Saturday, August 29, 2009

Victory for Michelle - Flashback - 8-29-09 - 3:00 AM BBT - Part I

This Flashback opens with TRIVIA as the final moments of the Veto take place. At 3:05, the sound comes back but all feeds are still stuck on the words on the screen.

I can hear Michelle celebrating and being encouraged and cheered on by Natalie and Kevin. Supposedly it wasn't even close---she blew everybody away.

I wish I could see, but Michelle has apparently been angry at Jeff and is kind of "ha ha'ing" the situation. She said that Jeff kept asking her why she was staring at the Memory Wall.

Michelle: This is fucking why I stared at the wall.

She is spewing the Eff word and Mother Effer and is joyous. She did it for her husband and she was limping the whole time.

All of a sudden Natalie is Michelle's best friend and says she has been dreaming of this for weeks. She knows Russell will be so happy and Kevin says Jeff must have thought he was stupid to stick with The Deal.

Natalie is already pushing her program, saying that no one will win against Jordan in the Final, because everybody likes her (not in the Jury House, they don't) and she will win America's Vote for sure (maybe...but not for sure).

Natalie is crowing that she and Kevin had kept their mouths shut for weeks, but they had this big plan. (She'd better check that ego and start playing dumb again.)

Kevin is happy. Still can't see them on the screen--I just restarted it but no dice.

Natalie knows that Jeff blames himself for this---Michelle beat him fair and square and didn't have to betray him. Michelle mentions that Jeff laughed at her during the OTEV veto challenge for scrambling for that banana...I think she has been harboring a lot of anxiety for a long time.

Michelle is happy that the misfits who no one ever thought would stay very long are the ones that are "still fucking there".

Natalie keeps pushing the Jordan issue in the F2-Michelle points out that "Jordan hasn't done jack in the game" and that other people have done her dirty work. Natalie is all over it and keeps driving home that America will vote for Jordan.

Michelle, mock crying: Oh, I'm so sorry that your boyfriend is gone....That's America, because America is stupid!

Kevin: I have been so mad that he is getting such a good edit....

Now Natalie goes through all the ways that Jeff has been running the house for the last month. Kevin points out that Jeff tried to tell him who to nominate. Michelle just can't believe that!

(She's just so innocent!)

Natalie is crowing about her plan over and over. She'd better shut up and play dumb.

Kevin tells her to enjoy the win and celebrate. Michelle says she doesn't feel bad, he was going to gun for her anyway. Kevin tells her that Jeff was very "Anti-Michelle" in the last few days. They tell Michelle that they had to convince Jeff that their target was Michelle, so he would maybe relax and not play so hard.

(I heard Kevin and Natalie talking last night and their plan was to tell whoever the winner was this same story--either Jeff/Jordan or Michelle, whoever they needed to say it to.)

(Natalie for the Conniving Win.)

Jeff gets called to the DR in the background--still can't see the HG.

Kevin says he thinks Jeff knew he was going when Kevin told him he was getting nominated. Michelle says she heard screaming, but Jeff didn't scream. Jeff was extremely concerned and agitated, but he didn't scream. (Michelle is nuts.)

Now Kevin tells Michelle that Jeff always said she was crazy. Michelle said that she asked Jordan over and over who she would vote out---would it be Natalie---if she won the Veto and took Jeff off the block. Jordan didn't answer and looked around for answers and Michelle knew it was over. (her alliance with them)

Natalie: Next week, balls out!

She points out that next week's Veto is more important than HOH, because you have the power to decide who goes with you, and against you.

Michelle congratulates both of them and says she thinks they have it locked. She said she started trashtalking Jeff in the SR (not sure if Jeff was in there with her or not) before her turn and it helped her. She mentions the beaded cross she made for Jeff and he made a sarcastic comment about it later.

They think Jeff's downfall was being cocky. Kevin thinks he used Michelle as a target. Michelle says that Jeff thought she "took the Jeff love pills", but she didn't. Now she says that everything he accused Jessie of applied to himself. Like the way he got women to work for him. Kevin says Jeff was more effective.

(That is bullshit---Jessie was fucking the House Skank and Natalie made sandwiches for him. Jeff didn't fuck anybody and cooked for the house.)

Don't be poor winners, children. One of you three won't be there in the end. Maybe two of you.

Now Michelle is saying that Jeff "tore Russell a new one" with his "homophobic comments" and then Kevin says he glossed over the comments with his charm.

Now I can hear Jordan in the background being encouraged by Natalie (!) who tells her not to give up---she can still win the POV next week. Jordan is saying that she wants to go home instead of Jeff.

Halfway point of Flashback. Posting..

Natalie: This is a half million dollars!