or Jordan at the end, but not Kevin.) Jordan is really off track right now and needs to shut her fucking mouth.

The Morphs were alien-shaped, which made it more difficult. Jordan had trouble with the Casey one. Jordan says she knows how Natalie felt when Jessie left--it's the worst feeling in the world.

Jordan, whispering: She's going to win this whole thing if we don't get her out.

Natalie, whispering back: She's got to get the votes first. If I'm in the Jury House, I won't vote for her.

Now Jordan goes back into Jeff and tells him she is going to tell everybody else to vote her out and keep Jeff because he's a better player.

Jeff: Don't be stupid. Go with Michelle and follow her to the end. That's not how the game works--go with Michelle and win. Kevin can't play next week, make a deal with Natalie. You got a strong player out and go from there.

Jeff tells her to study the numbers, Kevin will be gone next week, and that's the end game.

Jordan protests.

Jeff: It's over. I had my chance.

Jordan keeps on and Jeff tells her nobody is going to get her out. They won't care about her and she'll "sneak into the Final Three".

Stupid Jeff still thinks Natalie is an ally. Jeff is sitting on the pool steps in the Splash Room with a glass of red wine wearing his UCLA cap.

Jeff: I got all these fucking assholes out of the house so these fucking assholes can stay. Whatever. I lost. It's over.

Jeff says the picture that messed him up was "me and you". Jeff didn't have trouble with the first one--Casey and Kevin. It just wasn't his game. He wants Jordan to stay strong and win. He will kill her if she doesn't win. (!) Jeff tells Jordan to stab Michelle in the back and take Natalie to the finals. Jeff says this week wasn't fucking brain surgery--whoever lost tonight was going home and they all knew it.

Jordan: I feel bad. I feel like it's my fault.

Jeff: I never depended on you Jordan. It's not your fault.

Jeff: Lemme tell you something. Kevin's not sad this week that I'm gone. So...he gone next week. If you just think for two seconds and use your mind for two seconds you can win. Just do it. Nobody's gunning for you. You can do it.

Jordan could hear the sounds of people coming in an out during the competiton and she heard Michelle and then Jeff and thought that Jeff won.

Jeff: I knew I lost it. She stares at that fucking wall all the time--it's her thing.

Jeff recognized Jordan's smile, but guessed everybody else but him mixed with her.

Jeff: I'm no fucking good at it..

End of Flashback. Whew--the Agony of Defeat, huh?