Friday, August 28, 2009

Prize Money?

They had some sort of prize bonanza outside where they won prizes, gifts, etc.

Kevin chose what was behind the 'mystery door' and it sounds like there was a lot of cash in there.

The feeds are really choppy--lots of traffic right now-- but it sounds like Jeff got a key of some sort and doesn't know what that means yet.

(I think he is leaving to go to the Emmy's tomorrow---just a guess.)

Natalie tried to fake Jeff out and now he's calling her a snake. She's trying to say the DR told her to hide stuff from Jeff but he is calling her a liar.

Sounds like Allison might have been talking to them?

I think they have to split the money, but they can only get it if they unlock something. Not sure if they were successful or not. Somebody won something because Jordan asked about taking taxes out.

Jordan: I hope I at least have a thousand! I just kept stuffing my shirt.

Jeff was kicking money around to corral it into one place. Kevin found a lot of money in the pool filter.

I think BB will announce later what the tally is for each of them when the money is counted. Kevin had to choose between the money and Pandora's Box.

Lots of excitement in there. Natalie might have screwed herself up in the long run if everybody saw how greedy and deceptive she really is.

Feeds keep cutting in and out---I'm sure somebody is recording a Flashback for us.

Jeff is worried that the key means he is up the shit creek.

(Only if Allison wants that to be the case Jeff...)