Friday, August 14, 2009

Russell Thinks that Lydia and Natalie

will race each other to be out first to be with Jessie. He has a point there.

Jeff and Jordan go to the Splash Room and find all of Jeff's stuff dumped on his bed. Jeff gets mad and says the word 'Fuck' a few times in each sentence but gets his point across.

Jeff: Fuckin' grow up!

He is stomping around and taking stuff here and there while Jordan is already in bed, covered up. He is taking stuff to a drawer in the Red Room where Natalie has hoisted herself halfway out of bed to smirk at him.

Jeff's white belt is a little stark with his camouflage pants and black tank.

Jeff, to Natalie: Don't touch my shit again.

Natalie: Are you talking to me?

Jeff: You know who I'm talking to.

And with that Jeff goes to the Splash room and lays down with the covers to is chin. He's not even in the same bed as Jordan and she looks over at him. His eyes are closed so Jordan turns over and settles back down.

Meanwhile, next door Natalie reads her Big Brother Rule Book like it is an exciting mystery, hunched down over it and flipping the pages reeeeaaalll sllllooooow, if you know what I mean.