Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tidbits from The House

There's not a whole lot going on around there. Everyone is still sleeping. It gets like this late in the season. The boredom sets in--for them and us.

One thing: Some of you may know that Natalie and Kevin's latest plan was to start moving things around and hiding them to send the other HG on a wild goose chase. They wanted everyone to think it was part of an upcoming competition.

Kevin got called in the DR and was threatened with expulsion if he didn't put everything back. He came out and told Natalie and she helped him replace the fruit and various house accessories that they had hidden. They are tiptoeing around like reverse thieves, putting things back.

Natalie: We'll talk about it tomorrow.

Kevin: No! We can't talk about our diary room sessions!


(Why didn't BB call in Natalie to discuss it? Wasn't she the ringleader of this effort?)

Kevin goes to the kitchen and is pissed that there is no drinking water.

Kevin, mumbling: If you're so worried about the set, why don't you have water for us?

I think he went back into the DR.

Jordan is sleeping in the Splash Room, giving Jeff some space after he was being mean during last night's card game.