Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pink Pink Pink

Lydia has put on the yellow latex gloves and is putting pink dye on her hair. Natalie tells her that she is splashing dye on the floor and rug. She doesn't seem to care. Lydia is wearing her black halter sundress and looks odd with no make up.

Not ugly. Not at all. Just different and rather plain. Some supermodels are like that--very plain under all the flash.

Natalie is yapping the entire time. All about Michelle and blah blah blah.

Kevin again seems to be everywhere, everytime. He's here too, curled up at the bottom of the Quad Cam. Maybe he's playing with an identical twin who is actually in the house and no one noticed?

Kevin might really deserve to be the winner. He is playing both sides in a whiney, non-playing type of way. On both sides, he is the Little Bitch.

I can't say I like it, but I never thought he would outlast Jessie and Chima.