Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Round #2 for Russell and Jeff - IT'S AWWNNNN!

and it's going to be nasty, I guess.

Jeff goes outside to smoke but doens't sit in his usual place, which would be right next to where Russell is working out.

He lights up and sits with his hands on his knees.

Jeff: So how long have you been a fighter?

Russell: A fighter? All my life. How long have you been a _____(couldn't hear, but it was bad)?

Jeff: Ah, one more day....gonna go out classy, huh?

Russell then goes off, calling Jeff a broke loser and a 'fucking pussy'. He gets off the elliptical and is now stacking weights and benchpressing, trashtalking the whole time.

Oh he gets up and says that the phones were ringing in the back for extra security because BB knows he was about to fuck Jeff up.

Jeff is silent and listens to Russell tell him that America felt sorry for him that's why they gave him the power and he's a fucking loser.

Here comes Jordan and she is shreiking like a banshee. If Jordan wasn't in the house, she swears to god she would hit him.

Russell: Go back in and get your cookie dough....everybody in here swears to god they're going to do something...and Jeff just sits and smokes his cigarette.

Jordan is LOSING IT and runs over and chest bumps Russell and it looked pretty physical to me. She was screaming: I'm not scared of you! I will fight for him, I will!

Jeff tryies to calm Jordan and tells her to come sit down and not let Russell get to her. Natalie is now outside with a front row view of the action.

WBRB and I hope AGP is getting security. Russell is pissed and it looked to me that the chest bump with Jordan was a big fucking deal to me. The feeds slowed down and blipped a little as people all over the world are recording this.

Russell starts in about how:

1. Jeff is a loser and has a shitty job at 37 (Jeff laughs and corrects him---he's 31)
2. Jordan keeps eating cookie dough and wonders why she's fat.
3. Jeff needs to worry when he gets out of the house--Russell is going to get him.
4. Jeff thinks he's a fucking model and that's why he looks in the mirror all the time.
5. Jeff was too scared to do anything about Russell and might only pop Jordan in the mouth--not him.

etc etc etc

Jeff is trying to stay calm and is saying that he will be there past tomorrow and that's how he will deal with it. Russell is walking over now and says not to ever make a fucking threat against his family, then retreats back to the other side.

Jeff: Enjoy your last day, bro.

Russell: I am....

Jeff: I don't think you have, the whole time.

Now Russell is making fun of Jeff's speech patterns and Jeff brings up that he can talk about it back home with all the friends he doesn't have.

They both get loud again and Jeff points out that he threw a knockout punch when he nominated Russell for eviction.

Jeff: I don't know why everything turns into a boxing match for you--you're not even a fighter! If I come in the jury house and you do something you lose all your cash bro.

Russell: Is that why you say it---so they (BB) can hear you?

Jeff, gesturing: They hear everything anyway!

Now Jeff drags Kevin into it by saying Kevin is on his side and Russell is going home. It is going nowhere now and it sounds like Russell is seriously hurt that Jeff doesn't want to be friends with him, if you ask me.

Jeff: What the fuck are you talking about?

Russell says that Jeff and Jordan are two peas in a pod--dumbasses! One of them says everything is 'Gucci' and the other says 'Technotronics'.

Russell: Life can only go up from here.

Jeff: Apperantly.

Oh no.....

Jeff: Do you want to have sex with me? Is that your thing? Do you have a crush on me? Because I'll show you some ass on your way out the door?

Russell is backtalking and repeating the whole time.

Russell: Hope they got that on camera, buddy. You look real good now.

Jeff: Take a few minutes and think up a good one. I'll be right here waiting when you do.

And so on.

This is a good example of how nothing is happening in there, and then everything is happening.

Russell refers to Jordan as Little Fattie and Jordan starts up again. Jeff had to talk her down. Jordan said that he looks like an ass on TV because he yelled at Chima and everybody else.

Jeff: Russell you went about this the wrong way. It was a game and if I didn't do this now, you would do it to me next week. It was a good move.

Russell brings up AGAIN about Jeff's threats to his family. Jeff apologizes for saying it but Russell is still going to beat his ass. Russell is mocking Jeff while he benchpresses and we see Kevin giggling into his cup of water.

Now Russell is getting loud again while he adds more weight to the stack. Kevin is still laughing as Jeff gets funny about the argument and is talking in falsetto and then in a fake Russell gruff voice.