Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tears Fall

as Jordan deals with the frustration that just happened.

We came back from a break and saw Russell say that "he just said he doesn't give a shit about the half million bucks!" and went right back to WBRB.

When we came back Jordan was crying and talking to Michelle and Kevin on the BY couch. She really wants to hit Russell 'so hard'. No sign of Jeff on the feeds.

Russell came outside and Kevin gently asked Jordan if she wanted to come inside with him and make pancakes. She nodded and got up. Natalie crossed their path and Kevin asked her if she wanted to make breakfast.

Natalie: Breakfast? Hell yeah. When have I ever not wanted to eat?

When they got inside Kevin told Jordan he just wanted to get her inside so Russell wouldn't see her cry.

Kevin: He knows your buttons--he wants to get to you!

Jordan recounts how Russell started it with Jeff and her. Jordan mentions that he called her a fat ass and she couldn't shut up after that. Kevin brings up Russell's trash talking him during the 'Chicken contest' and said that Russell was trying to get to him too because he knew he felt self-concious about not winning.

Jordan brings up the chest bump and says she wanted him to know she wasn't afraid of him. Now she summarizes everything Russell said and tries to remember all of the insults. She thinks he looks like the biggest asshold on TV and hopes no girl dates him!

Michelle and Natalie sit outside on the couch, recovering. Jordan mentions Chima and Kevin says that she got expelled. (!)

After something like this, the HG will talk about it over and over and over like an MTV rerun.

Kevin: The thing about Russell, he hasn't done anything positive in this game.