Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh Shit We're Back

and back from the nomination break with a bang. Michelle is in the HOH with Jeff, Jordan and Russell in the aftermath of what just happened.

Russell is all cranked up about what The Manson Family may have done to his belongings. He said he went back through them again to see if anything was missing.

Then he mentions the fact that Chima took medication after drinking a bunch of wine last night and was staggering around.

Russell: That's why I hit her so hard dude, because she was so messed up.

BB Timeout on that one.

I saw them take the pills last night--they were Natalie's 'period pills' and they both plenty of red wine beforehand. I couldn't believe that BB didn't interrupt the situation, actually, because they were kind of warning BB, like kids.

Chima: OK! I guess I'm going to take one!

Lydia: Chima! You've been drinking! You're not supposed to do that!

Chima: Well.....I'm going to.

And she did.

There is some lively discussion about Natalie, and the fact that she is wearing one of Jessie's shirts tonight.

Russell: Dude, she has a boyfriend! What do you think he thinks when he sees that?

They discuss how much older her boyfriend is---they still think that Natalie is 18. Even Jeff could do the math and see something was up if they have been dating for 4 years.

I believe Chima and Natalie have been nominated but I don't know for sure yet.